Should my son be allowed to call his step father, Dad if he wants to

I have a 10 year old son, I’vealways been the one raising him, he’s never lived with his bio father. I met my husband 7 years ago and we have been the only constant parents in his life. Now my sons bio father has only been in his life, very minimally for the last 3 years (sees him MAYBE 5 times a year) He wasn’t very involved in his life when we ended up moving a few hours away. Soon after we moved, I had lots of car troubles but I did what I could, knowing my car wasn’t in any shape to make round trips when his bio father has TWO new cars. So, when my car finally stopped working a year ago, yes, making visits work were put on him, but for 7 years I lived in the same town as the guy and he could have cared less about seeing my son. When visits happen its only for a few hours before he dips out, because my son isn’t paying enough attention to him. It didn’t help he always brings ALL his other kids and wife with him. He’s never just had a visit with my son without the whole group tagging along. Well, recently he got pissed because he agreed to the first plans since April, and he ended up last minute changing plans, over and over. So he wanted to do a certain things and all I said was that one of the options he wanted to do with my son, wasn’t available where we live (We don’t have much here) he blocked me for a week, then yesterday I got a message, saying I’m the problem, that I’ll be taken to court because I don’t make anything easy for him, when all I do is try to make visits work, they are always at my house or we walk to meet them at parks in town. But my the part that made me irritated was, he wants my son to stop calling my husband (the ONLY stable man in his life) Dad. And he wants it to happen immediately, and he wants my son to start calling him, a guy he barely knows, Dad. He has all these demands but he’s only been a part of my sons life for 3 years and not a very active 3 years. Any out he can take, he takes it and blames me or my husband. Should my son be forced to call him dad? My son knows the difference. He knows my husband is his stepfather but he has said already, that he wants to call him Dad. What would anyone else do? And I in the wrong for my son not calling his bio father Dad? Or anything else I wrote? This guys stresses me out so bad. He wants it his way or no way and I feel like I can’t win. I just need some advice. Thank you very much.

If your son is comfortable with calling his step dad, dad then let him!

As long as both of them feel comfortable with that, of course! I feel like it’s a great thing when a child chooses to do that, it really shows his appreciation for all that’s done for him and the love he feels.