Side effects from antibiotics

Toddler is having tummy pain from antibiotics anything I can do to help him ? I tried calling after hours number for his pediatrician and the on call doctor doesn’t take calls between 10 pm - 7 am :face_with_symbols_over_mouth::face_with_symbols_over_mouth::face_with_symbols_over_mouth: any suggestions is greatly appreciated


Try some 7up or preferably ginger ale

Antibiotics usually give diarrhea. Just keep him hydrated… and give Tylenol or Motrin


Probiotics. They have powder form that will mix into drinks.


Make sure he’s eating when he takes it. It helps.


I would also try giving him yogurt to coat his stomach.

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A rice pack is what I use.

Some antibiotics you can’t take on an empty stomach.

I would also try to give him some yogurt

Eating half hour before any antibiotic medicine will help tummy! As the food will cost it! Milk/Water will help as well! Yogurt too!

I always try to make sure they eat before taking antibiotics… Hope it helps …

There must ALWAYS be an on call service!
Emergency svc as the child may have a sensativity to the antibx that is the 1st step to cumulative reactions. Probiotics replace the gut flora and fawna that antbx kills making the gut literally steril.:persevere: normal gut bacteria is essential to the immune system and for digestion!


Give him a little bit of Pepto

Are you feeding your child before you administer the med?

Then he shouldn’t be the One call doctor

Sometimes it’s the illness causing the upset .my son always had stomach upset with strep throat

Yes he ate he takes the antibiotic in the morning after breakfast , and the yogurt they told me to to give him because of him being on the antibiotic :woman_shrugging:t2::woman_shrugging:t2::woman_shrugging:t2:I’m planning on calling the doctor as soon as they open since the on call doctor was no help last night

Make sure he eats a good meal then give it to him…it should say that that may help on the bottle or in the paperwork the pharmacy gave you. They don’t give you that just to kill trees :wink:

Get a new pediatrician. An on call dr. not taking calls is dangerous. Talk to a pharmacist, as they know sooo much.

Yeah, I agree with the yogurt and eating before. But the biggest problem is the on call… complete contradiction to the term
“On Call” aren’t they required to respond to all calls …

You have to eat when taking them

I would be finding a new pediatrician. What’s the point of having an on-call provider If they aren’t taking calls?

Time for a new ped! Baby may need a probiotic. You can always try yogurt but you have to make sure it has LIVE CULTURES or you can buy chewable probiotic my 4 yr old thinks it’s candy

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Some antiobiotics do cause stomach upset. It usually states on the bottle or the paperwork given to you

On call??? Not 24 hours?? That’s rediculous

Look up the side effects of the antibiotic and if it’s severe side effects I would say stop giving it until you get a hold of the pediatrician but I would try to get ahold of the pediatrician as soon as possible

Anybody have suggestions on what to do if the toddler won’t eat?

Put it in sentence form.

My ped always said if it causes stomach upset take with food. And if you are doing medicine in the morning then in the afternoon give a probiotic. I got my daughter Yakult and she really liked the flavor. Basically doc says that antibiotics kill all bacteria including the good bacteria so the Yakult puts that good bacteria back so it doesn’t make you sick.

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Is he allergic. If that is the trouble give him benadryl. It is what you give for any reaction to medication. Also put a warm towel on their tummy can relieve the cramps or gas like pain. If it hurts really bad I give my daughter pain meds. Did you try to get them to poop. If you know it is gas I have even given gas x. But we are always trying new medications and go to is benadryl and stop medication causing trouble. Watch for breathing problems. Take to hospital or call 911 if they stop breathing. Keep comfortable ride out till morning.

Call ur pharmacist…they know more…

Maybe some mylicone will help…for toddler

I was taught whenever I’m prescribed antibiotics, always have a probiotic to eat with it(i always just got yogurt). And that should clear up any tummy problems, i wish more doctors told everyday people this, my mom’s a nurse and i would probably not know that if not for her.

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Antibiotics can hurt the stomach and cause tummy problems, the probiotic replaces some of the bacteria normally found in your gut

A probiotic is extremely important to give to your child if they are on antibiotics. Otherwise antibiotics can cause pain, stomach burn and constipation.