Should parents that are separated have there own items for the child

My daughter lives with me and my girlfriend full time. Should I expect my daughters mother to have her own items when she’s over there.

My daughter came to live with me about a year and a half ago. Her mother lives in Connecticut and I live in Pennsylvania. I spent 2 years in prison for bank fraud from the time my daughter was 1 1/2 till 3 1/2. She came back to me the day after I was released and has been living with me since. Her mother literally sent her over with less than a book bag full of clothes and the clothes she did send barely fit my daughter. Due to Me, my mother, sister, and girlfriend my daughter has an abundance of clothes. She has so many clothes that many of her clothes and sneakers/ sandals still have tags on them. It just so happens that from January to March I had to spend an additional 4 months in prison due to sentencing issues. During this time stimulus checks came around and being that she has been claiming my daughter received the child credits and didn’t buy anything for my daughter who we decided would stay with my mother because I enrolled her in daycare. I recently sent her to her mother for a month with basically no clothes. Am I wrong for this. I work hard for her stuff. I currently work and go to school for my cdl. Can you also post to fb it would be easier for me to keep up with the comments