Side effects of the IUD?

Did anyone have problems with the iud or get pregnant after you got it. Because I’m 23 weeks pregnant and I’m wanting to get the iud or the shot for birth control I just don’t know what’s best (I wanna breastfeed to)


The depo shot worked for me I’m scared of iuds

I’ve had IUD for two years And love it

I use nexplanon and love it

I had an ectopic pregnancy while I had the iud. Lost the baby Nd my Fallopian tube

I am on depo. Was on depo before loved it. Still breastfeeding my daughter. I am terrified of the iud.

I wanna get the paraguard after I give birth, no hormone iud I had the nexplanon hated it, depo made me bleed all the time, mirena hated it, birth control pills were nice but remembering to take them not so fun

I got pregnant on the IUD and miscarried. Everyone is different

My body rejected mine and put me in excruciating pain for days until my ob had an open app. They did an ultrasound and saw my body was pushing it out so they removed it. Def would not recommend.

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You’ll have to get something with only progesterone, no estrogen. It could dry up your milk supply. I got a mini pill

I couldnt breastfeed one the shot. But breastfed two babies on the iud. I was on it for years and never had a pregnancy scare with it

Took depo gained a ton of weight. Took pill got skinny and pregnant. Currently have mirena and breastfeeding no problems at all.

Have had Kyleena iud for over a year now with no issues. (Breastfed the whole time on it)

I’ve been in the mirena for 12 years haven’t gotten pregnant the only bad thing is I don’t get a period at all. No cramping no nothing. And I have 4. Kids which I say. I was fertile…lol…

Had an ectopic with my second inserted IUD. Then decided to do the shot and gained over 50lbs in 3 months. Went back to IUD and it expelled itself after 1 year. I’m considering the IUD again after this pregnancy. The first 5 years I had the IUD it was great no period after 6 months and caused no hormonal disruption in my moods. I hear the ring is good too.

Don’t get depo. I had a stroke while on depo. Idc if everyone is different. If I had known depo was a cause of stoke. Wouldn’t even chance it.

Don’t do the shot.
Heavy weight gain, and I’ve been bleeding for 2months straight. Not a day I haven’t bled.
Only had one shot and I refuse to get another

Paraguard gave me HORRIBLE periods. So awful. But now I have the mirena and I haven’t had any issues and it’s actually made my period lighter

The shot messed up my whole system