Should you split up if your spouse doesn't want more kids?

No. Can you afford to take care of more children?

If he means nothing to you and breaking up your family is important to you then yes.

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Truthfully it really depends on if that would be a dealbreaker for the both of you or not. Your spouse could always change their mind down the road or you could always change your mind, too. If your spouse not wanting more kids (and is dead set on that) but you want more and that’s a dealbreaker, then leave. If it wouldn’t be one, then stay!

Yes!!! Your spouse deserves better


What in the world. My fiancé wanted to try for a boy, and I was 100% done having children. We have two daughters together. I finally sat him down and was like, listen. I cannot do a third c section or post partum depression ever again. We had a good talk and we both decided we were content with the beautiful kids we had together. If it’s THAT big of an issue, and you cant respect HIM saying no, then you need to re evaluate something.

If he does not want children he needs to get fixed. You need to stop nagging him.

It took my husband time to come around to wanting more kids🤷‍♀️ had I split with him the moment he said he didn’t want any I wouldn’t have my son or my amazing family. Having kids is a huge commitment and it’s not easy for either parent. It takes time sometimes. If you honestly feel like it’s a deal breaker then you should probably gave a conversation with your spouse instead of asking a public forum. Sounds like you know what you want

Yes pack your bags and get out

What the eff is wrong with y’all! Yesterday it was “how can i force my husband to want another baby” and today it’s “should i leave him because he doesn’t want a baby”