Should you send thank you cards after baby shower?

Did you send thank you cards after your baby shower?


No. Why not just tell them while they are there… "thanks for coming " lol .

If they didn’t give a gift in person they received a thank you card

I tried to but forgot and found them when he was 3 months old :joy::see_no_evil::woman_shrugging:

Yes, especially if they bought a gift

Just thank everyone and I did but mine was older people at one so they got cards no one else

Yes that’s is polite thing to do. People take time out of day to come and bring a gift the least you can do is write a simple thank you note.


The older people really enjoy the cards

Currently filling mine out. But mine was a welcoming party :joy:

Yes. It’s common courtesy.

I forgot to send mine out :woman_facepalming::woman_facepalming:

You should always send thank you cards for any gift…

Yes. I had a sign up paper set out for anyone to sign to receive a card. Those that didn’t want a thank you card just didn’t add their name to the list. Made things easy for me

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Yes. I had awesome 3d ultrasound photos of my boy so I printed them at Walgreens with a catch all thank you saying and gave some out that day and mailed the rest.

aint no body got time for that

I haven’t personally had one, but every baby shower I’ve been to I’ve received a thank you card :slight_smile: it’s a nice gesture.

I didn’t. I went around and hugged and thanked every person.

I gave them out as people left the baby shower lol

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I didn’t but thanked everyone through fb. I just didn’t have the time and never got to it. I wish I did

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No sadly, but did do a Facebook post

I only sent them to my mother and mother-in-laws generation. They’re mostly the only ones that find that to be the polite thing to do. All of my friends that are my age I just sent a quick thank you text!

Yes, and I gave engraved champagne glasses out as with the the date of my shower on them as a partying gift.

I think cards are a waste of paper, it ends up in the garbage anyway, save the environment

No, I thanked everyone at the baby shower.

Not right away. I waited until she could hold a writing utensil, (crayon) and let her have at it.
Then, sent.
(I had them done, previously, but wanted her help with them so I wrote the specifics, she doodled)

It’s been 50 + years ago

I did a thank you/announcement. I waited until my daughter was born and sent a thank you for helping us celebrate her and added her picture and stats. I killed two birds with one stone lol

Hell no lol. I was busy af with the whole baby and getting ready for her. But I felt guilty about it

I bought them… I wrote em out, and they… Disappeared. :woman_facepalming: We did however, personally thank everyone together while we opened the presents. We had a joint baby shower… because you know, it was a joint effort. Lol.

I got some out and than forgot … :woman_facepalming:

Probably not I don’t remember but I should have

I had every intention to but I never did. Lmao. Most people end up losing them or throwing them out anyway so it’s a waste of paper, stamps and so on.

I did verbally thank everyone though.

I’m not going to have it

Yes I made and wrote them all and hand delivered most as to save on stamps. I think it’s very important to let everyone know how thankful you are for them showing up and blessing you with gifts


I didn’t after my wedding, not sure about after my baby shower lol

Of course.
Stupid question!!!

I had them but never got around to filling them out

I, personally did not. My mother sent out the cards

I traveled 10 hours to be at my own baby shower and thanked everyone individually as I opened their gift, and again as they were leaving. I did not send out thank you cards. But it is a nice gesture and like others said, the older people like getting them!

Why not just say thank you instead of sending cards, or give them out at the party itself

My daughter did thank you/ birth announcement