Should you buy your child their first car?

Should you buy your teen their first car or make them work for it or at least half of it ? my husband wants to buy him his first car but i think he should pay for some of it and we cannot agree on this


Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. Should you buy your child their first car?

Buy it for them if they are responsible,have good grades and obey rules at home. You can make him pay for gas and insurance


Make them pay for 6 months of insurance up front at a minimum.

I say make them pay for it in some degree. Whether its them working a job and actually paying for it or have them help around the house. If you go about just straight buying it for them then tell them to pay it off they have to help you in return to pay it off. Like taking siblings places or grocery shopping with them they drive to get the experience. Plus if they arent working and cant help pay for it you’re also paying their gas so they can help out with stuff like that to earn the money. Life isnt free and nothing should just be handed to someone even if theyre your kid. Thats my opinion.

My parents bought me mine but Only because I had good grades and was pretty responsible. I think it depends on how your child acts and how they handle school

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I think if you have the means to without putting the family in a money bind. And your child is responsible. Yes absolutely you should why not. It’s our responsibility as parents to give all the necessary tools in life to become successful. Those stepping stones are invaluable.


We made ours pay for their own gas and the price of insurance

My parents made my brother and I pay $500-1k for their used cars and upgraded to new ones for themselves. We also had to pay for our own gas and eventually insurance closer to time our parents couldn’t cover us at a discounted rate. I think I paid more than my brother but my hand me down was waaaaay better than his lol

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I bought my sons first car and made him pay me 1/2 of it back.
I did that to teach him payment responsibilities.
He had a great job for 18 years old and could afford it as well.

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Why not ? I do not see the issue with buying it if you guys have the resources to do it, If he is a good kid with good grades , is responsible, help in the house and have a job to at least pay for the gas and insurance JUST DO IT

My mom had me save and she matched me, I had to pay for insurance ( she put me on her plan and I just had to pay the difference between what her insurance was versus what it went to after she added me) and gas, and general maintenance (oil changes ect) and then she helped me if big things happened

No… Its called responsibility… Pay the down payment and they work and pay notes… Period… Let them be adults!


They pay insurance and gas!

How else will they learn to be responsible adults??

My parents bought me my first used car and i was responsible for paying my own gas and insurance .

My sister and her husband has bought all of the kids they have, old enough to drive, their first vehicles. Everyone of them had to pay for gas, but the 3 that are out of high school are extremely responsible/successful adults. The oldest (29 now)was a trauma nurse at Vanderbilt before she moved to Dallas, TX where she bought her home, the next to oldest (25) was a nicu nurse (until Covid) she quit and now works in a clinic, but as also bought her own home. The (19) year old works for his father’s business, sold what the bought him and bought another vehicle, a boat, horses, horse trailer, ect. The (16) year old works part time and pays for her gas, she is already extremely responsible, beyond her age. I believe if you can, yes pay for it, that they can still work and pay for extra things they want beyond necessities, gas, food, movies or whatever the do… and still be responsible and successful.

We bought all 4 their first cars! Our kids are very responsible…BUT, They had to keep it clean, no tickets, had to keep good grades…and if not in a sport…they had to have a job! We pay insurance and filled their cars up once a week…to get to school/work once a week!
They have all done very well!

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To each their own. We will be buying our kids their first car.

If you can afford to pay for it then why not ? There’s already so many payment that need to be made like fuel cost, rego, insurance, and phone bills to top it off, I’d also be warning them if the housing crisis so to save as much money as they can to try and get ahead in life befor the real responsibilities arrive

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Depends on your finances and your childs behavor. If your child is ungrateful and fells intitled nope have them get a job and earn it.

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If they are doing what they need to id say help out. I seen this thing awhile back have them save as much money as possible when they get a job and match it toward their first car

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My son will be working and saving for vehicle he wants

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We bought our son his first car. He’s responsible for paying half the payment, gas and keeping it clean. He’s also 15 working 2 summer jobs.

They’re so cheap nowadays, buy 2. Get the neighbor one while you’re out.

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nope, they must buy their own to learn. i bought my own and it teaches you a lot, not the parents responsibility

I had my first car given to me, I paid for my own gas, that was in 1984. I am a responsible adult. I bought my daughter her first car and she is 36 and a college grad with a bachelors and masters degree. I was given all the things necessary to succeed in life & so was my daughter.

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My kids will be working and saving to buy there cars I can help with a short term loan but I want to teach them how money works.
As I have seen people my age getting everything on a silver spoon and they have never grown out of it and never have been able to save .


We bought both my kids first cars. You can teach them responsibility by making them pay for has and insurance.

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My son had to pay for his drivers Ed, his car & insurance. It was circumstantial. I couldn’t afford it. The pride he takes in the fact that he did it himself makes him a better driver than if I bought it for him. I plan to do the same for my other children even if I can afford to do it for them.


i think if you can do it buy them their first car and have them pay there part of the car insurance. My mom really wanted to buy me my first car but couldn’t cause we were poor so when i was 18 she helped me study for my permit and license and she co-signed a loan for me to get a car. i worked to pay my car off plus pay the insurance on it which was full coverage and it was stressful cause i was still in highschool senior year then in college full time. on top of that i was paying my phone bill and putting gas in my car.
Both my mom and me wished she would have been able to help me more but finances didn’t allow it.
the point is there are other ways to teach them responsibility with money like having them pay for their insurance, having them pay their phone bill, having them keep gas in their car, car maintenance,renewal of the tags etc.


My kids will be buying their own vehicle. It teaches them responsibility and if they bought it themselves they will more then likely take care of it better


My father bought me a car but you know what it was a junker but it still got me to point A to point b they don’t have to be a fancy new one it could be used when long as it runs and if you want something better you go get the job I’m not going to tell you exactly where’s my father said but that’s what you did now if you wanted to drive get a job and pay for insurance and gas that was it if that was my brothers

I am buying a new car this fall and plan on giving my oldest my current car. She will be responsible for all costs and she is aware. It’s just something I’m personally ok with. She is wildly responsible. I say it depends on the kid.

It can be done and teach them responsibilities too. I was given my first car, but gas and insurance was on me. Then I sold that car, used the money to fix up another car. Gas and insurance on me. Had that car stolen so used taxes to buy another.

We bought our oldest his first car so he could get to and from his job. He pays insurance and any maintenance. It wasn’t very expensive because we bought it off a friend. This was also before the prices became as absurd as they our now for used cars.

Remember that whatever u decide should go for the other chidren ,if you have any more. Will you be able to do the same or close, with the others.

Both my girls were either given a car by us or their grandparents. They are responsible for gas and to help with insurance. I didn’t allow my girls to work before they had their license, as i can’t be leaving work to bring them to work. For my sanity giving them a car is a must to be able to have less responsibilities of driving them everywhere. Both girls are/where heavily involved with sports/activities. And my now 16 yo goes to a charter school 2 towns over. Her having a car and being able to drive her self allows me to work a better schedule and not so time crunched. It’s a need in our family for them to have a car of their own.
We are patiently waiting for my newly 16 yo test date for her license and it can’t come soon enough

I think you should buy it.

My mom bought me and my sister our first cars. I would really love to buy my daughter her first car but I doubt I can afford it. I am gonna pay for driving school and stuff.

No children do not know the value until they purchase it themselves.

My parents gave me a new car for graduation from high school!!

My oldest two daughters started working at 14. The requirement was that they save half of their paychecks towards their first car. They did. They actually put their money together and bought one car. We paid tax, tags and title for them. My husband is very automotively inclined, so we told them any work that needed done to the car, they buy the parts, he does the work. Their dad and step-mom split the cost of drivers education with us and once they were licensed to drive on their own, they were responsible for their gas costs and a portion of car insurance.

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I plan to. But she’ll pay for car insurance, gas, etc (and we’ll help her as a last resort).

It’s great.


I had to buy my own vehicle but my grandparents were nice enough to co sign.

I personally would buy my child a car if they can afford gas and pay for insurance as it will help them learn responsibilities. It also depends on the child them self. Are they responsible, mature enough… etc.

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we did but a cash car nothing amazing but they have to be accountable.

If they have to work to put towards the cost, they will respect the vehicle more.

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We bought all three of ours and all three have had to pay back in payments.

There is no right answer. Some teens need cars to get to their jobs to pay for their cars, so buying the car or granting them use of yours is more practical than taking them to work while they save their money to buy their own vehicle.

I bought my own car, paid my own insurance and maintenance. My brother bought his own car. My sister will buy her own car. Thought us responsibility and the fact shit is just handed to you in life, even from mommy and daddy.

I would say make them at least have a job so they know the value of a dollar. Also if you have more than 1 you will have to do the same for each. So do you what will work that way

I will buy my daughter her first car, there is no need to start her working grind so early (I started at 13). I want her to enjoy the last few years she has left at home not splitting her time between work, home, school, and friends.

My husband and I paid for my daughters first car - but she is responsible for half of her car insurance and her gas. She had it for a little over a year and then she wanted another car that was more reliable. I co-signed but she is now responsible
For that car payment. She has secured a full time job and this is helping her with money management and budgeting! We also plan on buying our other childrens their first car.


Have them work for it, they can pay you back. It’ll teach them responsibility. If you need don’t need the money put it in a savings account for them. Maintenance, insurance, registration all of that will add up eventually.

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Deff not a requirement as many parents cannot. It’s wonderful if they can or at least help but not always possible. I had to work for my
First car and earn it. I then had to work to keep it on the road. I feel it will be more respected and appreciated if they buy it or at least part of it.

Buy it. I believe in making your child’s life easier in SOME aspects. Here I am grown & my parents didn’t set me up for success AT ALL. No car after graduation. Not tips about credit, no knowledge on how to get an apartment. I had to learn for myself. Set your kids up for success as long as you see them learning & trying. It’s probably the best thing you can do for them.


I purchased my first car when I was 16. It was old and beat up, but I loved it, and was proud because it was mine. I worked and paid for everything, including insurance, by myself. I kept it clean and always made sure everything was in order. Unfortunately, the car didn’t last too long, because there was some floor rot. The next vehicle I had, was purchased for me. I appreciated my Dad for buying it for me, but I had zero appreciation for the car itself. I didn’t take care of it nearly as much as I should have.
I’d say, that if you’re thinking about buying them a car, have them contribute towards it. That way the know the value in it.

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I got a very old used car!! I loved it. My first new car I bought myself

The mom was getting a new car anyway so she passed her old one down to me. Our deal was that I didn’t have to make any payments, or pay for gas/insurance as long as I was in school full time. They never followed through on making me pay for any part of it because I ended up pregnant over summer vacation, but I thought it was supposed to be a fair deal. I probably would have made my child contribute during the summer while they weren’t in school.

My parents didn’t buy me a car. I was made to work for it. Cars aren’t cheap. Even just the maintenance for them.
If you guys can compromise… buy the car, but oil changes have to be done on time, repairs, gas, insurance have to be paid for by your kid. If they don’t have a job, don’t buy the car. Break down the numbers for them. Make sure they know how much all of the maintenance will cost each month. If they don’t want to pay it, don’t buy them the car.

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I’d buy the car but make he/she pay for insurance and routine maintenance.

Make him work for it!!! Teach him that if you want something you need to work for it there’s nothing uglier then an ungrateful entitled brat!

My parents bought me my first car. it was nothing to expensive, but it got me to where i wanted to go.
i plan on doing the same for my kids when they get that age! ill buy them their first!

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If you do buy it don’t buy something super fancy get something more like a “beater car” something that is good enough to get to a job till they can save up for what they actually want

My parents bought me a cheap car but I had to get a job to keep it. I thought it was fair.

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Theres no correct answer but I can say this…i am the youngest of 5 children and my Mom was a single Mom. She could not afford to help us with cars or what I would consider extras. When I became a parent 2 things were vital to me as a parent that may seem silly to others. 1. Sleep over summer camp for at least 1 week 1 summer. 2. Making sure my kids had their first car. I’d say let him get the car but make your son responsible for maintenance and a portion of the insurance and good grades.


They’ll appreciate it more if they buy it. Help them get a job and pay living expenses while they’re under 18. Let them save all they can for their own car. Maybe you can chip in a little for tags and insurance, but let it be their own purchase.

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All 3 of my children bought their first cars… kid 4 can’t drive but kid 5 will be expected to buy his too. It’s a very valuable lesson!!!

My parents had nothing and my dad still managed to get a pretty good used car for me and my sisters when each got their license. I never even considered doing worse then my parents, kids got a first car from their parents, used, they can buy a new one for themselves when they finish college and are working full time. Neither got a car until they needed it for college or first job. I think it all depends on what you are able to do for your kids. If you have the means though to help and you don’t, your child may learn a different lesson then you think from that experience.

My dad bought me my first car. If you can help your kid out why not? They didn’t ask to be born, life is hard as it is. Why not make it a little easier.


Amen you go kids that’s a good way to start life to learn responsibility

I bought my son his first ride. Nothing fancybor expensive . He was responsible for upkeep etc… He failed to do the necessary upkeep, now he is carless… Lesson learned and he will be responsible for getting his truck fixed and back running.

Let him buy the car! I didn’t have that option growing up. Our oldest is 15 my husband is building our daughters 86 square body from the ground up with her helping and her pawpaw. The memories they will make and the meaning of her truck will outweigh any “lesson” people are giving their kids making them buy their own. She will have to get a job for gas money and take care good care of it. I think asking too much a kid will do more damage than you think. There are other ways to make them responsible than having to stress about buying a car. The prices of cars are through the roof right now why wouldn’t you want to help you kid as much as you can?! If you aren’t financially able to is a whole different story.

My dad got all 3 of us a salvage yard cheap vehicle’s and we all had our own responsibilities. But we were expected to get our own insurance and pay for maintenance.

I think it depends on you guys. Every situation and child is unique.

For me personally, my parents helped me. It was a used car

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There’s no right answer here, but I will say this: please make it fair for all the kids no matter what you do.

If you can’t afford a car for all of your kids, don’t get any of them one.

My mom bought my brother a truck. He totaled it. She bought him a new truck.

My sister and I shared a jeep. My brother drove our jeep one day and he totaled our jeep. And no one got us a new vehicle.

So my brother still had a truck, my mom had a car, and my sister and I had nothing, and we would have to beg for rides.

I still feel shitty about it to this day. So there’s no correct answer but PLEASE whatever you do, make sure you’re able to afford to pay or atleast pay half for cars for all kids.

My mom bought my car. Also bought my sons car when they turned 16. Every bit helps in this world. It’s hard starting out.

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It depends on the child I think. Are they a responsible person? I say if they are responsible and get a job and can help make car payments then yea. If they are lazy and an irresponsible person no.

I was already working at 15 and my estranged grandfather bought me a 92 beater Corsica, he never asked for anything in return,but I was super grateful for it. It lasted me maybe a year and a half and by then I was able to help with making payments on my next little beater my other grandmother helped me buy. After that all were acquired on my own.
By 16 I was working fulltime bc I had already acquired my GED. So a vehicle was a necessity to me to get to work everyday.
I think every situation is different though.
ETA, I was completely on my own by 17. So like I said,my situation is completely different

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My mom got me a used car with a small loan and I had to work to make the payments, insurance, gas, ect.

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they need to work for it. and pay there own insurance and gas for it. dont raise entitled brats


Every family has different circumstances but if you can help your kids out…thats what parents are for imo…plus it saves yours getting bumped while they drive it lol

If you’re able to I definitely think you should help your child get their first car , but getting a steady job is important as insurance and gas is to be paid by the child

I think it’s a personal preference. My grandparents bought my first car, paid the insurance and for my gas until I married a year later. However, I was also not allowed to have a job in high school so I could focus on school and have fun in my free time.

If your child has a job, maybe buy the car, and split the insurance, they can pay their gas.

My husband’s parents did not buy his vehicles, or pay anything on them, so we see it from both view points.

We, based on our experience, will probably buy all four of our kids’ first car and pay the insurance. They can furnished their own gas.

Responsibility doesn’t have to start with paying all the bills in life. Start small, let them work their way up. I, personally, want to help my children as much and for as long as I am able. I want them to start out strong, not struggle to get ahead. :woman_shrugging:t4::woman_shrugging:t4: The more advantages I can offer them the better off they will be when they start out on their own.

There are many ways to teach responsibility. My parents (grandparents) gave me everything I could ever want or need, but I still have a strong work ethic and have worked for everything I have now. So don’t think giving your child an abundance will make them lazy or expectant of handouts.

My sister paid for half of hers, the timing of mine, my dad won a truck from a raffle at work, on my birthday. He planned on selling it, but had me drive it till then, he never did sell it.

Our deal was;

  • If I finished my High School Education & Graduated, they would pay half & match what I saved


  • If I went to University & furthered my Education, Parents would buy me a car ($5k Lancer kinda budget)

We went halves in a $1,200 Daewoo Cielo & I LOVED that little thing. Folded seats down to put mattress in on party nights, ashtrays in all doors & front wheel drive means I could get through some bush tracks others couldn’t :sweat_smile: took her in the sand dunes & for trips along the Coast. What I am getting at is, don’t spoil ya kid. As Teens / Early Adults, we are learning in it & may do some dumb s**t. Accidents happen :smile:

My parents made me buy myself one. Got a loan for one at 18. I grew up in the country so it made having a job during school impossible for the most part.

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My auntie and uncle bought my first car but I did have to keep my grades up and do well in school

My family gifts and passes cars along. I’ve had 5 or 6 cars that were my grandparents or my dad’s first. My mom bought me one to drive when I was 15 or 16 that was never in my name.
When my kid was 12, I bought a car for us to work on together and her to drive when she got her license. By the time she was ready to drive, my dad had died so we fixed up his van for her instead- I thought a bigger first car was smarter.
I always paid my own insurance, and my mom helped with some repairs. So she pays her own and I help with repairs.
The car I bought when she was 13 is still here and she is welcome to it anytime. I may end up driving it if my car poops out on me first. It’s little and fuel efficient.
I’m sure she will get something really nice when she’s ready, but I think a few practice cars while she gets her life legs under her, cars she can road trip the heck out of and rack up miles on- are a good thing. I don’t think high insurance or car payments are helpful in college and early adulthood. She’s a good kid and I’m happy to help any way I can.

Let him buy the car but make him pay for insurance and all up keep of the vehicle. That way he has an idea of what it cost to operate the car.

It’s not one rule fits all. Every family is different. My mom bought my first car, but I paid for the insurance and. If he does buy the car, just have a set amount not to go over. I don’t a kids first car should be new. But that’s just me. I will be buying my boys their first car when they are 18. But they will pay for insurance and gas. And they can have less than a B average. I have set expectations if they want me to buy their first car. And that will be the ONLY car I buy for them.

Make him earn half and then if you really want to, buy it for him. But make him realize you need to work for the things you want. Lifes not a handout

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I’m going to buy my son his first car. He will pay the taxes, registration, insurance, and gas for it. If he can’t afford that then he will have to wait.

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My kids started working at 14 very part time, & I made the deal I would match what they saved until they got a license & we would find them a nice car with what they had.

One ended up with a nice used Jeep Cherokee & one ended up in a nice used Nissan Murano. They also had to pay their own car insurance & gas. & I paid their phone, school supplies & activities, & gave them a hundred dollars per month to spend on clothes or shoes, they added to that if they wanted.

I had to buy my car 100% because my mom lived off social security and didn’t have extra money. This is all up to the parents and I don’t feel like there’s a wrong answer.

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