Side effects of Nexplanon?

I have had the Nexplanon birth control for years now. This passed year I have noticed hyperpigmentation above my top lip and it looks like as if I have a mustache :sob: which I don’t it’s just my skin is darker there. I believe it’s from the implant. How’s anyone else had this issue? If so did you just deal with it or switch to a different BC to get rid of it. Did it ever go away? I’m thinking about removing the implant and giving it a few months and hopes the darkness will fade and change to something else. I’ve become so self conscious about it.


Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. Side effects of Nexplanon?

Following I wanted to get arm implant after I birth my second child :eyes:

Bleed for 3 weeks on. 1 week off. Gained 50lbs.

I’ve had no trouble. Everyone is different I guess.

I just stick with the pills

I had so many problems with it. Periods were 3-4 weeks long, anxiety, moody, etc. I got it out early because of it.
My sister actually had to have surgery 3 days ago to have hers removed. It was put in to deep this last time and they couldn’t find it.

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This sounds like melasma. It’s a hormone driven darkening of the skin. I had patches on my forehead and upper lip after I had a baby at 40. I found this cream that is amazing. Cheap and worked great. Also stay out of the sun or sunscreen it as much as possible. The cream is called Ambi Fade Cream. It’s available for under $10 at pharmacies and Amazon. It made a difference in a week!


I had Nexplanon for 6 years with 0 issues, it was also the only birth control I did NOT get pregnant on.

Your pigmentation sounds more like age not birth control related. Maybe look into getting your lip waxed? As you age your body is still changing. My grandmother was not on any birth control and her lip darkened and got hairy and she started growing whiskers at a young age. Have your hormones tested by a dr

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It gave me anxiety but it also definitely prevented me from getting pregnant I even left it in my arm for an extra five years and never got pregnant I didn’t even go to the doctor for them to take it out one night me and my friend were drinking andHe did the job and after eight years Of never becoming pregnantI was pregnant in a month so I would 10 out of 10 recommend this birth control

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you can do one of several things, talk to the pharmacist, read the instructions that come with the script or talk to your GYN

That’s the only BC I didn’t have any issues with.

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I had very irregular periods. Some times I’d bleed for a month straight. I started loosing so much hair. Horrible acne, mood swings, anxiety. I absolutely hated it. Although it was a pretty effective form of birth control. Now that I’m off it my weight and acne is manageable, periods are perfectly regular, I don’t have any anxiety and my hair is so full and healthy now. But, I also decided to stay off birth control for good because of all the bad effects and we started having kids. Luckily I was able to get pregnant twice now with no complications. Unfortunately birth control is very bad for your body and side effects are still very unknown. I believe that’s the reason for a lot of people who’ve taken it find themselves infertile or have lots of complications.

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I’ve haven’t had any problems with it. I’ve had it for about three years. Just no period but everyone is different.

Thanks y’all. I just needed to know if the hyperpigmentation was from the birth control or not….

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Extreme anger rage and depression
I would switch

When I got my first one I bled 3 weeks straight, then 1 week off. Then I bled 2 weeks, off 2 weeks
Then I bled 1 week on, off 3 weeks then after that it was sporadic and light

I was sterile for 8 yrs after taking it out and didn’t find out that I really wasn’t sterile when I found out I was pregnant with my second son . Even crazier they have the same birthdays

Sometimes our bodies just don’t like the hormones with certain birth controls. I had normal periods while on it but had a friend have similar issues as you. I can take a while to adjust, if that’s the only issue you’re having I would suggest seeing if it’s still like that in 2 months time. You can also totally get it out. But it’s definitely normal and not anything dangerous or whatever. It’s shitty for sure but your OB is right.

I hated nexplanon I bled from the time I got it put in and had such bad cramps till I got it out 8 months later. It didn’t work for me but my sister never had a period and no side effects. She loved it and I hated it.

I’ve had nexplanon since last august, and I’ve been bleeding 25 days out of the month going on three months now. My dr instead of taking it out put me on a birth control pill to take for the “breakthrough bleeding” as she calls it. Since starting the pills this last week the bleeding has gotten worse. It’s horrible!

It’s normal. First time w it I bled for a month straight then not again until I took it out. second time I bled all the time like sometimes it was every week sometimes every other, either for a few days or a whole week. This time so far after my son it’s regulated

My OB and GYN, two different people, said they don’t recommend Nexplanon. This seems to be a consistent issue with them. I was on the nuvaring before I got pregnant and plan on going back on it once my milk supply is established.

My ob recommended against it because of bleeding issues

I bled almost daily for two years after getting it. I wouldn’t recommend it at all honestly