Side effects of the IUD?

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Can iuds cause vomiting? I had an iud inserted around 2 months ago, a month after my daughter was born and the past 4 mornings I’ve woken up nauseous and ended up vomiting. I’ve taken a pregnancy test just in case and it was negative, I was so eager to give birth not only to meet my daughter, but to get rid of the morning sickness I had for the entire 9 months just to end up with it again


I just got the Kyleena about a month and a half ago. I felt pregnant again that’s how sick I was. I never took a pregnancy test but I feel better now. Probably just our bodies trying to adjust

IUDs can migrate out of the uterus. There could be a multitude of reasons for nausea, best be seen by a doctor for real tests if you are concerned.

I’ve had 2 friends that the IUD migrated through their uterus and had it have surgery to remove it. Both had pain and was nauseous

I had two IUDs surgically removed because one had started to go through my uterus and the other had gone into my abdomen. I had vomiting and fever with both because they started to get infected. Definitely check in with your doctor and request an ultrasound to make sure yours have not moved out of place.

I’ve had mine 3 months and everyday for the last week I’ve had a headache with nausea

I had mirena for the last 4 years, I had headaches and was nauseous at some point of everyday. I got it removed a couple weeks ago and have been feeling so much better! No nausea and very few headaches!

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