Side effects of Nexplanon?

Has anyone had the Nexplanon Birth control and it quit working? I was recently informed that it lasts for up to 5 years and I decided to keep it. I have had it for 9 years between 3 of them and it would have normally been switched the end of last month. Well, as of Saturday I am having a horrible period with clots and pain along with feeling lightheaded and exhausted. Since having the Nexplanon, my periods are still long but only there when I wipe. I go back next Tuesday for an assessment. I feel like I have bled more in 2 days over the total of all periods since starting the birth control! I do know that everyone is different, just looking for any insight y’all may have!

I was told it only last 3 years and I’m on my 2nd one and with both I only have blood when I wipe some times and only for 2 days every few months

I got told it lasted 4 years instead of 3, when I found out I rushed down there to get a new one ASAP but luckily I didn’t become pregnant in that year which I went over by x

I was told 3 years. Mine migrated and I got pregnant. It’s a terrible birth control. I had it removed and now I have an ugly raised keiloid like scar where the implant was. Most legitimate doctors who don’t have contract with them will tell you it’s dangerous and not a good idea. If you want implant use IUD, minus initial heavy periods, it gave me 0 issues.

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I had it recently got it taken out …I had really heavy periods on it …I’m anemic so I was tired all the time trying to be a mother of 2 I had enough and went got it taken out…but every body is different though

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I got mine put in April 2018, the first few months were fine but once I stopped breastfeeding my periods got really heavy and longer, 7+ days when before kids I was 3 to 4 days. I have to take iron supplements during that week time because of anemia. I also haven’t been consistent, skipped 2 months but then got hit with a 10 day heavy flow. Then 2 weeks later another 5 days. I’ve thought of having it removed but I had an ectopic on the pill and I’ve read major horror stories about the IUD.

My doctor told me people try to ride it out for 4 or 5 years, and dont get pregnant… SOMETIMES. She said it was more than likely luck than anything. It’s designed for 3 years and she wants me to get mine replaced about 6 weeks prior to my initial implant date.

It’s a 3 year birth control and some people see a change in periods during the last few months as the hormones being released from it are decreasing. I’m on my 2nd one and both times I bled a few weeks after getting it, and then with the first one I started getting periods towards the end after not having them during the rest of the 3 years. With the decreasing hormone levels, there’s a chance of pregnancy and I’ve heard of people getting pregnant a month before their 3 years were up.