Side effects of depo?

Anyone get the depo shot for birth control? I got it for the first time after I had my daughter a little over a month ago and I have been spotting literally every single day


I spotted on the depo but then got the birth control bar that goes in the arm. Took it out over summer time bc it stopped working

Yeah. I just started the 1st and I’m still spotting… I’ve been wondering if it’s normal

Girl, I bled for 3 months straight.
Gained 20lbs and got off it lol

I get depo no mother nature for me

I spotted every day for 3 months. Then I didnt get my period after that until I switched birth control method

I used it. It takes a moment. You have to get at least 3 for spotting to stop. I stopped using it because my weight got out of control.

I bled for 5 months straight… I do not recommend.

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It can take awhile to get used to it. It stopped my periods completely but I still spotted the first month or 2. Depo is the best bc imo. I hated the arm implant and wouldn’t remember the pill lol

I bled for a little over 3 months after my first shot, then never again for 3 years/.

I did the same had to switch off of it

Always heard bad things from people that got this depo shot, so I always just stuck with the pill because thats what has always worked for me and I never had any problems with it.

It’s normal to bleed for at least 6 weeks post baby.

I gained to much weight on the depo. Never again

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Depo will make you stop your period

I was on depo for 10 years and it caused me to go into early menopause at 25 and I struggled badly with trying to get pregnant after getting off of it. Gained so much weight and people friends and family literally referred to me as a super bitch

Y e s I’m having 2 and a half week periods so I feel you I’m supposed to have an appointment to check up but I think it’s not until July defo don’t want to stay on it if it’s going to be like this tho

I spotted for 6 months straight but after that no periods.

I was on it for 9 months… I spotted EVERY single day, gained 50lbs in 3 months, my hair fell out in chunks, my acne was insane and I became pretty depressed and didnt know why. After going off of it it took me a year and a half to become normal again and for my period to return.

You just had a baby lol you bleed up to 6 weeks girl

That was my experience too. Lots of spotting for 3 months AND some serious weight gain.

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I was on the depo for 6 year before having kids. I never had periods or side affects. I got back on it after having my youngest and it’s the same results as before. I love it

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I spotted for 6 months straight also. It come time to get the third shot and they told me I should quit after my body got used to it. I wasn’t waiting any longer. I got put on the patch

Im on depo i got it 1 day after birth bleed the norm after birth then no more period

I had the drop shit done once because it literally reversed my period cycle for 3 months! Like I was on my period for 3 weeks and off for a week. Never again

That’s a common side effect. After a while it will even out or disappear completely… usually

I’ve been on it for 7 years. I love it. Of course you have spotting at first but after that no period. I also get it for my migraines and horrible cramps. I’ve had weight gain at first but I’m normal now.

I had it and loved it for a while, my routine changed and I got fat! The struggle is real to get rid of the extra pounds gained…

I got the shot after having my youngest in March. Got it before I left the hospital, had the normal amount of bleeding and then spotting here and there for a few weeks. Haven’t really noticed any other symptoms/side effects of it but its only been 3mths roughly. Just got my second dose last week and I havent spotted since 2wks after my PP bleeding stopped.

The depo shot is not a form of bc for everybody. For instance its the best method for me for controlling my severe endometrosis. Discuss with your doctor if its really the best method for you and give it atleast 4-6 months trail, esp if you are still fresh from childbirth.

Got it once bled for a year I will not ever get it again. It’s different for everyone though.

Yes bled for 4 months straight went to pill been on it for a couple months periods are lighter and less pain

I got it 2 days after I gave birth to my daughter I bled for 8 weeks don’t know if it was half post partum and half the depo. But after that I would lightly spot every three months right before I was due for another injection. But it didn’t make me gain a bunch a weight but it did make my depression 10 times worse witch is why after a year I got off of it . And then it took my period to regulate about a year in a half after I got off it it would sikp every three months. But everyone reacts differently to it .

Same thing happen to me but once i got the 2nd shot my periods stopped completely.

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Same Girl !!! When does it stop is the real question.

I bled every day for 6 months

When I got my depo I was like 16 17 yrs old I bled for almost a month my mom didn’t find that normal so she took me to the doctors and they said that’s normal for your first dose but after that I stopped having periods I was on depo from then til about 19 got pregnant at 20 and used it after I had my second child then after my 3rd baby I decided to try to nexplanon and I loved that better then the shot!!

I had it for 3 years,it affects everyone differently… Ingot mine in between cycled and my periods stopped immediately and never had one till i got off… My friend got on it and spotted thr first month before her periofd stopped… And my sis in law had s period like.regular clock work on it

I had it for 9 years. LOVED IT. Had no issues from it, at all. No periods either.

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I’ve been on it since Dec, 2 days after I had my daughter. I spot every other day, I’m losing my hair(more than just post partum hair loss), I have awful night sweats, and I’m a lunatic. I hate the shot

The same thing happened to me on it till it stopped altogether, but I also gained over 50lbs while on it…

I love the shot… every body is different but it took my period away completely didn’t gain weight and was fine

I bled for 10 days went a week and spotted for a week went another week then 2 weeks of bleeding. Mood swings were horrible. I wouldn’t recommend it to any one

I had it for a year. I loved it.

I got depo after my son was born, I didnt bleed at all, and after a year or two with no period, i switched to the pill to try and get normal again, still rarely have a period. I think its terrible for your body…but who knows.

I bleed for 2
3 weeks straight

I was on it for 3 years and never had a period on it. Gained 30lbs when I first got put on it but lost the weight so fast with no effort. Iv herd of people bleeding so bad they had to get a blood donation for the lost so really everyone’s different.

I had it in September and December. I was bleeding everyday from the end of January until about a month ago

I stopped in March, have had a period every other week since. I dont recommend long term use of it. I was on for 3 years.

I spotted for 14 months straight after getting the injection after the birth of my daughter. Resulted in an ablation to stop the bleeding. I only got one injection.

I spotted w no regular flow for a whole year 365 days w the depo it’s a reverse reactions it means your body is rejecting the shot I only took one shot also