Side effects of paragard?

Hey, I got nexplanon removed and Paragard placed May 17th 2019 I had my first period the 21st-28th. I checked my strings this past weekend and they feel longer than before like they almost coming out, my boyfriend said he could feel something every now and then when he couldn’t before I called my obgyn office and I’m waiting for a call back but I was wondering if anyone’s had this issue as well and if it turned out to be normal or not?

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Mine was hanging out and was not in the correct position

Do not engage in unprotected sex at this present stage. You could fall pregnant (unless you want to then by all means have sex). Wait until you have seen your obgyn and double checked that it is still correctly inserted

I haven’t had a problem with the string length but they soften over time

Maybe they just didn’t cut the string short enough so I had to get mine cut again after I had it put in

Iv had that problem and it was just the strings hadnt curved around my cervix they did trim them

Mine moved and I didnt know…until I was pregnant with my 2nd son!

When I had mirena sometimes my strings would be super high where I couldn’t feel, and other times it was longer… someone told me the strings can coil up but idk. But I think ur cervix can also be higher and lower at certain times of the month

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During different cycles whether you have your period or not you cervix can shift and move.

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