Should you go to the hospital after you lose your mucus plug?

Y’all prob get tired of me but… I’m 40 weeks today and just lost the rest of my plug… am I okay through the night or should I head to hospital? first time, young mama


Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. Should you go to the hospital after you lose your mucus plug?

Are you having contractions?

No need to head to hospital until you have consistent contractions or water breaks :slightly_smiling_face:


Unless you’re having contractions or your water has broken, nope hang out at home as long as you can.


Call the labor and delivery floor at your hospital.

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If you are having contractions yes, if not i would wait til in active labor or they will send you home. I got sent home a lot with my first😅

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Consider it takes like a week to get questions posted I am going to say she already had the baby


Nope, hang at home until contractions or your water breaks.

Honestly they won’t do anything unless you’re consistently contracting, bleeding at all, or water breaks. Mucus plug isn’t a good indication of labor typically, as it can be lost and regenerated multiple times throughout pregnancy.

What everyone else said, plus now you can’t take a bath without risking infection just so you know, and also it is normal for the plug to grow back sometimes, you’ll just lose it again lol.

You’re fine. Just because you loose your mucus plug doesn’t automatically mean it’s go time. I wouldn’t go till you start having contractions 3-5 mins apart and are constant. Good luck mama and congratulations on your first babes :heart:


Your mucus plug can grow backs and you can loose it many times. Unless your having consistent contractions or water breaks stay at home as long as you can.

Nope there is no need unless you are having the contractions they require for admittance, your water has broke, or you are bleeding. A lot of people will also have a bloody shows too. Losing your mucus plug has no indication that you are in labor :heart:

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Nah. Not unless you’re bleeding a lot, having regular contractions (it differs depending where you live. It’s 511 here), or your water breaks. You can also just call labour and delivery at the hospital you’re going to to be sure. They’ll give you the run down :blush:

Just means your cervix has started to dilate, labour is around the corner.

The hospital would send you home, no contractions or even dialated. Sorry new mama

I lost my mucus plug at home like around 8am. Stayed home for the contractions to start. Didn’t go to the hospital till 11pm when contractions were like 3 minutes apart.

They say to stay home until you’re in active labor. I went in early labor and they were happy I did, cause my blood pressure was dangerously high. They admitted, and induced me. I was 40 weeks that day lol

The mucus plug can fall out and then replace itself. I’d wait it out.

put a pad on and watch ur leakage

Stay home & relax until you are ready

My mucus plug fell out and my water broke the next morning. It varies from person to person…but I didn’t go to hospital until my water broke

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Going early increases chances for a CS. Unless your water breaks or contractions are consistent, just relax until your doctor’s appointment.

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I lost mine and never went into labor with my 2nd, didnt go to hospital till 2 weeks later and had to have a c section was 40+ 3 days

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That can happen a week before delivery so wait until contractions are consistently 5 minutes apart and keep getting stronger

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Ask your doctor not Facebook


My water broke 15 minutes after my plug came out. My contractions were 5 minutes apart. Then 3 hours later I went to the hospital. I was dilated to a 5. Then 2 hours later I was at a 9. Got the spinal. But I regret it cuz I pushed for 5 hours straight and was over it.

If you’re not in labor and contracting yet then there’s no there’s no need to go they’ll just gonna send you back home


With each of my four pregnancies I lost my mucus plug about 3 weeks before I gave birth. Wait to go until your water breaks or you’re having close contractions.

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I would wait awhile. If you aren’t having contractions yet, you’ll probably be sent home for awhile. Wait until you’re having contractions, they should be strong and regular, about 5 minutes apart.

Call your obgyn and ask them.

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Not unless you’re having contractions that are consistent or if your water breaks. I lost my plug at 30 weeks but my water broke at 35 weeks

Loosing your mucus plug is not an indication of labor.

Just had my 4th on Friday.
With each one the mucous plug fell out and I went into labor within the next few days.
This baby was born a whole week later.

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go to the hospital! all these people saying to wait if you aren’t contracting aren’t exactly correct.

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Losing your plug increases your chances of infection. Head to the hospital and let them decide if you need to stay or not.


I went when I lost mine .but check with your doctor

My plug came out 2 weeks before my due date and when I came in they induced me. My induction lasted 54 hours. I’d just chill if I were you

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Call and ask your OB


You can lose it and not be in labour I did with all 5 of mine,it’s not going to cause any harm .it’s if it’s b4 37 weeks you should call the hospital and maybe have to go in,but you’re 40 weeks so it’s early labour or just getting ready. But I wouldn’t bother till you get contractions, only if start bleeding then it’s a concern.

Is there red blood in it? Also are you having contractions? 3-5 minutes apart and lasting about a minute?


Please call your OBGYN for their direct advice.

No not just for losing your plug. You can lose it months in advanced.

I’d call the Dr for sure. Alot of woman lose it and it “grows back” but being that your 40 weeks I’d definitely call

You can’t listen to everyone because every woman is different. Medically, not always bc its not an indicator of labor. From my personal experience, after I lost my muscus plug twice, I was 2 cm dilated and the next day I was in labor. If you feel pain or see bleeding, GO! Stay ready though, your baby is coming anytime. You will know labor pain, it is like no other pain.


The pain will tell you when you have to go or your water breaking will


Was there fresh blood in it making it your bloody show? I lose pieces of it all the time and still need to be induced. But if your worried there’s no shame in going in. Even losing your bloody show it can take up to 72 hours on average to go into labor. Hopefully kick counts are good. Definitely stay hydrated and keep up with kick counts anything abnormal, more kicks or less kicks can be a concern baby is on distress. Most likely you’ll be sent home but as an angel mom I would feel no shame or regret on being seen especially if I was 40w. When I was 40w with my first I went in every single day. My doctor had me do it eventually at 41w I had an ultrasound to find out I had 1% amniotic fluid and was induced asap.

Wait till contractions are 10 minutes apart

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Plugs can grow back, usually they say to come if you feel a lot of pressure, regular contractions, or water breaks. (I am 40weeks and being induced as we speak. On the pitocin and pretty much a waiting game) if you have concerning issues Dr may induce or ask about induction some will.

Ok so I have read through most comments and your getting no where with answers you said your a first time young mom so yes your worried this “is it “ I was 17 with my son first time mom I lost my plug at 40 weeks 2 days he didn’t come till 42 weeks 2 days I went to my doc and all he told me was it’s normal and that it can either grow back or not but since I was past my due date to just time any contractions I had and go in when contractions are 7 min apart so I did just that he sent me home told me to come back when contractions were 3 min apart lasting over 45 seconds my son was born 4 hours after my water broke and I was contracting every 4 min when I finally went in ! Give your doctor a call or go in so they can start the game plan and can tell you what they want from you every state and province is diffrent !


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You’re fine. Go if your contractions are 5 minutes or less apart lasting for a minute or longer at a time

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I lost my plug and delivered less than a hour later. So yes you should go and get checked expecaily if your having contractions as well. Let me add… my contractions were never less then 5 mins apart untell 10 or 15 mins befor delivery.

Bearing in mind that every woman and every birth is different… I was 19, pregnant with twins (originally triplets but miscarried one at 12 weeks) and considered high risk, I had my OB on speed dial. But I lost my mucus plug in my 2nd trimester. No complications came from it. I delivered two healthy babies at 33 weeks. It doesn’t hurt to call your doctor, they will usually ask a few questions and advise if you need to head to the hospital or not. Being 40 weeks, I would call the OB, but typically, you should be okay unless you’re having contractions about 7-10 minutes apart.

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Not necessary just do not take a bath or soak in water. Showers are fine. You can go another week or so after you lose your plug.

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I water broke weeks before I lost my plug
I had premature ruptured membranes.

I lost my plug and went into full on labor. My son was here like 2 hours later.

Don’t seek medical advice from Facebook.
Call someone. Anyone.

Ask the dr. But most likely no.

Call dr. Be prepared you will be going into contractions soon


Lol no just a sign labor will begin soon

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I lost mine a week before I gave birth. Only go if you loose it and then get contractions

I went into labor 3 days after it came out. If you are not contracting there is no need to go in. Its just a sign telling you its happening soon.

Depends. It can take weeks after losing your mucous plug for labour to start or can take hours. With my first it was a week. With my second was in an hour.

Call L&D at the hospital and let them know you’ve lost it and ask what they recommend.


Nah, I lost mine weeks before I went into labor. You can always go get checked to ease your mind but unless you’re having contractions and or your water broke, you’re ok

Call the hospital… ask for the midwife…

Are you having contractions? If not, your can call but I lost 2 & they told me if I wasn’t having contractions, leaking, bleeding or in pain; wait. :confused:

Lost my plug 4 weeks before I gave birth with my second lol and I was overdue by a week…With my first I lost it and had contractions right after but still didn’t have her until the next day.

You can lose pieces of it and it can grow back. Usually labor starts soon after if you have bloody show. If you aren’t having any contractions or pressure or bleeding or leaking I think you’re fine. They said don’t go to the hospital until contractions are consistent and less than 10 minutes apart. You can always call and ask your ob, usually they have on call answering services

They will send you home unless you’re in active labor


You can lose your plug over and over until contractions ans your water breaks id stay home lost my plug 5 times

They will send u back home…could be a few days after u lose your plug before you go into labor