Should my husband stay in with my on NYE?

I need to know if im being crabby and emotional due to pregnancy or if my man is out of line. Im 8 months pregnant with our first and mentioned having a quiet NYE with snacks and movies… he told me he had plans with the boys to go out and drink since soon he will be “stuck home with baby”. I feel it’s unfair since I clearly can’t go out and enjoy myself… who is in the wrong here?


My husband stayed home with me and I’m pregnant too. I did tell him he could go out with friends or something since I can’t drink. I felt bad because I didnt want to be so boring, but he said he would rather spend it with me and so we did :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: Your husband sounds a little immature, and I probably would have been upset too knowing your situation.


I’d be mad. I get what he is saying, but I’d still be mad to be not spending NYE with him and possibly by myself.


I’m 9 months pregnant and I encouraged my husband to go out! He was gonna go to the strip club with his friends but it ended up being cancelled. :woman_shrugging: but just because I can’t drink and party doesn’t mean he shouldn’t! :blush:
We’ve been married 10 years.

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I went to a Rock fest with my boyfriend and his friend when I was almost 8 months pregnant after working a 7 hours shift. Just because your pregnant doesn’t mean you can’t have fun! Just don’t drink or do anything that will hurt the baby

Why not use this as an excuse to go out with the girls after you give birth he can stay home with the baby🤷


You could go and not drink and have a good time

I can see both sides here. I went out 6 months pregnant with twins for New Year’s Eve with awful sciatica and had a great time anyway. It sucks that he changed his mind and was insensitive with the being “stuck with the baby” comment. That was kinda rude to the baby.

I went with my husband when I was pregnant, and was the dd. We got to be together, and both had a good time.


I’d be mad too, but not because he’s trying to go out but because of his comment about stuck at home with the baby. I’m 28 weeks pregnant too, and I just wanted to spend the night with my kids and my husband. But if he wanted to go out, I’d be ok with that. But we stayed up and went to bed about 1 lol

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I mean just because you want to stay home doesn’t mean he should have to. That being said if he didn’t even ask if you wanted to go I can understand being upset. But even after baby is born both of you need to be able to go out with friends and have fun.

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Honestly it’s a good time for y’all to plan a date night out before baby gets here go to dinner and movie something not to crazy but gives y’all time together and also letting him go out once won’t hurt

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You guys are supposed to be in this together but maybe one night wouldn’t hurt but when the time comes for you to have some fun he better step up.


Why you can not go ?

I mean , I will not care to be honest, I will let him enjoy some time with his friends because he will be busy in a couple of weeks .

Mmm I’m 21wks &my husband went out… he did ask me to go with but that was a hard no.


Once baby is born. Have a night out it’s your friends .

I don’t think either of you are wrong personally.

He will be soon hopefully tending to your needs and tranndions are hard. So letting him go and have fun is always a sweet things to do. Whenever my husband needs it he gets extra guy time.

At the same token it’s new years and you want to be loved and all the things. I loved just being able to kinda be alone with myself the last little bit of pregnancy and even today.
As long as you both love and trust each other share your plans ahead and compromise especially once kids come into the mix things get tricky like this.

It’s a total of perspective and this is a matter of compromise and compassion.

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I’m almost 8 months and I told mine to go out with friends while I stayed home to rest. Just cause you’re pregnant doesn’t mean they’re jailed down as well :melting_face:


Let him go then you go out after baby is here


Why can’t you go out and enjoy yourself? You’re pregnant not dead.

Why didn’t u just go and have a Pepsi and wings. Why do so many ppl think being pregnant is a handicap smh

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YOU it’s his last chance before his son/daughter is born to do anything like that let him go it’s one night jeez

I think it’s immature of him but I hate drinking and drunk people so…

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My husband says your husband is a booty hole. This is your first baby, it was New Years, your emotions, wants and need matter. What if something happened and you went into early labour and he was out getting drunk. Maybe it’s cause my hubby and I don’t drink but we think he should’ve stayed in with you. Your body is doing all the work for the baby he’s gonna be “stuck with” as he put it. Respect goes along wayyyyy

Hmmm I’m gonna be that bitch. Ida flipped :woman_shrugging: Nahhhh, if my pregnant ass at 8 months isn’t going out- neither is his. Especially, if yous a
Had agreed on a quiet new years :woman_shrugging:

Neither of you are wrong. You guys will have to compromise somehow.

You are. You don’t get to dictate his life PERIOD


Put the hormones away and let him have fun, just beacuse your pregnant and can’t do anything doesn’t mean he can’t have fun before being a dad :woman_shrugging:


You married him…nuff said.

I don’t think anyone is wrong per se but holy hell if you can’t compromise now to work shit out you’re both in for a shock when baby arrives.

He’s being selfish. Yes, you are the incubator but you are both having a baby. My expectation is that you would both be planning your last parent-free New Year’s together. Sorry you are going through this alone. I have a feeling there will be many more of these type of situations.

He should have at least talk to you about it first. I ask my husband about going out but not for his permission. More of a courtesy and he does the same. He should at least consult with you, especially with you carrying his child.