Side effects of the birth control pill?

What are some opinions on the pill for birth control? Pros & cons?


It has a high failure rate, I got pregnant while on the pill and using a back up method

I personally don’t have any pros. It messed with my emotions and mood severely. I did not like how I felt when I was on it. And the whole remembering to take it is a hassle in itself if you have s busy daily routine. I wouldn’t go that route but that’s my own personal opinion.

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Pros: it helps regularize your menstruation. Cons: you take hormones, which affect your physical and psychological state

I’m on the mini pill (progesterone only, no estrogen), because I’m ebf my 4 month old. I have an alarm on my phone so I take it at the same time every day.
Pros: it regulates my irregular cycle because I have pcos.

  • it also helps keep my cysts manageable.
    -It also makes me less angry than the depo shot did.
    -I also gained less weight than I did with the depo shot.
    -I’m not pregnant.
    Cons: I’ve gained a bunch of weight (23 lbs since delivering my baby, so, I’m now 23 lbs heavier than I was at 9 months pregnant)
    -I’m pretty angry a lot and have a much shorter temper.
    -I have a harder time reaching climax with my husband, or alone, or at all really.

I hated it it made me feel horrible and bleed alot I cant take any kind of estrogen based birth control also it has a very high failure rate

Didnt work for me. Stacked on weight and felt sick. Also kept forgetting to take it.
Thats how i got my beautiful daughter lol

When I was on birth control the last one I was on was the pill and really liked it. I’m gonna be going back on it hopefully soon now that I’ve had my little girl. It didn’t make me gain weight that I noticed like the depo did. I didn’t get cramps like I did on the IUD and it helped regulate my period. Some people just have different experiences with it

I take Loryna. My only con is that I definitely get more emotional when I get my period. Otherwise I have no issue with it. It’s cleared up my acne, my mood is better if anything, and my periods are much more manageable.

On the pill for 13 years, no issues physical or psychological, and no surprise babies. I like it.

My bc pill baby is now 5 years old. Lol. And i took it same time every day and it made me bleed like crazy.

Every woman is different and what works for one my not work for another and side effects will not be the same either. None are 100% so you just simply have to try one and if it doesn’t fit well with your body then try another.