Side effects of the IUD?

How long did the bleeding last? Yes, I know everyone’s body is different, but I would still like to know… I’ve googled everything I could about it, even been to my Dr office… And they don’t seem like it’s a big deal… It hasn’t stopped. It’s gotten worse. And I’m honestly sick of it… I’ve tried countless times to get a hold of them again, but nothing works…


The first IUD I got was a horrible experience. I’d bleed all the time (only had it for 4 months) and I was In constant pain I ended up needing it removed. My thing is if it doesn’t feel right, get it out. However I have one again for medical purposes, and this time around I haven’t had a period since the day I got it in.

I bled everyday for about 5 years with mine. I had a little less than a week each month where I didn’t bleed. Almost as if my cycle was switched and my period was when I was not bleeding. Strange. I got pregnant twice on birth control so iud was the only way for me not get pregnant other than tying my tubes.

100 days of spotting and sometimes bleeding before I made them take it out. Second time it passed through my uterus and embedded into my fallopian tube.

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I have had it now 3 months bleeding comes and goes every other week the struggle is real!

I had the copper one for about 4 months, constant bleeding. So back to the doctors to have it removed. They did swabs and turned out there was an infection there. Stopped bleeding within a few days.

I never stopped bleeding with it unfortunately it didnt agree with my body i was 13 months constant

I have the nexplanon. My period never really stopped. Finally told my doc and she sent me to someone else. The obgyn gave me a shot of depo in the arm. It’s not completely gone now just spotting when wiped. Much better than it was!!

All the time. Had it removed after 4 months. Sometimes they can put it in the wrong place too.

I got the arm one I bled for 72 days straight made doc remove it friend had it and bled for 150 days then had it removed

For me, the spotting went on for 3 months straight. Then smooth sailing from there


When I got the copper IUD it was great however after about 2 and a half years I started having thick blood clots. They stopped when I took it out. I don’t think I will ever get one again :confused:

I bled for 8 months continuously, then needed surgery to remove it. It embedded itself into my womb, 4 times they tried removing it prior to surgery. Never again for me :woozy_face:

I’ve had one for 15 years and never had a problem, no bleeding. It is due to come out in 2 years time, my menopause should be over then.

I did not bleed at all. I had discharge for few days maybe 4-5 days…

It was about 3 months with me, I’m ok now.

I suffered with bleeding for about 1-2 years after having my first one put in. Ive never had a period since, even with my new one.

Some people stop bleeding quickly and some people never stop bleeding with it unfortunately

3 months straight, then occasional spotting

I got mirena and got it in November 2017… and no issues. It may not be working for you and you may need to try something else.

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