Should kids eat in their bedroom?

Do you allow your kids to eat in their bedrooms? My husband and I cannot agree on this. I dont think they should and he doesnt see an issue…they do clean their own room but that doesnt mean crumbs dont sit on their floor for a few days before they vacuum it…


I honestly dont even want anyone eating anywhere other than the kitchen/dining area. Now that mine are teens however they do have days where they get period pains and just too tired to leave their bed after school sometimes and they might have snacks in there or take noodles as they want to sit in silence. They need time out away from people sometimes too.

Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. Should kids eat in their bedroom?

Not unless I’m supervising. Unless they’re old enough or responsible enough to pick up their own mess.

Nope and especially no drinks! Accidents happen so just best to avoid it

Depends on how old they are.

Depends on the child and the food. I let my 12 year old eat non crumby foods in her room and allow drinks as well. She knows nothing around electronics and to clean up. I do not allow my 10 year old to have anything in her room. We tried it to see if they could be responsible with it and one was, one wasn’t. That can be taken away at any time.


My son does n forgets to bring plates n cups back out
I say don’t let it start being a habit to eat in their rooms I wish wouldn’t of let my son

Yes, my kids eat in their rooms. As long as their rooms are clean I don’t have a problem with it. If they let their rooms get nasty then they would no longer be allowed to take food upstairs


I don’t want them too…. But mine are older 13,19 and 23 and none of them listen. :woman_facepalming:t2: I’m a single mon I work so much I can’t keep an eye on what they do… basically at this point I just want them to do their own damn dishes and stop losing all the spoons :woman_facepalming:t2::woman_shrugging:t2:

Nope, food doesn’t leave the kitchen or dining room, period!


If they are all enough to clean and vacuum sure , if you ( the mom ) are the one who do the cleaning absolutely not


Let them eat in their room. Pick and choose your battles.


My 12yr old does, my 5yr old & almost 2yr old sit with me and their dad . Little ones needs help and my 5yr old is such a messy eater

Nope nope nope the disgusting clip I’ve found of me stepson definitely not mouldy plates bowls cups hidden were talking about a teenager who definitely knows it’s wrong

That’s a big no! Nothing but water allowed and mine are 10,15, and 17.

Nope. Kitchen table.

I let my 12yr, because she loves her room clean. but not my younger kids.

I’m terrified of letting my 12 year old eating anything where I can’t see him…he almost choked to death when he was 6…that has stayed with me and will forever :slightly_frowning_face::england:

Wait your kids clean their room? How does that happen? Were talking crumbs here and not actual plates forks or food???

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Don’t let it become a habit. Keep meal times as family times :yellow_heart:

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At the table with family!


Hard no from me. Food is for the dining table or kitchen. Occasionally in the lounge room. But no to bedrooms ! Kids are grubs, with hiding skills for days :nauseated_face:

Noo, not even the 17 year old. And I don’t eat in my room either.

My kids eat where ever they want. Bed rooms, living room (with us), outside, each other bed rooms. They just have to make sure they clean up after wards. We love eating in front of the TV, it’s what we do.


Nope. Food and drink is only allowed in the kitchen at my house.

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Dinner is family time

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No my kids were never allowed to eat in there bedrooms.

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Yes my kids are allowed. I don’t hold my kids on tight leashes. Having a snack in their rooms is the least of my worries :laughing:


Nope. We only allow food in bedrooms if someone’s sick. Other than that. No food is allowed in bedrooms at all

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Anywhere they want to eat is fine by me once they’re past tipping it over themselves


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Bigger things to worry about then where they eat. Once they are eating they could sit on the roof :joy::joy:


Nope!! My 6 yr old is bad about making messes when he eats so he is only allowed to eat in the kitchen!! We have a big open floor plan so when he does eat he can still see the TV from the kitchen so he doesn’t really care lol…

They never learn table manners eating the bedroom


We use till they didn’t clean up a mess of cereal in floor and on bed. So for us now that’s a strong no.

I didn’t allow my kids to eat in their bedrooms, although if something good was coming on TV, the whole family would often eat in the living room. I do now also. My dog is a heavy shedder so I have to sweep frequently anyway.

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i allow it, got more important things to worry about than a few crumbs :sweat_smile:.


Sometimes. Depends on what’s going on. Sometimes my boyfriend and I are trying to watch a movie on Friday nights that my son isn’t old enough to watch. And we usually order pizza on Fridays so I set him up in his room and he can watch what he wants in his room. He’s pretty good about cleaning up any food mess he makes.

Snacks I don’t mind as long as it isn’t popcorn :woozy_face: definitely not meals. Otherwise, kitchen table.

I am okay with it. If they don’t clean up then bits back to the kitchen. It’s mainly snacks

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Sometimes. Jus kinda depends on everything else that day

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No!! Bedrooms are made for sleeping not for eating!! There are other places they can eat. Would you eat in the bathroom? No!! It’s unsanitary to do such!! All it does is create critters so no!!

If we ate in our room we had to clean it that day

No food in the bedrooms was a rule at our house when the kids were growing up. We didn’t want to deal with food getting dropped on the floor or drinks getting spilled or forgotten.

Do you eat in your bedroom? If you do, the kids should. If you don’t, the kids shouldn’t.

I actually don’t care where my kid eats. The only problem we have is he likes to leave his dishes in his room and then that gets him in trouble

All eating is done in the kitchen.

Snack errr depending on what it kind of snack. But full meal absolutely not. Table or if we did take out and watching a movie living room😊 but everyone parents differently so whatever works for you

I allow it as long as they clean up after their self. Only snacks tho, we eat meals together.

Are you talking meals or snacks? I have a “no dishes in your room” rule, because kids are disgusting and my dishes/silverware go missing. Our family is on about 4 different schedules, so we rarely eat meals as a family. Everyone usually either eats in their room or the living room. But my kids all snack in their rooms.

As long as there is no dishes or mess then I think it’s fine… so much more to worry about.

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Got to many other things to worry about than what room to eat in, just grateful there’s food to eat.


As long as they eat and clean up their mess, idc where they eat. :woman_shrugging:t2:

On a regular basis, no, I don’t allow my kid’s to eat in their rooms. The main reason is because they don’t take the dishes out or throw any packages out until I’ve asked them several times to. On the occasion they have friends over, than yes, I do allow them to snack and have simple meals, like sandwiches or pizza in their rooms. They’re much, much better about taking dishes out when their friends are over.

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As long as there is a tv in there :ok_hand:

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I dont allow food beyond the kitchen for kids. 1. Because they spill stuff 2. We have carpet and i like to keep the carpet clean as much as possible. My kids know food stays in the kitchen and doesnt leave out

My rule is a hard no!!! Guess who doesn’t f*cking listen?!! The hubby AND the kid! :roll_eyes: :joy: Just one of those joys of being a wife and a mother. :woman_shrugging:

Never. We eat in the kitchen only. My house would be disgusting otherwise :joy:

NO all eating should be sat at a table

The kids eat in the kitchen. I normally sit in my spot on the couch to eat lunch bc it’s the only quiet time I get :rofl: but I can see the boys (10,6, and 3) clearly. They are allowed snacks on the couch if we’re watching a movie together or something, but NEVER in their room.

However, occasionally my 14 year old daughter will ask if she can take a snack to her room to eat at her desk.

Depends on how mature they are in my house. I let my 7 year old whenever her brothers are not here because she doesn’t leave food/trash laying around. But my boys 5 & 2 are not allowed to leave the table, every once in a while I’ll let my 5 year old try it, but the privilege gets taken right back away every time because he continues to leave food and not pick up after himself after being told to. They sit at the table until they learn to clean after themselves

Nope! Eating is done at the table only!!

I was never allowed to eat snacks in my own room growing up, and I hated it.

It annoyed me because I did all of my chores, I always did everyone’s laundry, I cleaned, and I always vaccumed my room.

Are you talking about a full meal or snacks??? I think a meal should be eaten at the table. But I have never seen an issue with snacks.

As long as they vaccum their own room (and they’re old enough to understand how to do it correctly) then I don’t see an issue with it.

No it’s gross. No food in the bedrooms in my house. Don’t even allow food in the living room unless it’s it’s just chips or some other kind of dry snack, also all cups have to have lids if you leave the kitchen

Family meals are eaten together at the table unless there’s a friend over or one of us is not home etc then we will allow for them to eat privately in their rooms. Majority of the time we eat at our table together. Allowing food to be eaten in their rooms is fine sometimes though, it’s a home it gets dirty and messy regardless of food or not . Way bigger issues to press on than where they eat.

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We eat dinner at the table. But if they want to take a snack & a drink with a lid on it to their rooms they can.

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For the most part no food in rooms. The odd time they might walk up with a few berries in their hand or whatever but no bringing like a plate of food in there hard no lol

I let my kids eat in their room . Life’s to short not to enjoy the small things .


I have a dining table for a reason :woman_shrugging:

As long as they clean up

Nope they are 7 & 8 if I make the mistake of letting them have a snack in their room I will find the trash all over their room instead of in the trash can even though they have a trash can in their room

Nope my kids dont eat in their rooms

We used to let my daughter, then it became a huge issue. Not all the trash was coming out. Dishes being left. Ect.

Full meals at the table and snacks are allowed in rooms


No, they won’t clean up and you’ll have a bug issue. Trust me is a no go. Don’t even let them slide, on chips or a soda cause its in a cup with a lid. It all starts there…then boom. You are left wondering where are the forks? Spoons? Cups? Dang. Look kids room over first glance and you don’t see anything…but wait pull open a drawer or look behind their bed. There it is. All because you let it go One time.

Depends on age and what they’re wanting to eat in there. A snack while you’re watching something? Sure. A place for you to eat your meals away from the family? Nope. Also depends on the individual child, do they make huge messes when they eat and do they actually clean it up, not just swipe crumbs from desk to floor. Personally for me, I don’t want them eating in their room. We live in Florida and bugs are everywhere.

Why not? As long as they clean up. I have a dining room table as well. :wink:

My kids eat in their rooms. I don’t have a dining room table and don’t have room for it. What’s the big deal?

I let my kids eat in their rooms :woman_shrugging:t2:

Puck your battles. Let them snack in their room. As they get older they will not remember how clean the house was ect. Harder battles are to come the older they get. Crumbs wont hurt, shut the door and ignore.

I don’t like mine to, but I’ll occasionally allow it.

Snack wise I let them but dinner lunch n breakfast is at the table. We did have to keep kids in their rooms when my oldest caught covid from school but after that was back to normal

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In our household; food gets eaten in the kitchen either at the bar or the table or in the breakfast room, strictly because of the place where we live, rodents and ants are a problem and I do not want extra crumbs leading these things inside. My kids are fine with the rules we have in place mainly because they don’t like the idea of having critters in their rooms. We were honest with our kids; we just explained to them that it’s not that we didn’t trust them to keep their rooms clean, but asked them if they wanted mice rummaging through their stuff and potentially ruining it by either being chewed or from their droppings.

No way it brings ants. And no matter how clean they are there are crumbs. There’s a table for a reason

we don’t allow food or any drink (other than water) in the bedrooms.

100% no!! It attracts ants and mice. Food at the table


No!!! Plain and simple!!

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I do not allow it because I randomly find crumbs or wrappers of food my last straw was when I found a rotten banana peel on his new carpet.

No maybe candy from holidays but other then that no bc kids (especially teenagers) are disgusting

Depends on age I guess for me. I wouldn’t let my toddlers but teens maybe if they bring their crap out. It’ll depend on how mature they are and how good they are at cleaning up after themselves. If they are slobs absolutely not.

No ! Food don’t belong in the bedroom.and yoam nasty as fuck . Yuck

Meals, no.
Snacks, yes. Both my girls have micro fridges in their rooms with snacks.

Nope. We eat at the table. Kids are messy enough without crumbs

No… Anytime type of food should be eaten at a table.

My teenagers do no biggie at all.

I don’t eat at the table :woman_shrugging: If my kids want to eat in their bedrooms, they can, but they will have to clean up after themselves and vacuum for any crumbs. I personally don’t see an issue with it

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I don’t let him eat dinner there because I like for us all to eat together but my son has definitely had lunches and snacks in his room but the rule is that he has to eat it on the floor and not in bed if he wants to eat in there