Side effects of Ozempic?

Has anyone had any bleeding on the ozempic im currently on the pill and have had some bleeding Is this normal? I’ve been on it for a week


Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. Side effects of Ozempic?

No bleeding, couldn’t eat anything but soda crackers for weeks, diarriha, cramps, headache. Flu like aches and pains. Nothing at .25 but at .50 it was very bad. But I didn’t think about side effects from medication, because differant people in family had been sick with flu during same time. After 4 months I talked with person who started Medicine at same time I did and we compared systoms that when it dawned on me. Called doctor. Dropped back down to .25 was fine. After 6 months went back up to .50 was fine only sick 2 days a week 2 days after shot. Only for about 2 weeks, no problems now. At 1st meat made it worse. I could only eat veg. and fruit. Lots of water. Like I said no problems now.

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Definitely not a typical side effect that I’m hearing, from anyone I know that’s on it. I’ve had a hysterectomy so I can’t really confirm.

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