Side effects of Mirena?

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I had gotten the Mirena IUD put in June 4th 2018, 6 weeks after having my baby boy. I’ve had it in a little over a year now, mine is good for 5 years. My Doctors’s recommend this due to getting pregnant 2 times while being on the depo shot… so I guess my question is how has everyone’s body adjusted to it, and how/what is your period like? Since I’ve had mind in I get my period and I’ll have it any where from a month up to 3 months straight and my doctor says give it time, my body is still adjusting to it. My cramps are so bad I can’t walk the first 3-4 days of getting my period, there’s times I have cramps even without my period, and some times I’ll get my period have it for a couple days, then stop bleeding then start bleeding again the next day…

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My first one it had shifted and I ended up pregnant with my daughter, I got it again in 2015 and never had a period, I just recently had it removed so over 4 years of it in, I also always had cramps :smirk:

I had mine in for 1 year and it shifted so I got pregnant with my daughter in 2014.
Before I got pregnant my periods were normal and everything was great.

At first it was good for the first 2-3 years then I slowly started feeling my body hate it. I gained alot of weight and my mentality didnt seem right. My anxiety grew & once I removed it… I felt myself again! :no_good_woman: