Should you wake a child to check their fever?

Please be very careful about giving aspirin to children when they have a fever.

I try really hard not to wake my kids when they’re sick because resting is so important but I also understand monitoring fever is important as well.

So I use a couple different methods:

  1. temporal thermometer behind the ear.
  2. regular thermometer under the armpit

If both of those seem too inaccurate or if they indicate a dangerously high fever. I’ll wait 30 minutes. Recheck. If it’s the same then I’ll wake them to use the regular thermometer under the tongue.

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No. Do a forehead or ear thermometer while he’s asleep if you have to.

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I have never woken a sick child. Slip a thermometer under his arm.


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If your child’s fever is so high they’re having seizures, they need to go to the er

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You need a thermometer that scans the head or an ear one.


Just touching him should tell you if his fever is high! If it feels high then wake and give something to bring it down or give a Luke warm bath! Keep fever under control if he has seizures!


Tylonal every four hours if fever is bad. Would wake to give them that till the fever breaks. To take temp no. Use a forehead thermometer or under the arm pit. If the fever doesn’t break for three days. Take to the ER.

They actually say not to wake them if they’re sleeping, unless directed by a doctor. I always try to time medications so they take it right before bed and naps.

No just do it if it’s high then wake them for meds

I always checked my kids temperature by kissing their forehead. Our lips are very sensitive and I have never been wrong that way. After I got a forehead scanner, I did both and I was always right. No need to wake them up.

My daughter had febrile seizures too. Had her first one at 12 months. Had anxiety about fevers ever since and she’s 14 yrs old now.
I rotate Tylenol and Motrin throughout the day every 4 hours if needed, and I check on her during the night and use a scanning thermometer. If it’s 100 or more I wake her up and give her meds. I know her fevers spike fast so it’s best to give her meds early as they take 30-60 min to take effect.

We are told to swap Motrin and Tylenol to keep a dose going every four hours when awake. But do not wake for medications.
That was before the GTUBE.
But you trust your mom gut.
Call your kiddos primary and they’ll send you a chart for double dosing the two fever reducers safety.

Get a thermometer it will help. I do understand the seizures with high fever… my son had them from. 15months to 8 years. 14 in total. He did out grow them. Talk to your doctor about rotating Tylenol and motrin to help keep the fever under control. But only wake child to give medication. Little one needs plenty of rest when sick. Hang in there.