Should kids watch horror movies?

I know some people are probably going to give me grief for this but does anyone else let their kids watch horrors?

My daughter is 2 and is in absolute love with all the child plays/Chucky movies, seriously. She has a full collection of Disney movies but when I ask her what she wants to watch she says ‘Chucky’. She isn’t scared of any of them one bit she really likes them, I feel a bit ashamed to say I let her watch them but only because I’m afraid of what other people think about it, otherwise I don’t care she doesn’t copy it and she’s watched it for months now



My kids hate it but I grew up watching horror, seriously since I was 2-3. I came out fine the only thing that happened was make me love horror movies :woman_shrugging:

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I have always loved horror movies and wasnt technically allowed to watch them so i would sneak watch them… I knew the difference between tv and real life… As long as you make sure the child knows that i dont think it’s a big deal.

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She is too young to process the content… Her concept of scary is going to be scewd


My kids have watched everything from the exorcist to Micheal Meyers with me and my oldest is 5. My family hates it but I say
" your not there mom I
am " so I really dont care. Weird thing is she got scared of Annabelle Creation and I had to turn it off. So weird she can handle Carrie but not that!!


I’m not judging because my kids are the same way. Lol

I grew up watching them I’m fine lol. Who cares what people think.


My 5 yr old loves horror/scary movies. She’s loved them since she was little. Shes never been scared. She will ask questions on how they make the movie because we tell her they are actors thats their job.

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I haven’t experienced this but if she isn’t scared then I don’t think it should matter. As long as she knows it’s not how you act in her life! It wouldn’t be any different than you watching something on TV like first 48 or cold case files. Which at my house when it’s adult time on the TV if they stayed in the living room that’s what would be on.

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My daughter’s are the same way. They are 3 and 4 and love watching It and Chucky and Jason. They haven’t watched Friday the 13 movies, but they’ve seen the game. My parents think it’s weird, but they don’t copy it so like you said, I see no problem with it.

My kids! lol My husband was flipping through channels and Chucky was on and they sat right down and started watching it…we didn’t intend on them watching it but they were sitting still and being so quiet and good. They we’re 2 then, now at 4 my son cries because he wants to watch Jason. My husband grew up watching all these movies, but I’m not a huge fan, my kids love them.

You might find in a year or two that horror movies affect her differently as she starts to actually comprehend more and more of what she’s seeing. Just be aware. Each kid is different… each kid digests stimuli differently.

My daughter is really into “horror” games, but I personally limit what she plays because I know her and how she responds to anything more. So she plays Five Nights at Freddy’s and Bendy and the Inkmachine, but anything more mature than that freaks her out. And she’s 8.

Watching horror movies with my dad when I was like 2-3 and up was my favorite thing. My mom didnt like it, but never once did I have a nightmare or can recall being scared of anything. And I seen everything. If it doesn’t bother ur daughter and you are fine with it, let it happen.

I don’t really think it’s that big of a deal. If that’s what she’s in to then I wouldn’t worry about it.
And my kids are 2 and 4 and have never shown an interest in scary movies but if they did then I would let them watch it.

No. My kids aren’t really scared of movies or anything we let them watch the walking dead for a while bit I feel especially at that age where they’re developing and since I was allowed to watch all kinds of horror as a kid it REALLY desensitizes them. It’s not necessary and qs young as she is it would be easy to redirect her.

My niece was like that at that age except it was always pet cemeteries!! She’s 13 now and not a serial killer sooooo. :woman_shrugging::woman_shrugging:


meh… I say if she likes it let her watch but do mention its adult language and murder is illegal and wrong (which I’m sure you do).

I think we need to protect the heart and minds of our children so they know what is right/wrong. Look what is happening to our children s mental health these days. It is a subtle change into bizarre behaviors


My 2 yr old loves anything with monsters or weird like Coraline and she watched Labyrinth today, twice lol. She likes Halloween too. She’s not scared of much and I’m raising her to be that way. My oldest(16) and I are are horror freaks so it’s only natural she’d pick it up.

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My daughter was watching The walking dead at 2 years old! And laughing at the walkers lol she will occasionally watch scary stuff with me now (she’s 6). But she prefers regular kid shows now.

No way. They can get used to something at a young age and then be totally terrified of that same thing several years later.

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My daughter (now 13) has watched horror flicks with me since day one. All of em! Not once has she complained of nightmares. I always stressed to her they are NOT real. Its actors. She loves theater and drama now. And we still watch horror flicks. My 2 yr old twins watched hills have eyes with me yesterday. My boy twin was super into it.

My oldest son who is 13 has always loved horror movies not so with the 11 yr old. Hasn’t done a bit of harm to him. But a bit of advice to you love…screw what everybody else thinks or feels. Your kids your decision. You know em better than anybody else. Somebody out there is always going to have an opinion positive or negative about how you are raising your kiddos.As long as your kids are healthy and happy that’s all that matters!

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And I taught my daughter about REAL stranger danger by letting her watch law n order svu


Yes I do. Now I have kids who aren’t scared of anything.

Who cares what people think. Raise your daughter the was you want and if she isn’t scared then more power to ya. I wouldnt let my 6 year old watch chucky. But she watches zombie movies young and old ones and shes seen Godzilla.

Me and my brother were just talking about if people would be judging us if we took all our kids to see the new chucky when it comes out lol. Our kids range from 4-13. I grew up watching horror movies and im fine.

My kids loved horror movies from a very young age. My son had a chucky doll

We don’t usually watch scary movies in this house, unless my 10 yr old son is away. My 9 year old daughter though? LOVES everything scary. (I’m the same way - was born at Halloween) Personal preference. Doesn’t make you a bad mom. Movies are just that - movies.

No, i dont.
My 2 year old walked in on me watching " the nun " & has been scared since.

I’m a big horror fan and last year my 18 month old was chucky. She loves him. Waiting until June for the remake!

Honestly my kid was super weird, love scary stuff, I mean I didnt let her watch chucky but, the walking dead and if we were watching a movie sometimes had some gore in it and now she loves things dark and dready buuut shes talks about death alot, like my grandmother died a few years age and years after my 3 year old went around and told her entire ballet class that her grandma died and her uncle has a gun(hes a cop lool has never showed her but I assume someone stupidly told her that) and yea when she plays sometimes she makes the people die. I don’t like it, I regret letting her watch that sort of stuff. Their brains are too undeveloped to process it properly. Dont get me wrong she understands the tv isnt really, but she has a pretty dark sense of humor now.

Your kid your business. My kids love all the Jurassic movies and anything with zombies and I get grief for it -_- if it scared them I wouldn’t let them watch it but they love it. You know what she can handle.

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My kids have always loved them

My daughter loves darker kids movies. Coraline. Nightmare before Christmas. Paranorman, corpse bride. Igor. Willy Wonka. Box trolls ect.

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Each child is different. My sisters and I watched all kinds of horror movies growing up and I never had any issues, like being scared of the dark or anything like that. I don’t let my son only bc he’s super sensitive and even cartoons give him nightmares. Lol. Do what you feel is right for your own kid. If she enjoys the movies then I would say let her watch.

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As long as she doesnt try to stab anyone or whatever chucky does, your good lol shes braver than me cuz chucky used to scare me and still does and im 29 :joy:

Yes. My daughter is 7 & she loves chucky! She even has a Chucky doll of her own! Both her & my son have watched It at the age of 3/4. They love it & can decipher real vs tv… i tell them it’s basically people in costumes etc.

I’ve also watched chucky at the age of 2.

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My son is a little over a year and he will sit on the couch and watch horrors with me all day but i put something like handy manny on and he won’t sit still lol only time he likes kid movies/tv is nighttime. It all depends on the child and their reaction to the movies in my opinion. If they wanna watch it let them watch it, I have 12 nieces and nephews and more than half of them understood that scary movies are fake by age 3.

I will not allow my kids to watch scary movies because I don’t even watch but especially with all the murders that happens in this world

I wish my kids were scared of that stuff but they are like their mum not scared of anything… I let them watch nightmare on elm Street ECT my eldest loves supernatural but they are of age to know they are just movies and it doesn’t happen in real life

My son is 2 as well, and he can watch zombies, dinosaurs killing people, Chucky, the conjuring, the exorist. Anything horror wise is a go for him. He’s not scared.

Just let her be and don’t worry about others. Once they start getting nightmares. Then be worried, but for now. Let her enjoy things she likes

My kids watch them :woman_shrugging:

No, I don’t. I feel like it screws with their innocence. I want to keep my kids being kids for as long as possible. They’ll have enough of dealing with the harsh/hard stuff when they get older.


My daughter loves watching horror movies with me and isn’t scared of anything. But she also knows they aren’t reality and that the real monsters are out in the world.

To be honest every child is different and you know your child, i watched all sorts of horrors when i was around her age and always have done i sat and watched them with my dad, my children will choose if they want to watch it or if thats maybe not one for them

It all depends on the kids. My niece LOVED horror movies when she was 2 and up. They never scared her except in a good way. My 6 year old daughter would not do well and would be a wreck. My 4 year old son watches all of the Jurassic Park with no issue.

You know your kids. In my mind it’s only an issue if they show clear anxiety or fear and had nightmares, etc., then you would be a jerk. Doesnt sound like the case here.

I wouldn’t expose my kids to horror films. I was actually just talking to my husband about this last night like, “How did our parents allow us to watch these movies?” Lol. Everyone is different but, I say keep them innocent as long as you can. Let them believe that the world is full of unicorns and rainbows…why teach them the dark stuff? They have plenty of time to live in the real world.

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I have a friend who lets her kids watch horror movies since the day they were born. Im more hesitant because im afraid it will give kid nightmares. There is no rule book to parenting. There is nothing wrong with either. Also don’t worry about what people will think. Worry about you and your kid. If you think its ok then its ok. If not then its not.

My almost 2 year old absolutely loves watching shark movies… I’m talking sharks eating people he loves it and watches it with me all the time even shouts at the person to swim away its coming…he never has nightmares and also loves watching animations like sing… He knows what he does and doesn’t like and let’s us know…

My 11 year old sister has been watching horror films since she was around the same age… her birthday is the day before Halloween. Shes just obsessed with scary and spooky and shes an absolutely “normal” 11 year old girl… we all choose what we like at different ages :heart:

Yep my son has loved horror movies since he was 2

I won’t even let my kids watch shows that are PG 13. Or even some children shows for that matter, there is no reason for them to be watching a horror movie. My kids like to smash things so do I let them no. Your the parent there is a reason horror films are for adults. At two years old your child’s brain is seriously developing do you want your child growing up thinking they are Chucky ? You say she doesn’t copy it now… she’s also 2. This is just insane parents are even saying yes they let there children watch this. Like are you kidding me? What has this world come to. Children at two don’t even need to look at a screen. But watch chucky, yes that is an awesome parenting move.


Just remember one thing. Once your child has been exposed to something visually, they cannot remove the image from their brain. Also, I wonder if they become desensitized to that like they can become with pretty much anything else. It makes me wonder why in the world any parent would think it’s alright to expose a 2 year old child to that crap. If you want to occupy them, then do it with something family oriented, rather than a horror flick.


I’d rather them want to watch it versions being afraid

I’ve watched IT (the newer one) three times this week with my almost 5 year old. :expressionless:


To each their own. Both my boys watch horror movies. My oldest likes Michael Myers. My youngest doesn’t care for the horror movies. He’d rather watch Mickey Mouse or power rangers. :woman_shrugging:t3:

It’s different in every child but my aunt always allowed my cousin to watch horrors from a young age and my mom never even allowed me to look at the cover of the movie, and I must say my cousin was mentally in some ways not a kid anymore when I was still play outside with mud and we are only 2 months and 2 weeks apart in age, so it’s up to you

I did but now my 4 year old is a pansy and doesn’t wanna watch it anymore. He loves the walking dead still though lol

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I Think it’s a good thing to desensitize them early so they don’t develop fears or phobias as they get older. I never understood it or watched it and as a child I was deathly afraid of everything. I still don’t like being scared.

You all should check w experts, as there are studies that show this is harmful to their growth & development, affecting their learning potential.
Personally, I can’t believe any of you even considered this! Do you always make decisions based on what your children want? You are the parent! You must have missed Parenting 101!


I grew up on thrillers and horrors. Never cared for them because they scared me shitless, but I would watch them anyways and if it involved vampires, I loved them. Both my boys (3&5) are in love with all the Jurassic Parks and my 5yr old even loves Deadpool (but he’ll claim “Spirited Away” is scary lol).

My five year old granddaughter loves them too. She has her own chucky doll and will even watch Annabelle. NOT ME