Should Teens Pay Parents Gas Money?

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"I just want to take a little poll as my ex-husband and I are on two different pages. With this, it has me curious about what other parents would do——15yr old gets their first job should the parent make the child pay for gas to get to and from?"

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"I wouldn't. Trying to put them in a hole when they are first starting out us wrong."

"I personally wouldn’t and my parents never did that; a point of a job is to hopefully save money."

"Uhhh no. If they were driving your car then that’d make sense but no."

"I understand having then help pay for gas because they would have that expense, but don’t use their money. Save it all up and give it back to them at graduation. That way they learn about budgeting and responsibilities but they’ll be rewarded in the end for it."

"No I would only charge my kids if they lost there licence for being irresponsible and I had to taxi them then I would charge other then that no I wouldn’t"

"NO… I would never ask my child for gas money… HOWEVER if it was the childs own vehicle then yes…"

"Depends on how far I suppose. But no. Set them up to succeed not fail. Let them get used to even having a job & earning their own money before you start requesting money from them. IF you do I highly suggest you save that money for them & give it to end when they move out. It’s their savings it’s just you were helping. Set them up to succeed"

"I would rather them learn to save and invest a portion of their money. They are still under 18 and the parents responsibility. I think teaching them to save and have money to fall back on is much more important. Then they can buy their own car at 18 and be responsible for that."

"For required life things absolutely not but maybe if your kid does a lot of extra bullhonky for fun I’d say yeah and put what they pay towards their own vehicle or savings"

"If it isn’t desperately needed, then put the money away to give said child when they graduate instead?"

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