Should your partner constantly delete their text messages?

What should I do when my boyfriend always deletes his text message? We’ve been together, and we’re having a baby this coming November. We’ve had ups and downs. But ever since a few weeks ago, I noticed he’d always delete his text message. Is he keeping something from me?

Do you have a reason not to trust him? I trust until there is a reason I shouldn’t.

In my experience, guys delete things that they don’t want to argue about. It might not necessarily be cheating. For example my bf deletes gambling updates (he knows I think it’s a waste of money), texts to his pot dealer trying to buy some, family drama texts, etc.
Things he knows if I see, it’ll be an argument that to him is not worth having. Or I’ll ask too many questions that he doesn’t want to explain. If you’re comfortable being specific then bring it up. “I’ve noticed you’ve been deleting certain things… Just want to know if everything is alright? Or if there’s something you want to talk about.”