Should kids share a room?

When did you all move your baby number 2 or 3 into a room with your older child? What was the age gap? Were you afraid for safety? Did you use a baby monitor? Sleeping though the night?

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At about 1, I had a 3 yr old and my 1 yr old sharing a room and then when my 3rd came she was 1 and in a toddler bed and my oldest was then 5, 3 and 1… i slept with my door cracked since I was a single mom at the time and so was theres

My oldest and second boy shared a room since my second boy was about 2 weeks old. My oldest was 16months old. They both slept through the night so I knew that wasn’t going to be a problem. And my oldest never bothered his brother. They still share a room to this day and they are 5 &6

I’m about to put my 13 month old in the room with my 2 year old. Currently he’s in a crib in my room due to him still waking up 1-2 times a night to nurse.

I moved my youngest into a room. When he was 6mo. Hed only
wake up 1 or 2 times in the night at that age.

My 2 boys been sharing a room since my second born was a 11 months old they are 2 years and 9 months apart.

When the next baby was due

My 2 boys share a room they are ages 6 & 4 they share a bunkbed, and then my 2 daughters share a room they are ages 3 & 1 my 1 year old sleeps in a playpen and my 3yr old sleeps in her own bed. And then my newborn son sleeps in his crib in my room he is 1 month old

My second was around one when he and his crib moved into the room with his 3yr old brother and had no issues