Side effects of the mini pill?

could you please post this anonymously? I had a baby 3 months ago, and then at my 6 week checkup I was put on the progesterone only mini pill because I’m ebf. Since then I havent had a fulfilling time with my husband, not because he isnt trying, cause he is… I’ve even tried, and I just can’t finish. Could it be from the birth control or could I have been damaged from the epidural? I haven’t found anything on google about it so I just don’t know. I skipped my birth control for about 2 weeks hoping that it would be resolved but that didn’t help either. Has anyone else had this problem?


Progesterone does the same thing to me :pensive:

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I’ve never taken that but I do know I completely lost every bit of my drive for a good 9 months postpartum. I also had horrible postpartum depression that didnt help the situation. Could just be the hormones. It does come back! Takes time :slightly_smiling_face: good luck!

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I was on nuva ring pp and it killed my drive. Took me a month to regulate and get back to normal once I was off of it.

Does the same to me :disappointed:

just lay down let him to all the work

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It could be the birth control but it also can be post partum. I remember being arrised so it wasnt like I didn’t want to but just couldn’t finish as you say. It was very fustrating but as time went on it got better. Great thing about being a woman, we can have fun without finishing. Just have fun and eventually you will feel like yourself again. If you come into it with a goal then it isn’t fun for either of you and ends in frustration. Don’t be affraid to talk to your GYN about it.

Post partum will do that to you. I doubt it had anything to do with the epidural unless you have residual numbness anywhere and more to do with hormone fluctuations. Give it time and if it persists talk to your ob/gyn.

Talk to your doctor. It could be the pill and it could just be your hormones

You’ve just given birth. Your body will take 1 year to fully recover. Stay on your birth control unless you’d like another baby in 9 months.

Your body is focused on the baby right now. You’re breastfeeding too. At this point, your body isn’t trying to have orgasms, it’s 100% for your baby.

You’ll find that as your baby gets older, especially over 1, that your hormones will return to some kind of normal, as will your sex drive.


I wasn’t on progesterone, but until about 6 months pp my climaxes were extremely mild and very difficult to reach. Wait a little while and hopefully everything will go back to normal :sparkling_heart:

The mini pill did that to me, too

Gods I’m not looking forward to loosing my drive honestly I need to get off for stress relief sometimes and I have a hard time getting off as it is

It will get better just pretend till then don’t complain about it it will just make you feel worse or make you worried let him put it in your booty if your vag is the problem I know my vag was feeling like a Chinese finger trap after I had my baby via C-section or just blow him every night LOL