Side effects of Mirena?

Has anyone gotten the mirena wondering how it went for you?


I LOVE IT!! No periods, no cramps, no weight gain, no mood swings, nothing! And no pregnancy


I’ve had it twice. Easy peasy, set it and forget it! :blush:

I have it now and so far it’s good. You don’t feel anything when they insert it and while you have it.

I love it!!! My bf says it changed my sex drive to non existent though :disappointed:

I was a rare few. Mine came out during intercourse and boom pregnant

I had a horrible experience with Mirena so I don’t really recommend it to anyone

I love mine! Best :clap:t2: decision :clap:t2: ever

I have a friend that almost died in front of her kids with this thing inside of her. May not be the same for you but I won’t ever get it. Just to be on the safe side.

Well my daughter in-law got it and ended up pregnant with it 1 year later. It will still in place and all.

I have it and love it!

Love mine! Have had it twice now

Love mine! November I’ll get my 3rd one!

Personally for me it’s been a roller coaster ride. In beginning periods every 2 weeks for almost 6 months. Weight gain if you don’t eat right and exercise. Mine will be replaced before needed due to strings disappearing - lead to ultrasound to make sure nothing was wrong. I know someone who got pregnant while they had and had to have surgery years later after they found it hadn’t come out when the baby was born (7 years later). As with anything there are risks. Everyone will have different experience due to how we all react differently. Periods are way better almost 3 years out but I’ve had a period the whole time I’ve had the mirena.

Went through my uterus wall, had to have it surgically removed. Also, bled like a stuffed pig for 3 months straight after I got it.

Painful insert because my uterus is upside down. Then it took about 8 months for my hormones to calm down. Now I love it.

It’s horrible for the first month or so, lots of cramping and bleeding, but then it’s the most amazing thing out there. I had zero period and zero worries about pregnancy for 5 years.

It made my periods stop but I continued to get the pms symptoms that seemed to never go away. I ended up having it removed after it traveled to were it didn’t belong and I gained weight. I now have the non hormonal iud and have had it for two years.

2 years in and it’s ok. I had different circumstances for needing it and it has worked ok so far.

I’ve had 3! Wonderful for me…

I’m in my 3rd…I love it. I had one fall out, but other than that no issues.

I know alot of women that did and it caused alot of issues
I think it’s a bad form of contraceptive

I have had 2 about to be on my 3rd! Had got it after I had my son and then had it removed and got pregnant the next month (planned) then got it after my daughter was born and its expiring so getting it replaced at the end of this month. Love it!

I’ve had 3 and have never had any problems.

Love love loved it! Currently preggo now and will most likely go back to mirena after birth :grinning:

I’ve had 2! No problems at all!

I’ve never had an issue with mine and I’m going on 3 years.

Yes I had mine for three years. Never had a problem

Like complete :100: Shit. Awful acne, couldn’t make up it’s damn mind if I was gonna have my period or not, and cysts. Like searing poker hot pipe thru your ovary cysts.

I had mine for about 2 years. Bled heavily for 25-30 days at a time, had 7 cysts form on my ovaries, and had horrible clotting (i had never clotted before). Had it out for about 2 years now and my body is just now going back to normal.

My first i had 4 years 8 months loved it but it moved. Got pregnant lol. But i really loved it so now I’m on my second. The first couple months kinda suck, not gonna lie. But 4 years of awesomeness! I say worth it.

2008-2013 I had Mirena. I hated it. I gained weight and constantly had pregnancy symptoms. I didn’t have a period the entire time, sort of a plus I guess. But my biggest complaint would be the awful cramps that would stop me in my tracks and double me over in sheer pain. I was told it was all normal except for the weight gain. The string did fall off, so they used needle nose pliers to get it out.

I liked it but I did not like the hormones. I swapped to Paraguard

Had it for the full length and then got off and got pregnant like a good 6-8 months later on a different bc :joy:

I had Mirena put in 3 years ago and now have a 6 month old :roll_eyes:

I hate it and I want to get it taken out

It went bad almost had to go under to get it out!🙎