Should you co sleep toddlers?

Should you aloow your toddler to co sleep with you? we start him off in his own bed but he says he gets scared at night and comes to our room…i dont want to let him CIO…so what truly is wrong with co sleeping a toddler?


Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. Should you co sleep toddlers?

Don’t even form the habit. so hard to break.


It’s up to you, I never liked it. It will become a habit that might be very difficult to break later.

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Currently going through this now…I guess there’s nothing “wrong” with it but now that me and my husband want our bed back and our time, it’s hard… we’ve co- slept since she was born, she’s almost 4 now and always wants to sleep with us. She starts off in her bed but always comes in our room… we never get a good night’s rest :sleepy:

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Both my kids co slept with me I didn’t mind once they got their own beds they were fine

If you want. They’re only that little once.

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if you want to. my son is three and shares my bed. some nights he says he wants to sleep in his bed which is fine by me. and he will know as he grows, no matter how old he gets, if he wants to come have a lay down and a cuddle with his mum then he is always welcome to do so. as adults we like to sleep next to our partner, we like to be close to the one we love and have that comfort… so why shouldn’t kids have that with their parents if they want to?

The way I see it is we adults (most, not always) like to sleep with someone, feel safer, more comfort when sleeping next to someone. So why would it be any different or less important to a child :woman_shrugging: I definitely get the wanting our own space but really it doesn’t last forever. My littles chose when they were ready. Do what works for your family and don’t worry what’s “right or wrong” to others :sparkling_heart:


My eldest has slept with me since 4 week old she’s now 6 in 3 week, my youngest is in her own bed but next to my bed she crawls in bed when she wakes up in the morning but that’s just for a cuddle

probably am unpopular opinion but they grow too quick, my kids will always be welcome in my home , and for cuddles in bed with mommy… regardless of age . it’s a scary world so i’ll keep them as close as i can


I don’t think there’s actually anything “wrong” with it.

My little boy is 3 and he sleeps with me. He’s really cuddly at night and always falls asleep snuggling me. I personally don’t mind at all and LOVE our nightly cuddles.

But I also sleep alone. Maybe if I was married or had a significant other I would be more apt to wanting my own space??

But for us, it works and I love it. You need to make the right decision for you though. Good luck!

Literally nothing is wrong with it. Co sleeping is completely fine especially when he’s scared.

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All my kids went through a stage of sleeping with us because they were scared. I didn’t mind them getting into bed with us. They soon grew out of it an all of them sleep in their own beds now. Remember you are their comfort. An before you know they won’t want mama so much anymore

absolutely NOT.
if you put them in their own room from DAY 1 like you’re supposed to, it avoids this drama.


Nothing is wrong with it. It’s a hard habit to break once you start it, so make sure that’s what you really want to do. It will be every night, so intimacy with your partner will be kind of tough. Personally, I wish I had let my kids sleep in my bed. I’d have had that closeness a little longer. But their father and I didn’t break up till they were 5 and 6 so it was a little late then. They were already used to sleeping in their own rooms. He wouldn’t have allowed them to sleep with us. He was rather demanding if you know what I mean… and it didn’t matter if I said no or not. If he wanted it he took it. That’s not what you want a child to witness.

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Nothing let them sleep in your bed when they want.

I’ve let mine when they were younger amd didn’t have a problem. If nothing else let em fall asleep then move em to their bed…but let them know before hand that that’s how it’s gna go

Nothing wrong with it. Our middle daughter coslept with us until I was very far in to my third pregnancy and just quit on her own. She would say my big tummy gave her bad dreams :rofl: now the baby (not so much of a baby at almost 2!) starts off in her own bed but will wake up to come into our bed around 4am for lazy morning nursing.

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My daughter sleeps in her bed about 97% of the time, but she has come to sleep eith us after bad dreams or sometime will wake in the night and ask to come. We let her come she cuddles up and falls right back to sleep, im currently 35 weeks pregnant so it is getting a bit tight in bed for us lol im not sure how it will go when her baby brother is here waking up during the night but we will see when the day comes

I still co sleep with my kids. Nothing wrong with it at all.


Co-sleeping is a comfort for them (and let’s be honest in some cases to parents too). Issues with it are that it is a hard habit to break, intimacy with partner is hard to have in your room if kids are always in your bed, another thing is kids can make sleeping uncomfortable (foot in your face, elbow in your back, restless sleep), if they pee the bed or vomit, or such then you are up changing your sheets and trying to comfort them…also if you have multiple kids, depending on bed size…you may need a bigger bed :joy:

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let him sleep with you!

Yes. There is nothing wrong with it.
We are basically pack mammals, and they all sleep together.
My 6yo and 3yo sleep with me, and baby 3 will also be sleeping with me.
It is 100% biologically normal! It’s our western society that has made it so taboo. It’s very common across other cultures.

Most grown ups don’t like sleeping by themselves. Why press it on children? We are their comfort and they’re only little once.

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That’s with any toddler

We ended up putting a small mattress on the floor next to my bed. My son can come in and sleep next to me, but he’s not allowed to wake me up (I mean sometimes he does but ya know :woman_shrugging:t2:). He started that when he was 4, so your child may be too small for that, but this was a lifesaver for us.

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Nothing. I loved sleeping with my kids- I always made them start in their own beds so we’d have some alone time and then he kids can come in whenever. But beware- I still wake up next to my almost 13 year old daughter every morning. I love it- but most probably wouldn’t lol

He’s 4 has only slept in a bassinet alone at 6 months he got really sick and has been in my bed ever since. We do have a toddler bed in our room he puts his stuffies to bed had only slept in it maybe 3 times all night

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Nothing is wrong with co sleeping with a toddler. Absolutely nothing.
If this is something you don’t mind, just do it.
One day will be the last time he does it, you won’t know it’s the last time, but it will be, and next thing you know, he will be 17… Enjoy these young years, because it’s going to FLY BY.

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Nothing is wrong with it. My son sleeps with me. I’m going to enjoy it now cause one day he’ll want to be alone in his room

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You will never get her in her own bed if you let it continue

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My 3 year old gets put in his own bed after falling asleep in ours, but most of the time he climbs back into our bed in the middle of the night for cuddles :heart: a lot of the time he just wakes up and wants a drink of water and lays right back down in his bed though

But man is it the best feeling ever to cuddle him after my man gets up and leaves for work :smiling_face_with_three_hearts::heart:

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I did with all three of my kids. I don’t see an issue with letting him sleep with you.

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My 5 and 2 yearl old sleep in my bed. I gave up fighting them to sleep in there own beds…

I don’t think there is anything wrong with it. I co-slept with my son until he was 6 or 7…he decided he was ready for his own bed around then. I’ve slept with my 10 month old since she was born and before she was born my 5 year old slept with me but now she has a bed next to my bed so it’s safer for the baby. :purple_heart: I am a VERY light sleeper so even one of them moving in their sleep wakes me up.

There is nothing wrong with it. It’s parental choice. People are just so judgemental about everything.


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We still let our 5 yr old sleep in our room until she is ready to leave. Put your childs bed in your room until he gets used to sleeping alone then transition him to his own room.

No way do I co sleep with my daughter unless she’s sick

There is nothing wrong with it, if that’s what you prefer. No one else’s business unless they’re sleeping in your bed too.

That’s how it was with my almost 3 year old, we’d start her off in her crib, and then in the middle of the night she’d start crying for us. It’s been almost a year or her fully sleeping with us now. She screams if we try to put her asleep alone

I personally watched my best friend sleep in her parents bed until she was 15. I never wanted that so after 3-6months my son slept in his own room. If he wanted to sleep with me I slept in his room. It is every parents choice.

been co sleeping with my son since he was 6 months old, he is nearly 2 :joy:. its perfectly fine!

I co-slept with my daughter till she was like 8. Only thing that sucks is it’s hard to get them in their own bed when it’s time

If you and your child want to, yes.

Go for it. It’s up to you.

I see nothing wrong with it. Keep putting them in their own room at night. When they are ready they will stay. What’s wrong with making your child feel safe?

I’ve have co slept with all my kids, my daughter not so much but it does suck sometimes cause my second kid always wants to be in bed with us. He will fall asleep in his own bed but he always comes into our room.