Side effects of IUD removal?

Hi ladies!
This may be a bit long, just looking for any tips/advice :blush:
My SO want to try for our first little one sometime this year, I get my iud out in June, I have a history with depression and anxiety, I know with the mirena IUD there’s a ‘crash’ once it’s removed, I have skyla, so I was wondering if anyone else has had this IUD removed and experienced anything like it, and how long did it take for you to conceive after IUD removal? Any tips or advice would be helpful! Thanks ladies! :grin::grin:

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I had mine removed July 18th, 2018 and was pregnant by October 7th. I also used an app to track my ovulation and cycle. I’m not sure what skyla is but I never experienced a crash after it was removed. Hope all works out for you!

I got mine taken out middle of April last year and got pregnant 6weeks later. I have a very irregular period so tracking my ovulation wasnt an option. We just did our thing!