Side effects of a membrane sweep?

Are there risks of a having a membrane sweep done? I am going to my 39 week appt today and not sure if they will offer to do one or if I should even take the offer.


1 of my 3 pregnancies, the membrane sweep worked. I went into labour the same day. No harm in trying.

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I had it done and i went into labor next day.

No harm in trying however did not work for me I have done 3

My one didn’t work bub will come when ready

There’s no harm in it, it hurts like hell, but it works. Went into labor and had my baby the day after.

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I wish I could tell you, but my kids were ready to be in this world! Haha. My water broke with my son at 31 & 6 & I was induced at 34 weeks. & my daughter came in her own at 35 weeks

I had a membrane sweep with my second and it didn’t work for me. I was induced a week or so later! :woman_shrugging:

Worked for my sister she went into labor not even 24 hrs later

Had it done with both and the second pregnancy I was in labor 6 hours later!

I had it done it didn’t hurt at all and i went into labor that same day

Apparently it’s painful but that’s the only risk I guess.

I had one done with my last son and a few days later my water broke on its own. A bit uncomfortable and causes cramps but that’s normal.

Interventions tend to snowball. If you want a natural birth, avoid interventions. If you don’t mind having the interventions, then ask your doc all kinds of questions so your decision is informed.

They did one on me. Im 38 weeks. I was already dialated to 1.5 and 70 percent softened on my cervix so they did it to try and jump start labor

There are risks for everything tbh. You could possibly get an infection but the possibilities are low.

It was more uncomfortable then anything but didn’t work for me

I had it done and it worked. I was in labor within 24hrs.

My first didnt work but with my 2nd i went into labour at midnight

I had it done twice. The first time I had a few contractions that went away after a couple days, no other signs of labor. I had a second one done about a week later the day before my scheduled induction. I was for sure in labor when I left the drs office and my son was born 2 days later, but again, I was induced so I can’t say if the sweep really helped or not

I had it done and it didn’t help. Everyone is different though. It is painful but bearable.

Not really. Just not proven to be that useful

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I had it done twice and it didnt work either time! I ended up being induced. I didnt think the sweep hurt. It was just uncomfortable but everyone’s pain tolerance and experience is different.

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I had 2 done with my first pregnancy and although it didn’t do anything for me, it didn’t do any harm either

I had sweeps done for 2 out of 3 pregnancies. (Wasn’t ever offered w my first) it’s deff not a comfortable thing but I had both my kids a week after the sweeps. Had my second son at 38 weeks and had my third son at 38 weeks 6 days… I always recommend women get them…there are no risks.

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It’s not bad at all I had it done 2x with each kid and it wasn’t successful

I know being pregnant is uncomfortable but I would personally wait till I’m term. Look into 40 reasons to go the fill 40! Congratulations

I had one and no there’s no risks I started having contractions within a hour of having mine done just make sure u tell them to use enough force when they do it cause I had it done twice first time a woman did it and nothing ever happened then my real doc did it and it kinda hurt just a little with him cause he used more force in doing it and started having contractions within the hour

Risks include it not working or your water breaking

I had a sweep n 4 days later my son came

Had it done 3 times with my first…did not work. Had it done with my newest when my body was in early stages of labor but wouldn’t progress and it kick started active labor within a few hours

Guess what your doctor could tell you the risks.

I tested positive for GBS this time sho doctor said she’d rather not strip me. I was stripped with all 4 of my other kids with no adverse effects.

I had it done with all 3 of mine, still had to be induced.

I had a sweep and 3 hour later I was leaking fluid so went in and was induced and had baby 2:30 am next day

Had it done 2Ă—, 2 different pregnancies and both my waters broke. One within 15 hours and the other within 30 hours of the sweep! Goodluck!

I had one and it didn’t bring on contractions at all! I don’t think they did it right!

I I’ve had 5 kids and the youngest is 3 and until this site had never even heard of that so I can say it isn’t necessary for delivery no matter if it’s all natural or your being induced

It may not work, I’ve had it done with 5 out of 6 pregnancies and neither have done much except one I did lose my mucus plug, but was scheduled for induction the next morning anyway. But no harmful risks.

Everything is different for every pregnancy

I had mine swept 4 weeks in a row. Still had a late delivery and was induced

Got it done Both pregnancies. First it worked that night and second had 2 done and no change lol

I had a membrane sweep on my due date. I requested it as I was hoping it would help things along so I did not have to be induced. I had a lot of cramping and discharge after. I was “leaking” quite a bit which I presumed was just residual from the sweep… after a few dats I decided to get checked and turns out I was leaning amniotic fluid and my water was partially broken I just didn’t know it! Lol

The risk is going into labor​:rofl::rofl::rofl:

I had one done at 930pm gave birthday at 249am. Started labor at 630 -7

The main side effect is labour! If it’s done properly then it shouldn’t pose any risk