Should kids have melatonin every night?

My pediatrician prescribed my son who is 3 melatonin. So can’t be that bad. I don’t give it to him every night but if he isn’t winding down by 9 930at the latest I give it to him. He used to stay up sometimes till 12-1am

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Only advice I have is don’t listen to a bunch of pressed moms on fb. Do your research properly and decide from there. People making sound like a drug you’re insane. DO YOUR RESEARCH PLEASE


You can give to get him into the sleep routine for about 2 weeks… then drop down to every second night for 1 week then only when he needs it and he should be ok.

We did this on doctors recommendation for grand daughter and she’s fine now


My pediatrician gave 3mg ones to my 5 year old and 1mg ones to my 3 year old.

Just because our bodies produce it doesn’t mean taking it won’t do any harm. Taking it every night can cause our bodies to stop producing it because it doesn’t need to anymore since it gets supplemented. That said, all kids are different and some don’t produce enough on their own. This is def something to talk to a trusted professional about


I know it’s been said in the comments, but definitely cut out the nap. Might be a little difficult for him to adjust at first since it’s something he’s familiar with in his schedule, but it should definitely help with bedtime.


No, nobody should take melatonin unless they are deficient. The body does produce it naturally, but it will stop producing it naturally and become dependent just like you said in the post.

My recommendation would be to have your child’s labs drawn. See exactly what he’s lacking, if anything first. Talk to your sons doctor about appropriate doses and usage before self prescribing something that could end up harming him in the long run.


First of all… hugs mama. This parenting gig is hard enough, there is not one person on this thread who was given a "how to be a perfect parent " manual, and there is no such thing as perfect parenting. There is what is perfect for you and your family.

It sounds like you are doing everything you can, you have thrown it all at the wall, and after trying everything else, this final last ditch effort has shined some hope on the situation. Of course your husband is leaning towards keeping it going, because he sees the result and wants to do everything in his power to help the situation… To solve this problem
However not all problems NEED solving, and at 3, despite what many will have you believing, there is very little you can do (outside of abuse) that will permanently damage your son. He is almost 3 and a disruption in his natural sleep pattern is normal and this too shall pass. You will look back on this moment and be amazed at the level of desperation you felt, but that doesn’t make it invalid. You feel desperate and you want something to work… But you don’t want to cause harm to your babe
… this is literally parenting in a nutshell and while the specifics will change, this never ends so I want you to listen really carefully to me babe… You are doing enough, you ARE enough, this is normal and while frustrating, and hard AF, will pass in the blink of an eye.

You really have done so much already, so I just want you to consider that your son, having now been through all the trials and tribulations of going to sleep at his bedtime, is reading your stress over it and taking it in like 3 yr olds do, spitting it back out in his own action: refusal to sleep!

Melatonin is effective for some, even necessary for others, considering he doesn’t have a medical need for it (assuming you had his blood panel done and it shows normal hormone levels) this is supplemental assistance, so it should be treated as such. Only on an occasional basis, or extreme circumstances.

But !! There are a plethora of herbal remedies widely available, that you can alternate in on the days you are not using melatonin. I have a couple tips I hope you find helpful…this is a tough situation and I hope you succeed and update us! First; I highly suggest not using gummy form, make the supplement a bit less of a treat… since he is 3 you can start having some straight talk. Tell him, you are concerned medically about his inability to go to sleep, and if it continues, he is going to have to see the doctor (this helps immensely if he is doctor adverse even a little) and he will have to take this sleep medicine. If he doesn’t like to take it, he may be more cooperative about laying down and closing them little kids 🤷🤣 getting his wheels churning away from trying to gain control and on to trying to avoid an unpleasant situation gets him on #teamsleep.

stevia if needed but they have peach and blueberry that are both naturally sweet. Make that tea hot, but cook it down with an ice cube, since you already have a night time routine, simply work this tea time into it and make it ceremonial. Fancy mug or cup with his favorite character/theme, special spoon for stirring, even fun ice cube molds whatever you can think of to get the tea to be something he enjoys and the melatonin to be something he doesn’t. show him how to make it, join him by having your own cup of tea, even allowing him to prepare yours! Make a huge deal about what a big boy he is becoming, helping to take care of mommy etc… Don’t be surprised if he becomes a fan of herbal tea, encourage that and buy him exciting flavors of non sleepytime tea that he can make himself with your oversight.

Next suggestion, while I love the sleep routine you have set up, and am a HUGE believer in the importance of sleep routines, a couple things jumped out at me to try tweaking. Ditch the puzzles/brain games anything that requires him to problem solve, that CAN increase his adrenaline levels (depending on his personality and level of competitiveness ) and heightened adrenaline will affect his ability to sleepy and level if alertness will be heightened. So keep it at YOU reading to him, stories that are low key, nothing with lots of cheering laughing silly was that will get him laughing in hysteria… you want lightly silly giggles if funny is a must
If not, go for stories that are simplistic and not thought oroviking… This is not the time for book club level discussions… familiar favorites are perfect.

Regarding running him around to tire him out… This can and will do the opposite unless you are running him around several hours before bed. But any type of excersized of cardio activity withing 2 hrs if bed time can jolt him into alertness again via those pesky hormones/ endorphins. So scratch that off and make the bulk of his activity in the morning and⁸ afternoon (and really push him with the physical activity, races and relays such as timed runs from one end of the yard to the other can become a long term fun way to track his growth and physical fitness as well… Keep a chart on his wall and record his times, pushing him to beat his personal best every week! This is a multi benefit helper… Tires him out (hopefully), while getting in fitness, and teaching him to set and reach his own goals and be ready with creative rewards here, mñm him to celebrate his own accomplishments!!

Next suggestion is probably contraversial but it worked for us (all the above has worked for us and our son is now 8.5 is truly a great sleeper and eater and physically fit) but here it is… CARBS. CARB heavy Dinners will spike his blood sugar after dinner, and then lead to a bit of crash (drowsiness which if timed correctly you can use to kick off bath time/bed time routine… Start with that nice warm lavender bath, make the bath short, all business, not playtime bath… Then fluffy towel dry, jammies, teeth, snuggle in for a story etc… At this time, take a look around at the whole house… Does it look to still be in full go go go day mode? Make it look like it is all shutting down. Litghts in all unused rooms off of dimmed, kitchen should also either be dark or just have a light above the range on etc… All hallway lights on dim, living room only has a reading lamp tv if on, is muted or very low volume, but if not needed switch to radio/podcast streaming at a low volume in back ground… Not to be funny, but things like NPR AND BBC are soothing and set a sleepy tone. Another thing to try is to turn all of that background sound off in favor of white noise such as rain sounds, a whirring fan, or even tv static… we use Alexa sleep sounds and it is lovely. Or (this is not a joke I swear it worked for me) baseball or golf on the tv. Something about the rythm and flow of the announcers speech cadence is very soothing and puts people at ease.

My final suggestion is to adjust his bedtime…have you tried this? He may simply no longer require this timeframe and pushing back 30 minutes could make all the difference in the world…just don’t push it hard, make it an easy transition by beginning his sleep routine at the same time you do now, slowing it down and stretching it out, to take an extra 10 mins, then have him go down but not lights out to to sleep, maybe take 10 mins and chat a bit, quietly and about easy things, such as what he can expect tomorrow, or what is for dinner late on in the week etc…mundane and boring is key here, literally bite him to sleep with mindless soft chatter.
I hope something above is helpful and I wish you nothing but the absolute best of luck, and remember if nothing works… Then eventually he will simply outgrow this and solve this problem for you as he introduced the next one! 🤷:roll_eyes::weary::laughing::rofl::rofl:


I say get rid of naps and consult doctor about melatonin


I just want to say I’m sending you good vibes. I have a very rambunctious 4 almost 5 year old and we use melatonin. It’s a lifesaver for us, my 2 year has always slept so well so they both go to sleep for the most part so I can too, IF I give it to her that is. Makes me be able to sleep too bc I won’t sleep until she is so I was exhausted for weeks… good luck momma!

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No naps. That’s the only thing that’s gonna work. Start by cutting is nap down by a half an hour for a couple of days. Then cut it by an hour for a couple of days and so on.

Try shortening nap and looking for natural sources or melatonin tart cherry juice is a good start.

I have 5 kids and 4 of them take it every night they are here. We are a blended family so they have other parents. We have 50/50. The 5th child can’t take it cause she is only 4 months. I’ve talked with my 10 year olds dr about taking it and he said it was fine.

Cut out his nap maybe? My son is almost 3 and when he was about 2 he started to become an absolute menace to put to bed so I stopped his day naps, I would make sure our mornings weren’t all go, go, go, so he didn’t feel so tired come nap time, then come the arvo we go to the park or out and about for a couple hours so he can burn all the energy. Only took a couple weeks and now I say time for bed and he grabs his blanky and off to his room he goes lol

On the assumption that you’re in a safe area, make the kid run around the house. I used to do figure 8s around the house and garage at full speed for a solid half hour before I burned out, then I’d sleep like a rock.

We have a cbd shop and alot of parents give cbd to their children. Especially kids with ADHD or autism. I also have a family member who uses melatonin when needed for her child. I say to each their own. When I was a child, you get sick, here’s whiskey amd lemon. Lol

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My 3yr old gets no more naps for the last few months and he never stops moving, takes houuuurs for him to fall asleep even after spending 5hrs outside he still doesn’t stop moving, we trier mommy bliss gripewater that only worked for a bit, so we started buying mommy’s bliss melatonin with magnesium, we don’t give it to him every night just on his bad nights and it works great and he wakes up feeling less tired than nights he doesn’t get it

Take the nap time away lower and lower. That will help with sleeping at night.

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Cut out the nap my 4 year old was on melatonin now on phenergan he has asd and severe delay in most areas he don’t nap during the day and even with his medication he still get up at least 3 times a night …if he naps during the day he will be awake most the night or up from about 1am usually he gets up at 5/6 he goes bed at 7 x

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My son is 2 and hardly sleeps :pensive: I’m lucky if I get him to bed before 2am. He doesn’t have trouble staying asleep, it’s just getting him to calm down enough. He doesn’t nap and hasn’t for awhile. I haven’t gave him melatonin yet, though I’ve been tempted. His main problem is his sleep schedule is off. The way to fix it sounds like a nightmare, not just for him but everyone in our home. I would try to cut the naps if it’s possible. Maybe that would help.

Time to say goodbye to nap time. Cut it down 30 mins at a time to help him adjust and make an easier transition. Your doing great Momma!

Have him checked for over active thyroid.

your doctor would be pissed.


I had a wild child nephew like this and we started doing calm down time 3 hours before bedtime and most of the time that started at dinner time for us. We did clean up before dinner time they were able to keep a couple of small toys and a couple of stuffed toys and a couple of books out for later because after dinner every night they got a nice calming bath No Wild playing in the tub it was relaxing time and chill out time. Then while having quiet time and story time they have a small snack I always did 2 vanilla wafers and small glass of milk and when I say small for them I was only giving about 2 or 3 ounces for them then we put the toys away brushed teeth then grabbed our stuffed animals and books and it was story time and cuddle time time and bedtime. However most of the time he was asleep before we got through half of the book :blush: However all it took was us to switch up our routine for him when he was at our home and then let the rest of the family including his mom n dad know what we did and he changed to a totally different kid

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If they have it every night eventually it quits working then you have to stop for awhile then it starts working again and its that same process over and over I went thru that my doctor told me I could give all my children melatonin but warned me that could happen and she was right so I only give it to them when I’m completely desparate good luck lady

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Start doing no naps or much shorter ones.

Cut out nap time first and see how that helps.

Don’t cut out nap times. That won’t affect him
Winding down. Waking up a child or keeping them awake when they want to sleep affects their natural circadian rhythms and they end up worse sleepers over all. Night time routine sounds great. Just start it slightly earlier so that it doesn’t feel rushed.

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I would cut back on nap time

I feel for you mumma bear! My 17month old was a little monster to put to bed after he mastered walking. He didn’t want to miss out on anything. So no matter how tired he was he never stopped moving. For the last 3 months or so it’s been easy, sometimes bathing him at night for his pjs would completely backfire and wake him up and get him all energetic. So I cut that out from night routine. For dinner I try to make sure he has something filling, sometimes I have to chase him around the house to make sure he actually eats enough and not just the bare minimum because he is too occupied exploring and sometimes doesn’t eat much on his own. Then I make sure all toys are turned off and nothing is around him that’ll get his mind ticking full of crazy ideas. We put our pjs on and watch his favourite TV show which is bananas in pyjamas at the moment for a while, sometimes some warm cows milk while relaxing and before
I know it his out like a light and that’s around 9ish every night or 10ish if teething is a problem. Sleeps all night, then doesn’t wake up till after 8am but no later then 9.30 sleep in.

I know it’s probably not the best bedtime routine, coz I carry him to the cot. But it seems to work. Also giving him pentavite every morning for the last few months might help a little too by giving his bottle what it might be lacking.

Once we move to a single bed, it’ll probably be the same routine but relaxing in his room in his bed. Normally if I’m having trouble coz I’m a first time mum and my boy can throw some tantrums. I just think what helps me sleep. Clean cozy warm sheets. Relaxing warm drink. A full belly. Sometimes white noise playing in the background can also help settle them right down and put anyone to sleep.

Maybe if he also has a favourite soft toy, make it like a little activity that his teddy or what ever is really sleepy but u need his help to get him to sleep. I’m slowly learning that most difficult things can "sometimes " be easier if u involve them in the routine, without them thinking it’s for them, if I would try to rock my boy to sleep and he didn’t want to at the time oh boy he would crack it big time n would take ages to stop fighting. So just found it so much easier to just lay down with him and he slowly falls asleep.

Also switching most lights off and anything with lights off, if the house still looks like day time at night time that could be keeping him energetic.

I’m just mentioning everything and anything I’ve tried I know how bedtimes can be so depressing and draining n sometimes I just want to give up.

A red night light is also 100% a lifesaver for bedtime and anyone I’ve spoken to would agree, give the link below a read and maybe give it a go.

Anything is worth a shot and no advice is silly advice, every child is different, just have to find what works best for your child which can be a slow progress as u tick things off the list but the most important thing is that you feel 100% comfortable and not have another thing to stress and worry about because there’s enough of that with just being a mum.

Good luck mumma

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Cut out the nap or only have 45min nap no longer

Girl, I have been giving my daughter melatonin since she was a year and a half. It’s done wonders for her bedtime.


Imagine drugging your child to sleep because it’s beneficial to your schedule


Never heard of it before

No naps helps them fall asleep faster and sleep all night after a good bath

I see some are saying to eliminate the nap all together. Don’t do that !!! Allow him to rest for an hour after that get him up. He will still be tired and ready for bed . If you eliminate the nap he will be ready for bed by 6 and get up really early in the morning before 6 a.m. You should use the sleepytime bath soap at night. Diffuse lavender in the air to help him relax.


Nope my 10 year old has has been taking it since 2 I also take it

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All three of my kids take it nightly. Sometimes they don’t due to being home late or such a busy day they already fall asleep. However, most of the time they get it. One pill nightly. Doctor is okay with it and even suggested it for one of them. Then we carried it over to the other two.

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Shorten his nap, or let him skip it. On days he can’t skip it or sleeps more than an hour give half melatonin. This is what I’ve done for my kids they neared age 3 and one nap made it too hard to fall asleep but they sometimes needed one.

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My kids didn’t nap at 3yo . They were up in the morning and active till dinnertime. After that was wind down …quiet activities, bath, pjs etc…then bed with a story and warm drink, Teddy, drink of water for through the night…it worked for mine but every child is different.

The best person to have this conversation with is your child’s dr. My 3 year old naps and is in bed by 8 every night. Lay your son down sooner giving him some relaxation time bed actually having to be to bed. Bring in a few books, read to him, cuddle him.

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Our son takes it. The gummy version. Works great Melinda Paige Boydston

My kids get melatonin every night. If info not give it to them they will not sleep at all

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You are correct in that our body will produce less melatonin when outside sources supply more often however he may not be producing enough

It’s not going to hurt him but why not try cutting out the nap altogether or make it a 30 min nap instead of hrs?


My son did horrible on it. Your child can get dependent on it especially if they are hyper and you’re using that. In other countries melatonin actually has to be prescribed bc physicians see a problem with it. If my son gets it, the next day is full of behavior issues from not being able to control emotions to biting, kicking and straight up acting an a**hole. If you notice this in your kid at all discontinue immediately. I’d personally steer clear but I understand needing to do what you have to.

Cut out part of the nap

His nap sounds like there too long during day 11-2 that’s 3 hours. Maybe start cutting them down start with 2 hours then. 1 1/2 etc until he’s completely stopped naps


Some kids need it. My daughter gets 1/2 mg every night and sleeps great. If your doctor says it won’t hurt, then I would give it to him.


No it shouldn’t be used every night because a tolerance will get built up and then it will lose the effectiveness. So cut the nap shorter, and try to get out a ton of energy like playing at the park or back yard, give a nice bath with the dr teals sleep soak in it has melatonin in it to help calm the body


Melatonin is naturally occurring in our bodies. It is not bad for the kiddo to have. When my nephew was living with me his doctor actually suggested he take it every night for sleep.

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It is fine, especially if it’s a smaller dosage amount. He will not become reliant on it. You are good to use it, especially if it helps.


I was given melatonin every night as a kid and when I finally went off it because I felt like it didn’t work anymore I had a horrible time trying to fall asleep for about a year. I’d cut down the naps first and see if that helps


I give my 4 years old melatonin gummy my every night

My daughter is 2 and sleeps from 12-3:30 every day and still goes to bed at 7/7:30 every night and wakes up at 8am. My dr recommended it also but I’ve never given it to her. If it works I’d do it. He also recommended Benadryl every night for my oldest and tried it and she threw up so that was also a no go. Taking a nap out actually made it worse for my daughter to want to go to bed.

He’s napping way too long.


Try 100% cherry juice, it has naturally occurring melatonin in it.


I only give one to my 17 yo when he needs it to go to sleep early and wake up early. Been doing it since he was 12, not often

My almost 6 year old has always been an extremely restless sleeper. We started given him a very low dose of melatonin Gummies.

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My oldest son has ADHD & ADD and his doctor actually recommended it for him but he also said to use it 2 weeks at a time so every day for 2 weeks he could have it, then stop for 2 weeks, ect.

Watch their sugar intake…also red dye number 40. I have to run my kids before bed (physically run up the street and back) and then give them a banana before bed


Almonds have natural melonton.

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My 10 year old takes 8mg every night and has done for nearly 3 years his is prescribed tho from his pead he has adhd and asd and he has ways had issues with sleep like literally he could stay awake 3/4 days straight, I know they say there can be side effects from it but touch wood my son has never had any… If your son settles within a reasonable time without the melatonin then I personally wouldn’t give him it at the end of the day your his mum and you will no better than anyone what is best❤️


Maybe try not to do an activity before bed cs that might stimulate him instead of relaxing him for bed. Maybe just the story so he will relax him and might fall asleep better…if not then give him melatonin maybe every other day it might work if not I no alot of people that give their young kids a low does of melatonin every night.


Hard to answer never really had it!! Ahh maybe just try and stop the arvo nap :zzz: Well maybe time will tell so Good Luck!! Enjoy your child they aren’t little for long. :blush::clap::clap::pray::pray:

I would personally try cutting out the nap. We had to as my 3yo is the same, if he naps he won’t go to sleep til 10pm


My son was similar with taking a while to fall asleep at night. I talked to a sleep consultant and she said 3-4 is when they start weaning a nap. So the 2 hour nap is too long because they’re wake window should be longer. Maybe cut his nap down by half an hour or so? Might not need the melatonin at all eventually.

We can’t get it in Ireland, it’s not available and I’d love it for my 2 +1/2 years old, he’s the exact same as the posters child. Enquired about it before and they don’t put kids on it as it makes the bodies natural production of melatonin stop which greatly effects the ability to sleep without it.


My nearly 3 year old son is on the liquid form, he doesn’t nap during the day but has it at night weekends we don’t give it to him and he struggles to sleep till around 1030-11
I’ve had two of my other children on it and slowly too them off it and no longer have a issue with bed time.
Obviously all children are different but we have research alot into this and our pead and specialist have recommended it for them.
Always follow your mummy feelings and never hesitate to question your doctors about it.
Good Luck with it all x

With the gummies children can become used to them. I personally would suggest that not every night is the preferred option. Perhaps try lavender oil on his pillow or in his bath to calm him down/make him sleepy. Honey & milk is an old remedy for getting to sleep, perhaps test it on non work nights to see if it works.

Never!! It jacks up the body’s natural melatonin. I heard “great things” about it when my girls were lil. But it’s actually really bad for them.


Stop naps during the day :woman_shrugging:t4: that’s what I’ve been doing with my little. She’s only 2 and has no naps during the day for the last week. So far so good. She’s usually tired around 6:30/7 and I run her until 8/8:30 and then stop stimulating activities after that. But she sleeps in tho. So that might not work for you and your early mornings.


Ask your pediatrician. These people aren’t doctors.

Every child is different it maybe what he needs try without and with and make the decision love y’all


My Neurologist put my son on Hyland’s Calmes Forte at the age of 3 because he slept 4 hours a night.

Nobody should have melatonin every night. Especially kids. Your body naturally makes melatonin, when you continuously take otc melatonin, it tricks your body into thinking it doesn’t need to produce as much. Melatonin is GREAT for short burst, but for long term use, it ruins your body.


If I let my soon to be 3 year old nap in the day he definitely would have trouble falling asleep. I would try cutting his nap out before you tried melatonin.

Have you tried amber oil? Absolutely knocked my 30 y/o brother out who hasn’t slept since he was a kid :joy:

I think these types of questions are better left to medical professionals. The only thing you’re gonna get here are a bunch of opinions or anecdotal situations.


Yep. I use it all the time and if I didn’t they wouldn’t get enough sleep for school.


I’d cut the naps first personally as that’s inevitable and natural anyway

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Warning is on the label . It can also cause seizures and night terrors. My family had horrible horrible dreams. I have a bottle but my almost 7 year old has taking 1 dose in 6 months . Please because a dependency can be formed

The doctor actually put my son on it and he takes it still he’s 19 years old


My 2 boys were prescribed it by the dr thru a prescription they had it every nite. My oldest out grew it by height n weight and no longer needed it my youngest son had to change to clonidine and takes that plus mirtazipine at nite daily. Melatonin is a natural substance that our body is supposed to make and sometimes we can’t so we gotta help our bodies. I would definitely talk to your dr about it and see what the best route for your child is.

maybe swap a learning activity at bedtime also as it would be stimulating the brain
try meditation

Try giving him kiwifruit. It’s helps with sleep. Also try some essences maybe. I haven’t used it but have heard great things for it.

I’ve been told that it can reduce the body’s natural production of Melatonin when used long term daily. So it could cause sleeping problems for the child as a teenager or adult. We only use it as needed. My 7 & 12 year olds know to ask for it if they can’t sleep

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I use the drops for my daughter she is 3 the half milligram drops

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I don’t have use it at all and I have 6 kids

Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. Should kids have melatonin every night?

Sounds like a doctor question

Will you try the Olly brand for children? It’s only 0.5 my so half of a one mg. It’s work amazingly with my 5 year old

No! I know lots of doctors and pediatricians recommend it. However, it is a hormone that is produced by our body. Once you start taking it, your body will stop producing it….causing life long sleep issues. It can also cause moodiness, nightmares, bed wetting and fertility issues.


Melatonin. Is a hormone that’s naturally produced in the body. If you keep giving it, the body stops producing it. You’re looking at more problems for this child if you give it too many times.

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We have one like that, he doesn’t nap and sleeps better for it. No long use of melatonin. Nope.

Yes, sleep is super important for brain growth and development. My daughter started taking it when she was 3ish too at the recommendation of a child psychiatrist went to see because she was having autism/ adhd testing because she wasn’t speaking yet.
We started a low dose nightly and I swear that was part of what spurred her speech growth.
She stopped needing it routinely by 6/7 only occasionally takes it when she’s wound up and tired. She even knows when she needs it and that rare now she’s 10

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Cut the nap out, that’s why it’s difficult to get him to sleep

Cut out the afternoon nap

Cut out naps first!! If he is still struggling then melatonin won’t hurt. Just remove all possible reasons first.

It’s amazing how many mom’s are literally saying to drug your kids on here.