Should you force your kids to play sports?

Should I force my son to play baseball if he doesnt want too? He has played since he was a toddler and is 12 now and my husband wants him to play again but my son wants to focus on his friends which I understand…his dad however does not understand is wanting to sign him up and force him to do it…idk what to dol


I might be the odd one out here, but my dad forced my brother to continue wrestling and my brother says all the time that he’s glad our dad didn’t let him quit

I don’t believe in enforcing a sport however structured activities/physical activity is a must. Let him pick something else.

I wouldn’t force him. Talk to him and see if there is something him and his buddies can do together. Fishing, skating, riding bike trails, another sport, ect. Whatever they are into.

I agree that you shouldn’t force him. However, if all he’s going to be doing with his friends is playing video games, I’d have a problem.

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I would require him to do some sort of structured activity, but let him choose which one. He’s played baseball since he can remember; let him pick something else, but I wouldn’t let him hang at home and play video games, if that’s what “focusing on his friends” means.


I don’t force and won’t force one specific sport. However they will choose one physical activity. Its good for them. I don’t care which they choose. But atleast one.

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My son gave up at around 12 also. Don’t force him !! He seemed to not have many “friends”that played ball. Once they got older and personalities / politics of the game came through. It was tough for him to do and he gave up! I tried and tried I still ask him now , but it’s always a no

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i tell mine to pick a physical activity, but don’t force any particular one

No not if he doesn’t want to

I would never force them to play a sport, but the ones they have wanted to do and signed up for and was paid for already they were told they had to finish the season if they liked it or not. Then if they didn’t want to do it again they don’t have to.

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Yes and no. I force him to do something, he gets to pick. He picked like 5. Fml…

No you don’t force him to do it

His body. His choice. Focus on school and friends. Maybe try a different sport. Never force

When it came to sports, we told our kids that if they started a sport they had to finish the season, but we never forced them to play.


It’ll be a waste of money and time. And cause damage to your relationships with him. He’ll learn he doesn’t even have the autonomy over a sport he plays.

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I have a 16 year old in softball
If she decides today she’s done we’re done
Never force anything
Your son may need a break


Forcing him to will take his heart completely out of the game and that’s not fair to him, his teammates or his coach

MY kids and grandkids were interested in a or several sports , I NEVER MADE THEM PLAYED , there bodies , there sport of choice

Our grandson hated baseball and finally his dad gave in. It’s so unpleasant for the child, harms their mental being and just doesn’t help make them functional people. He lived karate however!

No, my daughter (who is 11) was done with softball so I let her take the season off. I told her she would regret it and sure enough did. She’s back playing. Maybe you’ll have the same results!

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Listen to your son and his wants/needs. Don’t force it.

Absolutely NOT !!! But ask him what sport he would love to try , you should not force your kids to do anything they don’t want , but also let him know that playing videos game or hanging all day with his friends is not an option

I would never force my kids to play what’s the point let him do his own thing


No I wouldn’t force him he’s never had a choice. Let him decide what is important to him.

Definitely not force him. …

no you shouldnt force kids to play if dont want to

Do NOT force anything! He will suffer, the team will suffer…… all around bad idea!!


no don’t force Sports or anything really just encourage them to at least try

Why force him to do something he doesn’t want to? For him to not like it even more

No, not only will he be miserable other kids on the team will lose by having a player who isn’t dedicated.


No would you like to be forced to do something you don’t want to do ? Put yourself in your sons position … maybe ask him what he would like to do ?.. maybe he wants a break !

It doesn’t matter what dad wants. It’s not dad playing and it’s not dads body or choice. Forcing him is going to create hate and resentment. I agree with the other moms about making him pick at least one sport to play if that’s the type of parents/family you are then whatever. I personally wouldn’t even make my kids pick any sports if they weren’t interested because there is plenty other things they can do to keep them active. I’m strongly against the forcing tho. My childhood best friend played volleyball. She absolutely loved it but her dad made her play basketball as well because he was just a control freak and didn’t want her to get fat :roll_eyes: she hated her dad for making her play a sport she didn’t like and when she would play she put in no effort and dragged the team down with her. Sports should be something you have a passion for.

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You should not force him , but you also need to make clear, he won’t just be running the streets and doing what ever all the time , with his friends, he’s at that age where peer pressure can get him in a lot of trouble , sex , drugs , things kids his age shouldn’t be doing , yes it starts this young, maybe there’s another actitoty he would rather do. . But if not in a structured environmental, with , I would really know , his friends he’s hanging around , never say not my kid accountabillity

My rule for my children has always been this: I don’t force them to do anything. If they ask to play a sport and I spend the money to register them and get all of their equipment, they MUST complete that season. If they don’t enjoy the sport, they don’t have to play the following season.

As adults, our interests change all the time. That’s no different for children. It’s possible that he used to love the game and doesn’t anymore. His interests have changed. If you force him to play, he’s not only going to be miserable and resent you for it, but he’s going to half-ass it and then he’s going to be letting his team down, and potentially piss his dad off, causing even more issues.

If he doesn’t want to play, don’t force him to.