Should single mother's celebrate Father's Day?

As a single mother of a boy and girl whose father is not around, is it weird for my children to give me Father’s Day gifts and for us to celebrate them?


Father’s day is for fathers and Mother day is for mothers. That’s how I see it anyways.

No. We are Mother’s which in essence are created differently then fathers. I had to learn this long ago. We can attempt to take up the time and space that a dad is missing but reality is we as mothers cannot teach boys to be men. We can try and I for one taught mine to be chivalrous. But nothing truly compares to father son or daughter son time.

I was a single mum for years with dad in and out my kids lives ,I didn’t personally celebrate father’s Day we just went about our normal day to day stuff
Yes I was playing both roles in their lives but I am mum that’s what I do
They did bring home stuff from school for father’s Day thanking me for being both but that’s the most we did. Apart from one year I got a card of my mate from the kids that said
Thanks for having bigger balls than our dad and raising us :rofl:
but I don’t find it weird if that’s what you want to do as a family then it’s your choice

I was a single mom for 7 years and everyone I knew wished me a happy Father’s day. I’d get gifts too


No mothers have a day, We could never be a father


As a single mom I don’t like people wishing me happy Father’s Day- it’s tacky. I’m not a man.
I don’t wish it to single moms either.
You can do what you want though.


When I was at school and others were making Father’s Day stuff for their Dads, I always made Mum something. She loved it :heart:


As a single mom myself I say go for it…when your kids are older they truly understand it the SD loss…my daughter now 16, n she knows who n will talk to her “dad” if he magically calls but in the end she knows so much more then I let on…

Definitely not weird at all. If you are playing both roles, celebrate both roles.

I don’t find it weird :woman_shrugging: been raising my daughter most of her life by myself.

No we have Mother’s Day I find it very selfish when people do this even if the father hasn’t been around there is others who are so unfair to take that away from them

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Do what feels right.

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No. You have a Mother’s Day

I never put much importance on either one…I had my kids, they didn’t ask to be here, I did what any mom is suppose to do, teach them independence, responsibility and give them wings to be them…I was a single mom most of the time, my ex was in the picture but not much, my 3 sons turned out to be wonderful men and my daughters are now great mothers…I recognize my mom on Mothers Day

Of course you can! Essentially you’re both!
I had a gf who was a single mother for years & her son always celebrated mother’s & Father’s Day for her, I thought it was absolutely beautiful :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

If your kids are making u things then enjoy it. I would never tell them no just because its labeled fathers day

No, because regardless of how much slack you have to pick up you never were and never will be their father.


No they should not. They’re not fathers :roll_eyes: regardless if playing both roles or not. Your taking this From fathers that actually are. Have them celebrate their grandfather an uncle someone that’s a great father they’re around


If you want 2 days to celebrate because dad isn’t in their lives, why not?

No. Mothers day is for moms, fathers day is for dads. Simple


As a kid that grew up with just me and mom… sometimes I’d make something for grandpa, and sometimes I’d make something for my mom(as I got older). I learned to see that my mom was doing her best to wear both hats, so I’d give my Father’s Day project to her. No cut and dry answer here, but you receiving a gift on Father’s Day as the single mom doesn’t take away from anyone or anything. Being a single parent is hard, if the kid chooses to give you their painted rock or popsicle stick picture frame what is the harm? Age dependent, but talk about who the child looks up to for a male influence and give them the option of making something for them? :woman_shrugging:good luck momma, single parent life isn’t for the faint of heart!

Mothers day is for mothers and fathers day is for fathers

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If they are old enough to understand then yes if they want to give/make you things let them, you are playing both roles in their lives :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

You get Mother’s Day to celebrate , Father’s Day doesn’t need to be done if there dads not around it’s just another day :woman_shrugging:t2:

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if that is what your kids want to, i don’t see the problem. if you’re forcing it on them tho …

I agree. Go to a nursing home and shower and an older man with friendship and a few little gifts.yoy could do the same thing for Mothers day. And Christmas. Just a hand made card infact will .make them feel people care.which we d o.

You’re a mother not a father.


Would it be weird if a single dad celebrated Mother’s Day?

Yes confuse your children you have mothers day for that

Your family should do whatever your family wants. But for me personally, I don’t and wouldn’t as a single parent. And I feel it is a bit of a shame that this is becoming more common and fear for the currently titled days. Just waiting for them to be changed to parent day or caregiver day or something else.
You are a mother, whether that be single or not, you do your job as a parent to the best you possibly can and you have a day to celebrate that already. Enjoy that day :heart:

If the father isn’t on the scene at all for his kids then your being a mother and father to your kids aren’t you? Your family your choice! As long as your kids are happy who cares what anyone else thinks x

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Depends,if their father’s not on the scene then why not? They’ll make things at school too

Each to their own but I dont with my kids, we have mothers day for that sort of thing. Xx

No. You are the mother not the father. If the child doesn’t have a father in their lives then you’ve made a choice to have a child with a low life man. Real men, real fathers don’t leave. It’s sad they don’t have a father in their lives. You can’t make them feel better by celebrating a day set aside for fathers. Teach them to be better parents.

There is no right or wrong answer. Whatever works for your family is fine. You are parenting on your own. Celebrate that in whatever way your family wants to. I once had a kindergarten student who was being raised by a dad and grandfather so for mothers day he gave me and them a card. Heartbreaking but precious. Let them love on you in their way.

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No, I don’t think so. I think that as a mother or father, you should celebrate the day dedicated to that. I feel like as a single parent, celebrating the other day takes away from all the other single parents who are supposed to get recognition that day. Just my opinion.

Not weird at all…another suggestion, is there a grandfather or uncle in their life that they could also share the day with…what ever makes you all happy and what ever works. I always tell my son in law Happy Mothers day…he is the reason my daughter celebrates the day. Don’t let it make you wonder… what ever works and makes every one happy.

I guess I just didnt acknowledge the day with my daughters dad, but if the kids want to recognize you on that day. Let them, nothing wrong with that. Moms are usually far more involved with the kids anyway compared to dads(not all of course). Good moms are always trying to do it all.

If they make them at school then yes accept them. I worked at a school and this kid didn’t have a mom and his class made Mother’s Day gifts and the little boy tried to give it to me and I would have loved to accept it but I had only been there a few months and i definitely wasn’t a mother figure to him. I told him I’m sure his dad would love to get the gift. Broke my heart

Nope, not weird, I always wish daddies that are raising their kids on their own a happy mother’s day and then likewise single moms happy fathers day

I’m a single mom and I don’t want to celebrate Father’s Day. I choose to celebrate the men in my daughters life who teach and impact her, like her pawpaw and my ex, who still helps watch her and look out for her.

I was a single parent and my kids and I would have cake and ice cream with some of their friends every year. They are all grown up and have children and still call me on father’s day. I love it!!


Not weird at all. As a single mom and their father who most of time was never around. I made father’s day ( Sons Day). If they brought me stuff for father’s day I acknowledge it .

imo the last quite a few years all the “lets hear it for single mothers who do it all” on fathers day is bs. you are the mother not the father. now that being said my own daddy was a single parent in 1965 to 2 small children, went to court and won during a divorce. my brother and i were 2 and 3 years old. on mothers day we made the same crafts and presents that all the other children in nursery school made, and we gave them to him as our bio moher was no where around. he accepted them with love and took pride in the gift that wa made with love. he however did Not go out and celebrate himself on mothers day.

Do what you want! Also it’s always ok to give gifts of appreciation/thanks. Our softball team frequently plays tournaments on Mother’s Day and Father’s Day. We always provide a gift for the players to gift. Sometimes they don’t have a mother or father. It’s not uncommon for them to give it to their mom, if dads not around, or Vice versa. I suspect this is the same for school made gifts. The kids already have the loss of an absent parent, don’t exclude them from the gift making and giving too!

Yes you ARE NOT THEIR FATHER. THEY HAVE ONE YOU CHOSE the fact that he is not around dont automatically make YOU a FATHER

They see that you are both parents. Let them celebrate you however they want to. My dad passed away when I was 6. My mom had to be both. It hard to do but possible.

Nope it is NOT weird!! I was raised by my dad and we get him a Mothers day card every year and gifts because he was both.


I did both with my kids for years when it was just me, now that i have had a boyfriend for the last few years. My little girl will get him a fathers day gift but my son never has. If you do both parts then yes accept them father’s day gifts. One of the hardest things to do is raise kids by your self.

Yesss! Ah my pet peeve there is a whole Mother’s Day for you. You are a mother :rofl:

So I recently found out the origin of Fathers day apparently a young lady who had been raised by a single father was attending church for a mother’s day service and while watching all the moms go up to the front to receive flowers and chocolates she became a little frustrated as she felt her father who was both mom and dad for her didn’t receive the recognition that mothers did so she spoke with her church leaders and fathers day was created
You are a single mother and like the father above you are both mom and dad for your children so personally I think if you WANT to celebrate fathers day for yourself then more power to you who are a bunch of strangers on the internet to tell you what you can/can’t do


Celebrate it as a day to thank all the men in their lives. Friends, uncles, grandfathers, godfathers, etc. On Mother’s Day we recognize all women in our lives and thank them for their motherly gifts. Do the same with the men in your lives.

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It’s not weird at all! My mom was a single mother of 5, no father in the picture, and we ALWAYS showed my mom appreciation and love on both Mothers/Fathers Day! Because she did both jobs and should be recognized for it!


Now normally I would say no, a single mom shouldn’t celebrate fathers day. Dads are important too, and us moms have our day. We wouldn’t want to take away from positive male role models ( doesn’t have to be dad. It can be an grandfather,uncle, family friend.).

But seeing that you said your children took it upon themselves to celebrate you… I can’t find a thing wrong with that.

No… Father’s Day is for fathers… Mother’s Day is for mother’s… you’re not playing both roles, you’re the mom period… if they don’t have a dad around it’s not even a day that has to be acknowledged as anything… or it could be a day that y’all use for family time… but I think getting gifts or taking the day away from dads in general is not the best idea


It would be more weird of you to turn down gifts from your children.

“Here mommy I made you this for father’s day”

Could you imagine their little faces if you turned it away? We give and make gifts for each other all the time just because. It’s a showing of love more than anything. Who cares what day it is?


I cried the day my kids told me Happy Father’s day. They were teenagers and done it on their own


Not single…but we are a family with 2 moms. We celebrate mothers day and fathers day…our kids don’t have dads

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You are playing the role of mother and father. You are worthy to be celebrating! God bless you


No, I think if they want to recognize the “father” role you play as well - go for it. I also think it’s important to validate the role of father And how important it is - especially if you have sons.

Is there a grandpa in their life’s?

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No it’s not weird, but why celebrate it? My mom had me make things for my grandfather or uncles at school.

You as a Mother should not. But if the kids want to then that should be up to them

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Give something to grandfather or a special uncle. Someone like a father figure.

No different than a dad who has to play both roles.

It’s quite all right I play both roles since my husband died

No, you are being both and should be celebrated as both. I did.

Do as you see fit.Its an individual decision.

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Hell no it’s not weird ! Happy Mother’s and Father’s Day to you. Thank god your kids have you! :blush::heart:


Nope. I wish my brother Happy Mothers Day. He raised 4 on his own.


Yes they should and God bless them for juggling both roles

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Nothing wrong with it! You doing two jobs. Besides its no ones business but yours and the kids.

You are a Mother not a Father

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You’re the Dad too… celebrate that!

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I did for my mom…i gave her gifts for both holidays

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No…you are both mother and father

I did it when I was alone

No you are not his/her father

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Yes they are still there Father no matter what

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If he is not around he is not a father.

Not at all! You are filling both roles of Mom and Dad. There is no greater honor!

Nope, if you did both jobs you deserve both days

Do you have a dad or uncle that’s a Dad that would be way more appropriate to celebrate their fatherhood

Father’s Day is for fathers. If you’re a good mom, good. You’re a good mom. But, you’re not a dad.

why, you are both mother and father, celebrate


No a single Mother should not celebrate Father’s Day. Yes it is weird that her children gave her Father’s Day gifts.


You are their mom and their dad when it’s only you there. Why hurt your child’s feelings by not accepting their gift. They are just showing love in anyway they know how too. I wish my son could still do this for me but you see he died.

No where that I could find states that you have to be a biological dad or mom to celebrate those occasions so if you fill that void, you should celebrate BOTH.

No this world is crazy enough. What is the matter with you. Single mom kids have a father. It is up, the adults or girl playing adult to keep a line open to the father. Might sound strange to this generation.

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No you shouldn’t. You’re a mother and you have Mother’s Day.

I never did. My son’s father overdosed and died.

No… celebrate mother’s day and move on. As a single mom of four… father’s day is over rated. Yes you’re mom and dad but you don’t gotta be greedy.

No…be glad they recognize you are doing dual roles


Is it weird ? Of course not !!! Do what the he’ll you want … This is America !!!

From a man yes you should but let them know you are the mom

Here comes the arguments now !!!

Not a parent but as someone with a shit mom and an amazing dad, I at the least will tell him something on Mother’s Day. I don’t think it’s something to make a huge deal out of, but as the kid i feel like my dad deserves both days lol
Maybe go big on Mother’s Day but a little low key on Father’s Day?

Go for it. You are both

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Not werid at all you are doing both roles