Side effects of Nexplanon?

Trouble getting pregnant after birth control.

Has anyone had issues conceiving after nexplanon? … I had it in for six months, and that was two years ago. Still … No baby. It’s driving me crazy.

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Yup it took me couple years to havey baby after i got off

I got pregnant right away when I had mine removed .

Have you tried balanti?

Could be pcos, endometriosis, diabetes or pituitary gland. Please go to the ob after one year of trying you’re considered infertile they can help you.

I got off the Depo and I was pg real quick. I’m surprised you’re having this problem tbh. Talk to your gyno, maybe?

Nope. Had mine in for 4.5 years. Got pregnant right after taking it out

It took me about 6-7 months to get pregnant after i got mine removed.

Everyone is different, I got pregnant with my nexplanon still in. 🤷 I do however know of a few women who have gotten pregnant right after and some who still have yet to. I’d go see a doc and see if there may be other reasons.

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Got mine out November of 2018. Got pregnant in may of 2019. Healthy pregnancy so far, good luck :crossed_fingers:

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I hear some get pregnant immediately after they get off birth control. Not sure if it has anything to do with what type of bc. I have infertility issues so may not be as fast for me. The baby i have due now is a miracle.

I got mines removed June of 2016 and got pregnant in April of 2017.

I had the Mirena, I know not the same birth control. I’ve been off for almost 5 years with no luck. I’ve gone to the doctor twice about it. I guess my point is, everybody reacts differently, our bodies come off of it differently, and we can’t compare ourselves to others. I know it sucks, but like I tell my only child, it will happen when it does. Once I hit my 5yr mark I will go back to the doctor but will choose a different one, it’s time for a second opinion!

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This is called secondary infertility. You need to make sure you are tracking your cycles and see your dr!

I had mine for 2 years, got pregnant 2 months later.

I had the opposite issue… After having it for 4 years (2 separate procedures) had it taken out & got pregnant a couple months later. I have a 4 month old boy (and a 5 year old girl).

Take prenatals to give your body all the essential vitamins to conceive

I was on depo for 12 years, got off it tried 6 months later and got pregnant the first try, maybe see your OBGYN, could be something else

Nope got pregnant really quickly after getting it out

I got off the depo when I got married when I was 19 and it took me 7 yrs to get pregnant with my first now I am pregnant with my 2nd wasn’t on anything this time around I never ever will use depo again

Had mine for three years, got it removed and 4 months later, surprise pregnancy! Honestly didn’t think I could get pregnant before that.

I got pregnant a week or 2 after I got it taken out.

Yeah I had mine out in October was pregnant in may

It takes many women years to conceive having never taken birth control. There are many other factors to concider too. What is the potential fathers sperm mobility like? Have you taken an ovulation test to know when ypu are the most fertile? Do you have sex daily to build up a proper ph level so more swimmers can live longer? Have ypu spoken to a fertility doctor to see what else could be going on? My mom had 3 kids 2 while on birth control. I have a friend has never used the stuff and acticly tried for 7 years before finally getting pregnant. Every woman is different and checking with your doctor is the best advice i can give.

I had my second nexplanon removed mid May of 2015. We started trying mid July figuring 2 months was a good length of time. Website said after a week I should be able to conceive. It took me 4 and half months before I conceived. After having my son in July of 2016 I had my third nexplanon put in. My son is 3 now I had to remove it as this time around it moved too deep into my muscle between the muscle and bone and became uncomfortable while using my arm. I’ve had 3 total of the course of 10 years. I won’t be getting another as I am concerned about being on birth control over the years may have caused me to have complications conceiving, also cases of long term health issues from women being on birth control for so many years are popping up more and more often.

Took me two something years after taking pills for over 5

Got it out end of February 2019. And fell pregnant a week later. First week of March 2019.