Side effects of the IUD?

I have had an iud for about six months. Suddenly it’s poking my husband during sex. This is the one and only time it’s happened. Is it possible the IUD/string moved? Now that this has happened, will it happen every time? Anyone have experience with this?


just go back to your OB and have them adjust it


See your dr you could just need the strings cut

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Mine did that it was coming out of my cervix. They needed to put a new one in

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I had this problem and my OB just cut the strings as short as possible and now we don’t have any issues

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They can trim the string. Call your doctor. They should of told you this could happen when they gave it you

Your OB can trim the string. Mine cut the strings as short as she could while still being able to take it out when the time came.

Go to your OB to make sure it’s in place but yeah my friend said it happened with her and her husband

Call your Dr. They can cut the strings. Mine came out.

Go see your Dr…it deff could’ve migrated

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I had same issue and went to dr they moved and then was ok for a bit and then it happened again cut my husband my dr say it usually only happens to women who have high cervix

That’s kinda funny lol