Should Kids Have Melatonin Every Night?


"So I have a very rambunctious soon-to-be three-year-old, kids wild. Not in a bad way. He is just very energetic all the time. Which is great at times because he has so much fun with life, and I’m happy. Then comes bedtime. It is very difficult to get him to wind down and fall asleep; staying asleep is not a problem it’s the falling asleep at first that is, I have to be at work at 7:15, so he wakes up on or around six his nap schedule is 11 am to the latest 2 pm, and he’s good with naps because he gets up a little early, it’s not difficult waking him up, sometimes he gets up on his own while I’m getting ready for work. We have a nightly routine already of bath, a learning activity, a puzzle if he wants, make sure he goes to the bathroom, read him a story, and all that. He’s a great eater, pretty much only drinks water throughout the day, he likes almond milk, so I’ll give him some of that in the morning but no sugary drinks, nothing sweet including fruit after 6 pm, we get him to do the whole running around to tucker him out, we stick to the schedule every night. About a month ago, my husband started giving him gummy melatonin for kids half of the serving; we checked with his doctor first because it says four and up, and she said it wouldn’t hurt him. We don’t give it to him every night, but it worked great one gummy, and 30 minutes later, he is snoring. My husband wants to give him one every night now, and I don’t like that idea at all; I’d actually like to not give it to him at all; I worry he’ll become dependent on the melatonin, I know that sounds crazy because our body produces it anyway but still. So any suggestions you mamas may have will be greatly appreciated."

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"My daughter has ADHD and her mind won't shut off for her to go to sleep. Her PCP and every single one of her specialists all has said melatonin is safe for her."

"No, nobody should take melatonin unless they are deficient. The body does produce it naturally, but it will stop producing it naturally and become dependent just like you said in the post. UNLESS doctor prescribed."

"Talk to your pediatrician. Ours recommended melatonin because it is worse for them to have no sleep, which can then cause behaviors, ect. I never would have dreamed of giving my child “a sleeping agent”. It's safe and natural and I’m glad that we had that discussion."

"No, it shouldn't be used every night because tolerance will get built up and then it will lose effectiveness. So cut the nap shorter, and try to get out a ton of energy like playing at the park or back yard, give a nice bath with the dr teals sleep soak in it has melatonin in it to help calm the body."

"Cut his Naptime in half & start a bedtime routine. At his age, he should be sleeping no later than 8 pm. Dinner, heavy playtime, warm bath & lavender baby lotion after. Then start the bedtime routine. NO TV or Games, draw the curtains (get room darkening ones), play soft music. Tell him he can pick 2 books & read them in a slow soft voice. If he is still awake make him stay in bed & play quietly (with nonstimulating toys) or look at more books. But really cutting that nap is key!! If you took a 3hr nap would you be ready to go to bed? Nope, you would be recharged & ready to go!!"

"Every night I wouldn’t. I would give it to him until he forms a schedule and then cut it off. Giving melatonin every night is bad for the body, it will eventually make the body rely on it and the body will stop producing it's own melatonin naturally."

"Melatonin is not good every night. It messes up the natural production and causes short and or long-termed problems that are definitely not good."

"The kiddo is almost 3. He really doesn't need a nap. This is why you can not get him to sleep at night. Stop the naps and you will see the difference at bedtime."

"Try tart cherry juice. I don't ever sleep. I've started having a glass of that before bed, and it actually seems to help."

"No, by giving them melatonin you risk messing up his natural melatonin that his body produces."

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