Side effects of the IUD?

Okay guys, need help with this issue.
I’ve been having labor/menstrual type pains for several months, while not on my period. It is in my lower right back and wraps around to where my ovaries are. It is to the point where I am having to take pain meds for several days until it eases up. I just don’t understand what it is? I’m not pregnant. I have an IUD, non hormonal. Is this an ovarian cyst type thing? Anyone have ideas?
Also, yes, I know I should see a doctor but I have no insurance or a doctor and I usually just go to the health department (which i plan on doing soon) .


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See if your ob can send you for an ultrasound or CT scan. Sounds like you have cysts. I have Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome. It sounds very similar.

Could be endometriosis. Might wanna see a OBGYN about it. I had the same issue and that’s what it was.

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I have pcos and when I have a cyst rupture this is usually how I feel go to ER they can give you something to ease the pain if thats the issue its awful

I had those issues when I had my IUD, too. They removed it and the pain immediately went away.

You’ll need an us done to see what it is…could be cysts could be fibroids your iud

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uti, cysts, bladder infection, kidney infection, kidney stones, liver inflammation…could be a number of things i would go get checked out

It could be numerous things. I’d suggest finding a free clinic near you and being seen.

Does the pain last for a couple days and leaves or is it constant pain ?