Side effects of depo?

At my 6 week pp appt they gave me the depo birth control shot and I have been spotting every single day sense … it’s been about a month and a half. I’m not getting another shot I was waiting for my husband to get a vasectomy so I got the shot to last until his appt. anyways is it normal to be bleeding every day? How long does it last

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After having my son I got depo the day after my csection and I bleed for 14 weeks straight then stopped and haven’t bleed since been on it for a year now. Totally normal

i bled for 3 months straight, heavily… and gained 20lbs.
safe to say i only got one shot LOL never again

The spot bleeding can last months. I bleed for the first four months. Takes a full year or more for your body to adjust to the depo shot

I get pregnant on Depo…I also got pregnant after a vasectomy.:woman_facepalming:t2:

That seems standard for everyone I know who got the depo shot.

I had to go off it after 7 months of being on it because when I would bleed it’d be for 2-4 weeks at a time then I’d stop for a week or two then start bleeding again. My doctor told me it’s normal for awhile but with how much I was bleeding it was causing lightheadedness we were concerned about because I was already anemic from my pregnancy

Ok this is horrible for you. I bled for months then didnt have perioss for years and when I stopped my body went through a false pregnancy causing so much so much ! Weight gain I had to take hormone balancers to stop my body from doing all of these things depo is poison. !!

Be careful!! I took 1 depo shot and bled extremely heavy for A YEAR! A month ago I had to go in and get on the pills because my hormone levels dropped and threw everything off. I had to take estrogen pills and birth control pills together. I finally stopped bleeding last week. I lost so much blood that my body was shutting down,I became anemic, and I was so weak. Everyone is different, just be careful. :grimacing::grimacing:

I bleed for a year and a half on it! 🤦

I bled every day for almost an entire year after having the depo shot. I was told my body would adjust and it never did. Save yourself from a miserable year and stop while you are ahead!

After i had my daughter i got the shot it felt like I bleed for about 4 months on and off literally

I got 3 shots and bled/spotted the entire 9 months, then took like 4 years to get pregnant.

I only bled for a week or two from having the baby

I bled for 3 months straight

I couldn’t do the depo shot cuz all I ever did was spot some go without periods or just normal but me nope spotted all the GD time

I never bleed the whole 13 years I was on it

There is no rhyme or reason with Depo. When I had it, I had no period. My sister, however, bled every day. As in, full periods! :flushed: Needless to say, she did not get another shot when it was time :rofl: Depo is a mess on so many levels. I can’t believe it’s still on the market.

I had it for all 3 months and it continued for about a year and a half without me getting another shot . Never again will I get that. It made me anemic, I was losing too much blood because of it

I did for 5 months and finally stopped it. I then tried an IUD, same thing, never again

I bled on and off for 5weeks with my shot…went in for my 2nd shot a week before it ran out and found out I was pregnant

I bled for 51 days straight after my first shot of depo.
After that, I didn’t get a period for 5yrs, and I’m pregnant anyway lol

It lasted for the whole 3 months so I got off it . Then after not being on it for 4yrs I got it again and this time I had no spotting or period for the whole time I was on it.

I got the depo shot when I was 17 and carried this on for 2 years, I vaguely remember spotting at first, eventually it atopped and I had no periods for 2 years. When I stopped getting the shot, it took a while for my periods to come back but when they did, they came back with vengeance, I bled continuously (no break, bleeding every single day) and seriously heavily (bleeding through the heaviest flow pads and tampons -I had to use together whilst at work, within 2 hours, so I had to keep a change of underwear and trousers) for 9 months, I eventually went onto the mini-pill (progesterone only - due to blood clotting issues in both sides of my family I cannot take the normal pill). During the 2 years of being on the depo shot, I gained a serious amount of weight, it also seemed to kickstart the start of migraines too. I’m now 33 (so 16 years later), I have a child but I am no longer taking any birth control as it does not agree with my body (I am not sexually active right now) and have issues with my bones, I was already at risk as osteoarthritis and osteoporosis run in my family (if you do your research depo can cause bone loss or bone issues). If you find the depo is not working, please do research and research alternative birth control, there any many options these days.