Side effects of the IUD?

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Has anyone else had low sex drive from an iud? But I’ve had it in for 2 years so this is a new thing. Not sure what’s going on. I recently can’t get in the mood if you know what I mean. My poor husband wants sex everyday but I never want to (maybe once or twice a week) my husband is all concerned thinking it’s something to do with him but I keep reassuring it’s not him, it’s me.


What type did you get? I had a copper iud a few years ago and ever since I barely want sex.

I think it’s just a woman thing lol.

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I have the copper iud and it doesn’t affect my sex drive.

It could be your thyroid, or just a woman thing too.

I have the nexplanon and I’ve been that way much before I got on it…

I have mirena and I never have had the not wanting sex lol

Yes I was in the same postion. I removed it and my body felt alot better! Sex drive went up too

I’m also going through the same thing and hubby thinks it’s him. It’s a little frustrating cause I just can’t snap and be in the mood. Then when miraculously I’m in the mood, he isn’t. Still hoping things get better.

you could just be stressed. or is your husband being a man baby and isn’t very atractive the way he is acting?

If you got 10 year-unlikely, there are no hormones. I never used the other one but I’d assume it’s possible. But any side effects usually affect you in first 3-6 Mon then typically subside.

Good lord sex every single day…i think that is expecting alot especially if u have children and full time jobs…a couple times a week is plenty


Not the iud. Are you extra tired of stressed out or is he in a higher state of need for some reason?

Get some ladies viagra.