Side effects of Mirena?

Question regarding trying to conceive after Mirena IUD (kind of TMI & long- but I am at a loss yall, I need hell)

Before I had my two sons I had used 2 different types of birth control (depo shot & implanon) - I had 2 sons, born in 2014 & 2015 about a year after the implanon was removed I got pregnant with my oldest.

I have always had regular periods, about 5 days long and on the heavier side (I do not use tampons unless I am swimming or something of that nature), normal cramps - nothing abnormal.

In January 2016 I had the Morena IUD implanted. I immediately noticed a change in my period, more frequent - heavier cycles, horrible cramps (I also developed 5 cysts on my ovaries the 1.5 years I had it) and the new/still occurring issue is blood clots. No bigger than a quarter, but it is every single time I am going to use the restroom (once an hour) there is clotting, when i use the restroom, bigger clots.

I eventually had to go to the ER and have the IUD removed - I had 3 cysts rupture within a month and had been bleeding for close to 30 days straight- I was weak and nauseated all the time while taking iron pills and multi vitamins.

Since having the Mirena removed in May 2017 I have had zero luck conceiving (with my ex husband for a year and my boyfriend the last 8 months) . My periods are back to the new normal and have been since j had it removed (5 days, heavy, cramps, clotting) I take iron pills, prenatal, biotin. I drink plenty of water and exercise often. I track my period and know when I am ovulating and my boyfriend and I have tried all the tricks & wives tales. Now, my boyfriend is only home once every few weeks, but it usually lines up perfect with ovulation. It has been almost 2 years now.

Sorry for the long post - I just wanted to cover all the bases so I might be able to get some help.

Thank you!

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Has the poster tried basal body thermometer testing? You need at least a couple of months worth of temps to notice when you ovulate, but it’s how I knew I was pregnant again in the beginning because instead of dropping my temp stayed high.

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