Side effects of Nexplanon?

okay I never post in here but I’m genuinely curious… I’ve recently had my 3rd nexplanon removed .its been 3 weeks…I spotted first week I was fine with it as my body is coming off it and it stopped a few days go by and I get what I assumed was my period…bled 4 days like a normal period and was done so I figured that was it…stopped for 4 days and now I’m having bright heavier bleeding again…this never happened after the last 2 were removed so I’m a little baffled…has anyone had their implant removed and experienced this and how long did it go on…!? I took it out cuz I was over bleeding constantly just to still bleed constantly…!


Go back to your dr and tell them. There is medication they can put you on to stop the bleeding. That’s what I had to do. I’m taking med that stops ovulation.

Smh, I was planning on taking this in a week from now. You just scared me.