Should people bring uninvited guests to birthday parties?

How do you feel about someone you invited to your child’s birthday party bringing someone or multiple people with them without asking you if it was okay?

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I don’t personally have a issue. The more the merrier. But I can see how it would bother some.

Id be passed and ask them to leave

Depends on the people and if I had enough for the extra people and I’d make sure next time I invited them to put please RSVP. That way you would have the right to say something without offending them, although, I’d just say something and wouldn’t care if they were offended. That’s just me tho

Depends. If it’s like a BBQ in the park, I don’t care. If it’s a place that requires a head count first (like an arcade) then I’d be pissed.


I would be pretty annoyed for not at least getting a heads up. Maybe ask them to let you know next time so you are prepared for extra guests.

Usually I have plenty of food and as long as they are not a enemy to bring harm anyone’s welcome at my house


I feel it is very rude. Especially in covid world.

If its the childs sibling then I tended to expect them so I catered for them . If its another relative or friend then I would have to say something.

I think it’s rude, but not the end of the world.

Soooo, I use to get annoyed until a friend brought another kid to my sons party that doesn’t ever get invited to parties. He wasn’t in my son’s class so I didn’t know otherwise. The smile on his face was so worth it. Her son had befriended this little boy and brought him to a lot of things he was invited to.


Depends. Are they bringing random, uninvited adults to your child’s party? Especially if you don’t know them, yes, I’d be pissed and I’d not allow them in. I don’t trust anyone I don’t know around my son, let alone other peoples’ children, especially as someone who was sexually abused by (distant, but still) family. I can’t watch everyone constantly at a party… And I’m not going to risk something happening.

Other kids? I might ask that next time they just let me know, so I can account for them, but I wouldn’t fuss as much. Unless the random child started causing trouble of course haha.

It is absolutely NOT ok to me. Even if it is people I know. It is disrespectful. They could at least ask.

Doesn’t bother me at all. My kids parties are normally done at home and I always go way overboard and have too much food so more people means less leftovers for me to deal with :woman_shrugging:t2:

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If it’s a kid - no. Unless said kid is a bully or annoying lol. Other adults if I don’t know them then yes.

I feel like they should have asked if it was okay first but that is just my own personal opinion.