Side effects of iron supplement?

My son is 8 months and he loves food but ever since his doctor put him on an iron supplement he refuses to eat anything now. I think he thinks I’m giving him the medicine. Anyone ever experience this?


Iron supplements can make food taste different. It may just take him a while for his taste to adjust. When I was on iron I couldn’t eat hardly any meat because it tasted like metal and the only thing I could stomach were some fruits and sweet things.

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Cold fruit , orange slices, s frozen grapes etc.

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My daughter did the same thing after we gave her meds for her ear infection (same age too). I just let it be for a couple weeks and did solely milk. Then, tried some soft foods here and there (avocado, bananas…) as I ate them. And now she’s been eating baby food again (plus the soft foods). :blush: Maybe that will work for you too. Good luck momma!