Should twins share cribs?

I am currently pregnant with twins and was wondering if twins could share the same crib or do they need separate ones? we got them separate bassinets but not sure if we need 1 or 2 cribs. i have 2 previous children but they were singletons, so this is a whole new ballgame for me.


My sisters twins shared till they was 1yr old. They dont like being separated, if you snuggle each baby in there own blanket an place them side by side or top to bottom they will settle alot better, after all they are together now x

My twins shared a crib

My twins have seperate cribs. When babies get older they sleep wild and would wake each other up… Not to mention its safer for them to be in their own bed.

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Share they just spent 9 months attached to each other I betcha they are sweet

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Deffo own moses baskets my sister had twins its two of everything…

I don’t have twins but I have friends who do and I know that their twins slept together because they didn’t like to be separated

My twins shared a crib until they started rolling over then I put them in separate cribs.


When mine were born they used separate bassinets until 5 months old. We got two separate cribs and transferred because with how active they are by that time it didn’t make sense to only have one crib. We would eventually have to get two of them anyway, so why not have them get used to their own sooner than later. :woman_shrugging:t2: just my opinion

My twins share a crib

Share until around 1yrs old is completely fine.

The surrogate twins I delivered in September still share a crib. They are very attached to each other. When newborn they liked to look at each other until they fell asleep.


Share they are so tiny anyways you still could have them kinda separate so they have their own space n don’t wake the other up by moving

My fraternal twins shared a crib till they were 6 months and started harassing each other. Then at 13 months I switched to toddler beds and they always ended up in the same bed. Now they sleep in one bed together. It varies on twins.

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Seperate, also starts to teach them independence

I have twins and they shared a crib, play pen everything…you do not want to sperate them…they are used to being together…they will sperate when they are ready to…I almost lost one of mine twins due to them being separated at the hospital til I made doctor put them together


Yes, separate safe place

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My mother had twins and from day 1 after birth, they didn’t want to sleep in the same crib.

mine were in the same crib until about 10ms until one started walking and jumping all over her sister.

For safe sleeping k believe they should be separated but I know most twin moms put them together


My twins cosleep (currently 5 weeks old). Pediatrician approved and she said it’s fine until they begin to roll over, then we should separate.

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Some people will get two cribs, keep the front bar off the cribs and slide them together and then put the mattresses in the opposite way that way it’s a bigger crib fit for the two.


Together. I have 8 year old twins and they shared until about 10 months then beds right next to each other

They can share a crib til they’re older a lot of twins especially newborns don’t really like being separated

I coslept with my twins till about 3 months and put them in pack n play next to my bed till a little after 2 then the shared a bed till 3 and then got their own toddler beds. Some nights they share buy most nights they sleep alone

Studies show twins do much better when kept together…even in the NICU

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Put the cribs together and then put the mattresses across the crack of the 2 cribs and it’ll keep the cribs from pushing apart and no cracks to fall in…


My twins slept in the crib together the whole time. Once they got so big, I put one on each end.

Most do cosleep, but safe practices say separate cribs. :woman_shrugging:t2:

Same crib is fine for now until they start rolling

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Mine shared a crib in my room until they could roll over. They then moved to separate cribs in their own room.

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Twins are meant to be together they’re still bonding and feel safer together. They shared the womb together even if in different sacks


Ours shared a bassinet but have their own cribs. I think two bassinets might be harder because they like to be near each other, especially at the beginning. A lot of twins also crib share for a while, but one of our twins is a lot bigger and stronger, and he moves around enough that we would be too worried about him trampling his twin for them to share a crib. I’m also a twin myself and strongly suggest a shared bassinet to start.


Me and my twin shared the same one until big enough to be separated, then my mom said we would rock our cribs til they met in the middle of the room :joy::joy::joy::joy::joy:
But we even shared a same room until we were 14
Now I have two girls and can’t wait for them to share a room :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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I kept my twins in the bassinet until they could roll over (about 3m)and then we moved them to separate cribs but in the same room they can still see each other. They dont like to sleep together because one is all over the place at night and the other hardly moves.

At first they can share a crib until they start rolling over

Mine shared, and then eventually went into their own when they were too big to share. They’re four now, and share a bed as they won’t sleep apart x

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Im also pregnant with twins mine will share a crib till they dont fit together also will share a cosleeper for the first few months… the two cribs together ive thought about i just dont have the room right now but its a great idea

I’m going to say NO. And for everyone don’t judge or negative comment me at all.
Twins should be in separate cribs. As much as I like the idea of them being close thats what play time is for. I was a twin, we shared a crib we both were early rollers. We both rolled over and somehow I managed to roll again so I could breathe however my twin could not and no one could get to us in time. She passed away. And the doctor who tried to save her said this was 100% preventable had we not been in the same crib she couldn’t roll because I was in her way. The amount of guilt I have even though I was am innocent baby myself makes me sick. And I would never put them in the same crib.


I know someone who got two cribs, took out the piece in the front (that you typically take off for a toddler bed) and actually hardwared them together so it was like one really big crib. Worked fabulous for them and the mattresses stayed tight enough that there were no gaps

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I’m a twin and my mama had us share a crib. We even shared a bed until 5. Twins are used to being next to each other, the closeness of them sharing a crib will most likely help them sleep better too!

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My cousin had twins and gave them separate beds. It’s just a bit safer that way statistically if I remember correctly.


They can share a crib until they start moving around. I have 7 month old twins and that is what we did.I talked to a nurse at the hospital about it before we brought them home. Another nurse at the hospital did it when she had hers.

You’re going to want two for the ability to separate. Even if you allow them to sleep together, there’s going to be circumstances in which you’re not going to want them together (illness, restlessness, etc.). My girls had their own cribs but even now at 9, they still climb into bed together occasionally. It’s comfort for them. :woman_shrugging:t2:

Hook the bed together and turn the mattress the opposite way


For the first little bit they are actually calmer being near each other close like they were in the womb. I would say one until they can no longer fit comfortably, even with the bassinet/pack-n-play.

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My twins don’t do well sleeping next to each other… I would say in separate cribs. My twins are almost 2 now and sleep separately. I tried putting them in the same crib for awhile when they were like 4 months but they would wake each other up .

Please join Safe Sleep and Baby Care – Evidence Based Support

They’ll have great advice :relaxed:

I had mine in the same crib, head to head for a few months, then put them in their own cribs.

I say share…what will their names be?

Had mine in a pack n play up until they started moving around, then switched them to their own cribs…they were fine together. They were together for 9 months…what’s a few more!

I have twins. I would say separately because one will always wake up the other one

My best friend put her twins in the same cot together.

Put the cribs together and then put the mattresses across the crack of the 2 cribs and it’ll keep the cribs from pushing apart and no cracks to fall in…