Should you wake a child to check their fever?

My son has had a fever foro a few days andI have been keeping an eye on him when he is sleeping…my quesiton is…should i wake him to check it? he has seizures when it gets too high and it gives me anxeity…


Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. Should you wake a child to check their fever?

Finally a good question.


I use a digital thermometer to check so I don’t wake them up


I would do it right before bed, half way through the night and first thing in the morning

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Underarm or digital forhead thermometer.


Take it under his arm and add one degree


Buy a thermometer gun so you don’t have to wake him. They are relatively cheap. You can order one from Amazon for around $20.

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I don’t. Normally the child is in bed next to me. I sometimes put an ice pack or cold cloth on the forehead.

Use digital throughout the night because if they are sick they need to rest. A good one isn’t off that much.

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I would recommend getting some type of thermometer that doesn’t require you to wake him. Your local drug store or Walmart will carry different options.


I usually don’t, I give a dose of tylenol or advil before bed and that usually lasts them. But in the case of seizures I would definitely check.

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Forehead thermometer $10 at Walmart. It won’t wake them.

I guess that is tough. If all bundled that could effect their body temperature and make you think its a fever when it’s not a “sick” fever. So I’d make sure they are in light pajamas or sheets when you take it.

I absolutely would, especially since he can have a seizure if it gets too high. Better to be safe than sorry and usually they can go right back to sleep after.

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I always check when they sleeping, never wake up unless I give medication


Yes wake him,he can rest maybe more fever medication.

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I’m able to tell without thermometer. I feel the forehead and if it’s not hot I’m done. If it is hot to the touch then I compare with the back of the neck. If both are hot there’s a temp. That tells me to wake them to check thermometer numbers and bathe and/or administer medication. If only the forehead is hot there is not current temp.

Put it in his arm pit

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Yes with one of those forehead thermometers


My now 19 yr old son also would get seizures with high fevers , I used a digital one so I didn’t have to wake him but would wake him for fever reducer when needed. I hope he feels better soon and that you get some rest soon as well

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You shouldn’t need to wake him to check his temperature


They have therms that do not touch you that might work for you

Can you check without waking him?


I totally would my daughter was the same

The best thing for a high fever is ibuprofen and Tylenol you can give at the same time as it’s 2 different medications. I’ve been a nurse for 30 years. Hope he gets better soon


This won’t help now, but I suggest getting both of these for the future.

As for now take it under his arm and add a degree. Hope he feels better.

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I use my forehead, forehead.

To answer your question YES

Depends on the age sometimes you can just slip it in the side of their mouth. Or you can use a ear thermometer or forehead.

They have electric head scanners you can use to take it, or just gently lift his arm and put it under his arm

Can you test under the arm or get the strips that temp the forehead instead?

Get a forehead thermometer so you can just tap his forehead

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I have a daughter who’s immune compromised and often requires all night temperature checks and I swear by my thermal thermometer. I can do forehead checks and if it appears high it has a setting plus adapter for checking the ear temperature as well (which is far more accurate)without waking her. It has been a godsend for sure. You can find them at any pharmacy.

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Get a temporal thermometer, you just run it across there forehead.

No I always did a head temp and sezuirez aren’t because high fever :woman_facepalming: it’s because the fever spikes to fast. I know my kids have them


When my daughter had covid at 5 months she fitted because of her temperature the paramedics recommended brun contactless forehead one. It’s brilliant dont even have to wake sleeping children ect to do there temp! X


:flushed: You can’t be serious cause you don’t need to, you must be a first time mama if you are dear no you don’t, just put the thermometer under their arm.


If you will feel more at peace, doing so, then yes you should.

Nothing worse than a sick child.

I would have sleepless nights when my children were sick.

I hope your child feels better real soon!

I do. I usually give nurofen an Panadol- cool them with a cool flannel on forehead before they go to bed. I try an get it down if it’s high. If they sleep to long I would recheck.
I use a digital forehead thermometer- an usually do it a few times

Are you giving your child the right dosage for Tylenol or Motrin?

You can get the one that doesn’t even touch his forehead from wal mart , just push the button and hold it close to his forehead and it reads his temp. No need to wake him up unless it’s too high and he needs to take a nuke warm bath. I hope you’re alternating ibuprofen and Tylenol every 4 hrs.


My son has convulsions too when his fever spikes to high to fast. I invested in the infered head thermometer. When my son gets a temp it rises so quickly. So I’m always checking when he feels warm or got a cold etc.

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Check it while he sleeps? Or get a different kind of thermometer. I checked my son’s when he was asleep right under his arm

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Fevers are a healthy immune response. Let them do the work just continue monitoring. No need to wake them unless it’s a concussion.


Walgreens sells these big stickers, they look like a caterpillar, they are thermometer stickers I use to use them for when my babies were sick and sleeping

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Use an ear one don’t have to wake him up

Temp is higher when sleeping

Yes. As a mother with anxiety. I take no chances. BUT they’re usually irritable if they aren’t feeling well. Mothers instinct.

There’s thermometers out there that can just scan foreheads, roller or laser versions, or stickers with indicators for kids.

No need to wake them you can check it in the armpit or get an ear thermometer they are a life saver for not waking sleeping sick kids


If you can check it without waking him, do it. If you have a thermometer that goes under the arm or across the head, you won’t need to wake him
Heck, I’m sure you could get an oral one in if you’re tricky enough

You don’t necessarily need to wake him - just give him paracetamol or ibuprofen before bed and then you can check his temps while he sleeps.

My daughter had a febrile seizure once too with a high spike, I know it’s scary.

Just put your hand on their forehead

With Fever my mum always used a face cloth with cold water squeezed out of it and wiped my body down. As for seizures ask your doctor for your son to be tested for Epilepsy he might require Epileptic Medication to stop the seizures I know it’s scary just see what your doctor says and hopefully he or she will reassure you that your son will be ok

Definitely invest in a thermometer that doesn’t touch if you are worried so you can handle it appropriatly. seizures of any kind are no joke to play with I was lucky to survive one when I was 1 that made me turn blue I stop breathing for a good while I’m very cautious with my kids when even the slightest fever hits because I don’t want that happening.

Try to find a thermometer that you don’t even have to touch them. I have one and it’s great. That way he can rest and you can check on him.

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You do not have to wake him up, you can still take it while he is sleeping

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There are Sooooo Many other ways to check fever now than waking them to! Get a good touch less thermometer. Also that’s your baby you know. Fell their head and body. If they feel hot then you know! And they need to be up and temperature taken. But also pay attention to the illness. Rest is imperative. If it’s a flu and kiddo is warm but not Burning let them
Sleep in underwear close to you to monitor and make sure house is cool for them. Fever is a sign of their body fighting it. So it’s a good thing. But if they are burning it means their body needs help
And they may need medicine or to go
In to the ER. You have to gage this yourself!


If he’s had a fever for a few days now and at night it’s best to wake him for meds. You can give him ibuprofen and 3 hours later tythenol and keep alternating tythenol and ib doing that until fever has broke. With my son if he’s had high fever during the day I do that and at night also. Also a rag under cold water squeezed out and put on the forehead helps to.

Get an ear thermometer for that reason, you can check it and not wake him up by doing it.


Just keep him hydrated as much as you csn with Gatorade or pedialite. No water for that will cause a seizure. Absolutely do not give him water.

Yes Check them especially if he is having seizures for them !


You can check a temperature without waking them try the forehead thermometer if it’s high enough to scare you then wake him

You need a digital thermometer and you can do it without even touching him

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First of all don’t listen to those telling you to alternate between ibuprofen and Tylenol every 3 hrs… smh because both those medicines are given based off age, weight and dosage strength. Only a provider can tell you how much and every so often if you want it exactly to a T. Second we have no idea how old your son is so waking him up im guessing maybe he’s young? If you have been giving medicine for the past 3 days and it doesn’t seem to get under control without it then your son needs to go to the doctor. If he’s already been seen and they said to ride it out then do everything you can to cool him down. Any fever in a child 104 plus is very dangerous and should be taken seriously to urgent care or ER. Methods to cool them down are cold wet wash cloths, take their clothes off, have a sheet instead of a blanket because they’re going to feel cold. Try to give the child drinks like popsicles, Gatorade or pedialyte. Water is preferred but when a child has a fever they don’t prefer that because it tastes gross. Def bathe the child so they can cook down. You can use a ear thermometer, forehead touch less thermometer, oral, anal and via the armpit. The most accurate are anal and oral. Remember if your intuition is going off don’t be afraid to ask or call your provider or the nearest urgent care. Or the nursing hotline at the hospitals which majority of them have one as well. Goodluck momma or daddy you got this :heart:

If he has a fever then I would definitely wake him to give him ibuprofen or Tylenol

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If you think he’s too hot and still with the fever then you should be waking him to give him pain meds. These are measured over the course of a day. A day is 24hrs, not waking hours, so you should spread it out for it to be fully effective.

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Get a thermometer that you can run across his forehead to check. If he doesn’t have fever, you won’t need to wake him up. If he has fever, you need to wake him to give him meds. Depending on the age, you can alternate Tylenol & ibuprofen, but I would check with the nurse hotline or the pediatrician on doses and intervals.

If it’s been a few days, I think I’d be calling the pediatrician anyway, and making an appt… but I was always a little over protective of my kids & a little paranoid … I would take them to their Pedi any time they ran fever or sniffled … lol. If I didn’t know what was causing them to be sick, we were at the Dr. Fortunately we had a great (and very patient) pediatrician for my kids when they were young.


My son had the same and it turns out he has adenovirus

Get one that reads the temp by having near by, then you don’t have to wake them up

I check my kids temps while they’re sleeping if they’re sick. They barely wake… and if they do I just reassure them it’s just me and they usually fall right back to sleep no problem. We also have one that sticks on their armpit and reads their temp all night while they sleep (we only use it when they’re very sick). It has a monitor that stays in our room and alerts us if they’re getting a fever. My son had the same seizure when he was a little under 2 years old. He’s now 4.5 and has never had another, good luck!

I use the thermometer under arm while their sleeping. I check few times a night. I also sleep near them on nights they have a fever. My son has seizures with fevers, so I completely understand. He is 11, and still has to be monitored with fevers.

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Yes as he would need consistent meds if he has a fever lasting that long, very important to treat a fever asap and put a cool cloth on his forehead

Yes wake him if you want to check it. Never take a sleeping childs temp. While sleeping the temp goes up, wait 5-10 minutes after waking to check. Weve done this with my daughter and sister many times. There has been a 3° difference between checking while asleep and waiting the 5-10 minutes after

Get those stickers that give kid’s temp

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Try to put under arm and add a degree… if you can without waking… or get one you just point at forehead or ear. Ask Dr st next visit or call… is there a nurse help line in your area?

If my kids are that asleep and that sick I usually don’t have to wake them as I can just take the temp and they barely budge. But I always check to be sure.

Armpit thermometer or use a forehead strip.

Yes i would. Many options that people mentioned.

I am a NICU mom, and for me it’s pretty normal because in the hospital we had to wake him up every two hours for vitals.

Hes 18 months now. I have a “touchless” thermometer.
I just put it to his forehead.

They will go back to sleep. It’s a piece of mind.

Just touch his head. If he feels hot then you can wake him for temps

I would unless u have a The mama bear that you just roll across there head like I’ve got . 

These are great for at night to stick on there forehead or back when they have fevers. Helps keep them down well there sleeping.

Do under the armpit, we have one of those thermometers that are touchless that they use for checking fevers at hospitals during covid they’re pretty great, I recommend getting one…My daughter has had multiple seizures from the same thing, even if she has a slight fever she will have one out of nowhere and it’s terrifying. Definitely keep track on temps and make sure to keep up on fever meds.

Get a forehead scanning thermometer. You can quickly take the temp without waking them. Sick kids need sleep. Only wake them if necessary to take medicine. Sleep is the best thing for them to fight a fever

Try those stickers … they’re used for sleep, I believe

My daughter has epilepsy and fevers can be a trigger for her as well. I don’t intentionally wake her up but I will go in and take temps when she’s sick. I use an ear thermometer and she usually sleeps through it.

I wouldn’t wake them. Work around it or maybe buy one of those scanning thermometers.

He has febrile seizures because it’s getting too high too quick. I’m not sure how old your child is but I usually rotate motrin and Tylenol. Motrin last 6-8 hours and I usually give that before bed that way I don’t have to wake to take temps.


Get a sensor thermometer for the forehead. Until then - yes, wake him up if you can’t avoid it.

I’d kiss the forehead or feel with the back of my hand first to see if they feel warm. If they feel warm then do temp. But you can do forehead, ear or armpit.

Try and take without waking if possible try ear thermometer or forhead whatever got

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I have a thermometer that I don’t need to wake my children ill put it to their forehead got it at Amazon… I have a son that had 1 seizure when he was little got over heated.

I would. My granddaughter does that. I would check it

You can check it without waking him using a digital thermometer and doing it in the armpit area. Add 1 point to the number on the thermometer and you’ll have the correct reading. Make sure you get it into the fold of his pit n hold his arm to his side takes about 1 minute. Hope this helps :pray:

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If you have to yes. I wish my forehead thermometer worked better

If a child is sleeping that means they are comfortable and you shouldn’t wake them, rest is paramount when ill. Keep an eye on them, and maybe give them some longer acting meds before bed if you worry.


Let him sleep get a head scanner thermometer


Just do the armpit or get a forehead one. No need to wake. It’s very possible to get their temps without having to wake them up.