Should we get a mobile home?

I need opinions! Mobile homes, yes or no? We originally planned on building a barndo and getting 2-5 acres but now my husband wants 2 acres and a mobile home. The whole reason I wanted to build a barndo was for space and I’m worried we’ll be cramped in a mobile home. We also have 26 people in our immediate family that we see often and I wanted to be able to host game nights and movie nights etc and a mobile home wouldn’t give us that option. My husband wants the mobile home so we can save and travel. I’ll be in school the next 2.5yrs so I’ll be jobless the entire year minus summer for about 4mnths. Would you do the mobile home and travel?


This question all ties back to what your personal preferences and priorities are. No one can answer it for you.

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Maybe consider a mobile for living and an additional structure for storage and family events?


I would definitely still go for the barndo, I’ve seen some really cool ones!!

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A modular home is similar to a mobile but is stick built and in most cases can be found for a similar price point. We lived in a mobile and the flooring always sagged and the walls were so flimsy so i couldn’t hang things the way I wanted too. And I was always dealing with frozen pipes. My parents bought a modular home and it was delivered in 2 pieces and then added a basement and it will last forever.

I live in a mobile home,a double wide. And it gets cramped fast when people come to visit.

This is mine, its a double wide, 4 bedrooms, 2 bath, fireplace. dining room, laundry room. we did build the porch on it. but I love ours!

Built a house the size you need.

Mobile homes are not safe in bad weather. I lived in one and was completely destroyed with just straight high winds. Easy catches on fire also Loved Mobile home living but it’s just not safe

Mobile home only on my own land! Between the payment and the lot rent it’s as if you’re paying double

Have you given any thought to buying a used mobil home to live in while you build your dream home? Mobil homes depreciate much more than real built homes.

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Just cus its a mobil home doesn’t mean it’s tiny. I live in 1 and it’s about 2000 Sq feet & I have an attic. Real fireplace, huge living room huge kitchen, laundry 3 bedroom 2 bath. I love mine