Should kids go to therapy?

Seeking advice for therapy for kids.

What are your opinions on therapy for kids that have gone through a lot?


Play therapy is really good to look into.

my mother put me in therapy when I was 16, and I ended up resenting her for it. It made me feel like something was wrong with me, because of the stigma on people who see counselors. I see one now, by choice, and I think it really helps me. But as a kid I couldn’t understand why I had to talk to somebody that I didn’t know, and at the time my thought was that that person didn’t want to talk to me to begin with, and that they were just getting paid for it. Before you make any decisions, I strongly suggest talking to your child about it and see what their feelings and thoughts are if they are of the age where they can understand. I see in hindsight that she just wanted to help me, but again, I was a kid and didn’t have a choice in the matter, and I couldn’t comprehend why.

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I personally liked therapy and I’m pretty sure my brother likes it too, but it really is a case by case basis. Some kids don’t like it and some do, but it’s definitely worth a try.

I work in mental health, if your child has experienced trauma or is having emotional and behavioral issues it will be helpful for them to enter into therapy. Sometimes kids dont know why they feel what they feel or do what they do…but a trained professional through therapy and observing can help find those links.

My step daughter sees a therapist, she is 8. We explained to her that this was her chance to talk to someone other than me and daddy, that she can talk about her feelings and her thoughts without being afraid to hurt anyone’s feelings and that she could talk about whatever she wants. The third week of it I asked how it went and she said, “great, she knows all my secrets” lol.

Her trauma stems from her mom signing her rights away and being hooked on drugs. She OD’d once in front of her…it wasnt fatal but traumatic enough…she was 5 at the time.


It has literally changed my family’s life! I was always taught through my family that therapy was all bullshit and it’s for weak ppl and all that crap, so I was very apprehensive and it took me a long time to believe in it all. I myself was a child that went through addicted parents, abusive of every form, and lots of things most can’t even imagine so I had a lot of issues and went down the same roads I was shown unfortunately. I could never really pull myself out of it, at least not long term, I would get 6 months of sobriety, sometimes 8 or so and then relapse. And then I started really working on myself in therapy, and it truly does take very hard WORK too, but I am going on 5 years sober this winter! And as for my daughter… she still struggles, of course, but she is doing very well and pretty much just like any other kid​:revolving_hearts::heartpulse: In the last few months the city finally filed charges on her rapist and we are going through the court process now. She is worried and has a lot of anxiety about it but she hasn’t had any changes in behavior and nothing negative popping up in her life and I know in my heart that without our team of counselors and caseworkers that would NOT be the case right now. I always tell ppl this about counseling… It definitely can’t hurt anything! If it doesn’t work or whatever, you’re still right where you are now​:thinking: But the truth is that if you take it seriously and put in the work it will make a difference.

My oldest is in it. She says she hates it but I think it’ll do her good

If they are comfortable with it I would do it. Don’t force them though. Thats when they come to resent you. But people don’t realize even for kids it is crucial to seek help when you think it may be needed. Plus then they have someone to go to, when they need an outsider to talk things out with:)

My older kids are in therapy… it’s help SOOOOO MUCH. .

Was the best decision for my daughter. It took a bit but we finally found one who she clicked with. She also went on meds and it helped her immensely

Idk where you’re located but we have a place called theraplay here. It incorporates lots of fun stuff and play and interaction into the therapy. It’s really neat.

My son who is 9 has been in therapy for 3 years.
My daughter who is now 5, has had a rough beginning. She was born at 26 weeks and my son has been through the whole thing with us. And he had a rough start and 5 hip surgeries.
Medical trauma, and generalized anxiety. He labeled all the ink blots as anatomy when he was 5.

I went through therapy as a kid. Don’t speak for your kids, even if you think you understand what they’re trying to say, and do not use anything they say against them if you attend sessions with them. Not only do they need to be the ones that talk about their issues, it can discourage them from being honest if you try to interject or react negatively to what they have to say.