Should Two 14 Year Olds Babysit?

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"What’s your input on two 14 year olds babysitting a 10 month old and 2 year old for 11 hours? I read about a lady leaving her 14 year old in charge of her smaller siblings and she was arrested after one of the neighbors called police cause the 4 year old got out…I used to babysit my sister and cousin when our parents went out half the night. I was only 12. I was contemplating having my 14 year old niece and her friend babysit during the summer, as last resort, but curious what others think. They are responsible. They babysit her cousins from time to time (age 3&4)."

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"I was 13 when I started babysitting 6 kids at once. 4 in diapers lol"

"Why not. As long as they are mature enough and you trust them, I say go for it!"

"I started babysitting for other people at age 8. Check your state laws."

"My 10 year old babysits my 6 and 4 year old for short times. I started babysitting my infant brother when I was 10 and was babysitting regularly all over town by age 11. I would most definitely trust 14 year olds if you think they are mature enough. Age isn’t the issue, maturity is."

"As long as the girls are responsible, they know how to use the phone and have access to food and water. Then there shouldn’t be an issue. I think the issue was that the 4 year old was outside unattended so there may have been a responsibility issue in that case."

"Look up the laws where you live."

"I think that’s fine aslong as they are responsible!"

"All depending on how mature they are. I was 14 watching 7 kids under 6 n for hours at a time sometimes over night and everything was great al the kids were fed and bathed and safe"

"Personally that’s a lot of hours for a 14 year old, and such young kids they’re babysitting, IMO. But I get a mom’s gotta do what a mom’s gotta do! If you think they can handle it, try it out. Lay down all the rules etc , keep your phone close by in case they call and check in every couple hours yourself."

"I started babysitting when I was 11 lol I kept my lil cousins good, I knew how to make bottles and make their daily cereal and my aunt left a number and food that was easy to cook. As long as I didn’t burn the house down, she trusted me"

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