Side effects of getting tubes tied?

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Has anyone who has gotten their tubes tied had worse problems bleeding more i mean having more then one period a month? I have been having “periods” bleeding 3 times a month now! I get the horrible cramps the clots all that! Has anyone else experienced this?


Yes!!! Tubal done is October last year and now my monthly is horrible! Heavy and huge clots this month I went 15 days and went threw 3 packs of pads like the hospital pads and 2 boxes of tampons!

My friend had a tubal done and had these issues and it was her clamps. She had to have them removed.

I had my tubes tied in 2010 when I had a c-section with my daughter. When she was 7 I started having 2 periods in a month, 14 day cycle. I went to the gyno and they did an ultrasound of my uterus. My walls were an incentive thick! I had to get a d&c done and then had to get an endometrial ablation done a couple months after that because the d&c didn’t help. I had the ablation done in April of 2018 and haven’t had a period since. The Dr said there was a 20% chance that it wouldn’t work and that my periods would come back. But so far I have been blessed in that area

I got tubes tied, cut , burnt 21 years ago and still at least 2 periods a month and one is always worse then the other

Yes. Ever since my tubes have been tied, the cramps and the bleeding have definitely gotten worse. Its still better than an unexpected pregnancy.

I had my tubes taken out a year ago and I’m still having terrible monthly flows. :confused:

Yes had mine done 24yrs ago and regreted it ever since

Omfg… just reading these comments has me scared shitless… I’m due to get my tubal next month and this is horrible!! :flushed::flushed:

After my tubal I had ALLLLLLL of the things you’re saying and more plus 4 blood transfusions until I had a procedure called an Ablation. Now I only use 2 tampons a day on a 4 day cycle

Yes!!! Mine are absolutely horrible so I’m getting my clamps removed at the end of the year. It’s been two years and no improvement. Awful!!!

My Gyn warned me of exactly that and told me not to do it.

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Yes I ended up having to have a hysterectomy

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After I had my tubes tied my periods lasted longer and were much heavier. It lasted 2 years but now they are calming down and getting lighter.

Yes! I got my tubes tied in July of 2005 and have nothin but problems since…

Yes! My periods are super heavy and twice a month since I got my tubes tied in October

Ali Stewart this maybe answer the question u were wanting to know about xx

I got my tubes tied this year I don’t have heavy bleeding or anything like that my periods don’t last that long

I had my tubes tied almost 6 years ago, and I’m currently on my 3rd period in the last 2 months, and I hurt so bad, bleeding is super heavy all the time, and last 7-10 days at a time… I’ve had problems since I had it done… it’s awful

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I got my tubal 3 years ago and I have two periods. One normal one then two weeks later I’ll have a shiot two/three day one

I get mine once a month but they are legit horrible since my tubal last yr.

When I first got mine done, I bled for a year, then it went monthly but they are heavier then usual. My cramps are a bit worse now as well. Been about a year 6 months ago.

This so scares me now about to have my last csection in 3 weeks and suppose to get my tubes tied in the process


I didn’t. See your Dr

Yes mine kills my insides every month

Yes. Post Tubal Ligation Syndrome.
It’s not something that came up in any of research prior to having my tubal done.

I had my tubes tied and had no problems at all. No sex, exercise and lifting for a little while. Very happy we with my surgery. Some hospitals tie the tubes others burn them.

Almost every woman I know that’s had a tubal has had this experience and has needed a hysterectomy. My grandmother, my mother, friends. It practically ruined my moms life for years. She has stressed to her daughters to never get it done.

My ob practice refuses to do the operation. Not only because of their religious beliefs, but my ob says she’s seen so many women’s health decline after the operation.

I had mine tied and burnt had to have a hysterectomy 3 yrs later my periods were awful same thing happened with my friend also

Me. I have adenomyosis and that’s what causes it.

I had mine done almost 9 1/2 years ago and my bleeding is lighter and periods not as long, now just about 3 days as opposed to 7-10. You may want to contact your doctor

Thats exactly why when im done having kids im going natural. Im fully against tubal ligation

Sounds more like a hormonal problem and you should see your doctor

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Yes ended up having hysterectomy !

I’ve had two c-sections went from a 5-7 day period to now only a 3-5 day period
Either its light one month,or heavy.

I had it two weeks at a time…it was thyroid

Yes! Had mine done almost 11 years ago. Periods were extremely heavy and painful for 2-3 years. Then started to regulate. Now they are light to moderate but I’m also in my 40s so age might have a lot to do with my slow down. No one told me this before I had it done or I might not have. I often felt like my ovaries were going to explode. I had to wear a pad and tampon and change every hour the first day.

Never had any problem. Best thing I had done. No more birth controls pills

I had that problem after having my first born. Tried a few different strengths of birth control until my Dr. and I found one that resolved the issue. As far as hysterectomy, I had one years after my tubal ligation but only because of cervical HPV cells.

The first two periods my body was a mess . Donovan is 6 months old now and my cycle is back to normal.

Had tubes tied had horrible periods went to Gyno tried birth control to control bleeding had a dnc did not help ended up with a hysterectomy In my investigation o. This matter most women that have their tubes tied end up with a hysterectomy. There is a website called hystersisters and you can see just how many women had their tubes done just to end up with a hysterectomy

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My periods come twice a month now and have been that way for almost 3 years when I got my tubes tied. It sucks. I never used to have heavy periods or even cramps, now they are heavy and hurt a lot.

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Yep, had a partial hysterectomy. Real glad I did too

I had my tubes tied, followed by an ablation in January followed by a hysterectomy in April

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Yes definitely. My periods are a nightmare now. Heavy bleeding. Heavy clots. Horrible cramping. Sometimes I have 2 in one month. Some times I skip a month.

After having my tubes tied I had my period for 7 months STRAIGHT. longest 7 months of my life. Even birth control wouldn’t stop it. All tests done and they never found a legitimate reason

Having my tubes tied was the worse decision i ever made. I have scar tissue on my ovary that causes me severe pain after orgasms… Imagine my life!

Yes worse mistake of my life. Good news is after about a year and a half I finally became mostly normal again.

I got the Essure before they discontinued it. My periods got very heavy.

Yes had to have a parcel hysterectomy still have overes

Never had those types of problems. I had my tubal in 2014, currently 30 weeks pregnant 🤷🤦


It sounds like endometriosis it had for a long time the only thing that gets rid and stops it coming back is having a hysterectomy which I had and its such a relief .
Or have a marina coil fitted might work for you didn’t for me hope you.get it sorted I can synthesize with you.
I had everything taken a way even my cervix.

Me! I had my daughter Nov '17 & had them tied during the C-section. Every since I’ve have weight gain, & heavier, longer, painful periods. It’s harder to track my days now (seems like it comes when it wants to now) last longer, ive only bled 3 days now i bleed more than 1 week w/clots. It’s a decision that I’ve since regret.

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I generally have two cycles a month. However, it was also happening before I got my tubes clamped, due to endometriosis.

yes. never had cramps until the first period after a tubal. heavy bleeding and extended periods of time bleeding.

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Yes. By doctor had to put me on birth control. I wish they would’ve done the hysterectomy like I asked but since I’m 27 they won’t do it. Mine has gotten to the point I can’t move and it feels worse than all 3 of my labors and to top it off my acne is worse also

Yes had to have an ablation to stop it I was very anemic.

I had my tubes removed in Dec. I’m not quite 6 mos pp no huge change yet but I’m breastfeeding.

Yes I had problems for years

I never did Just stayed regular

I had mine tied last may and i have a small light period the second week of every month and an extremely heavy period the last week of every month.

I’ve been going threw the same thing all I have are clots the doctor said it due to the flow of the bleeding being very heavy and due to some much blood loss I must take iron pills and it makes me very tired and it’s all normal my doctor said and that I’m healthy

I had mine july 2018 and the last cple months i have been on/off spotting, period wasnt like it shld have been and for the 3rd time this month im spotting again…but since November they have been longer, heavier and more painful

My cramps have been worse since

No I have the most regular periods now and very light, I would check in with your Dr

Yes ended up having fibroid tumors and had to have a hysterectomy but when I had my tubes tied I would told this would happen possibly in 10 years and they were right 10 years after having my tubes tied I had to have the hysterectomy the pain was unbearable

They are actually doing studies about the after effects of this procedure because lots of women have what you are having and other problems

I’m the opposite. Had my daughter in August, tubes tied in January and have not had a period since! I have spotting every now and then, but the cramps I get are horrible. Worse than before.

Get them removed. No side effects, and helps prevent ovarian cancer. 100% effective. U can still get pregnant with them tied