Side effects of a miscarriage?

:exclamation:TMI & Trigger Warning​:exclamation:

I had an early “natural” miscarriage about 1 1/2 weeks ago. I stopped bleeding 4 days ago. My spouse and I had sex for the first time since the miscarriage and I started bleeding again pretty bad. Anyone with similar experience or guidance? Not sure what to expect and my doctor didn’t provide much patient education.


It can occur on and off for like 2-3 weeks so I’ve been told

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I got told its safe to have sex once the bleeding has stopped 100% and to start trying again after my first period after the loss

My bleeding lasted on and off for a few weeks. Im sorry for your loss.

if you were fairly far along they say to wait 6 months as it’s like giving birth…

You are supposed to treat your body like it just gave birth and not have sex until 6 weeks. It can be dangerous because your cervix could still be open and can give you an infection. I am sorry for your loss.

Just watch out for any changes in your discharge. You are more prone to bacterial infections at this time. I think you are supposed to wait six to eight weeks. Hold off sex for a couple more weeks just to be safe, when you do decide, Use a natural condom. Wait until your completely healthy and you have natural periods atleast 2 months before trying to conceive again. Purchase an organic food based multivitamin and DHA at the health food store. These are most easily absorbable for your body. Wash down there with just warm water and a washrag. Avoid soaps that will disrupt your natural PH. From the health food store preferably. If your having a hard time becoming pregnant. I recommend getting the fertility stuff from I’ve heard of people becoming pregnant and conceiving successfully with their herbal formula.

I was told to wait 6 weeks before putting anything up there (tampons fingers sex whatever) so that your cervix has time to close and everything has some.time to heal so it doesnt get infected.


It’s happened to me (miscarried naturally in march). After the bleeding stopped (3 days after passing everything) I would spot or bleed a bit after sex, for a few weeks after.