Side effects of the Mirena IUD?

Any mommas with the Mirena BC. Or really any IUD. I just my Mirena put in on the 5th. My fiancé and I were intimate last night and he said it felt like something was stabbing him. I felt for my strings but didn’t feel anything else. And after attempting and stopping I started bleeding. There’s no pain. I feel normal. Should I be concerned. Also has anyone gotten a reaction that made them get patches of red itchy bumps all over their body? Have eliminated all kinds of causes so maybe thinking allergic reaction? Is that possible?


When I had Mirena, I’ve been told thr strings could be felt, but i couldn’t feel them myself and eventually they curled up behind the thing making it harder to remove it.

Welcome to the hell of Mirena. Those welts tend to turn into blisters and sores. You’ll get them everywhere. They hurt like a MF unless you pop them. I’ve had a horrible time w/losing weight and cysts too. The strings BTW, feel like stabbing to men up until ehhh your 2nd-3rd year into the Mirena. They’re “free floating” ATM and take forever to “blend” w/the vaignal wall.

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When I had the idea my partner could feel it and said the same thing that it felt like being stabbed in the dick

You can call your doctor and have them trim the strings.

My ex husband could feel it and my now husband could feel his ex wife’s too

I hated the Mirena. It’s possible you’re having a reaction since Mirena has hormones. I was told it couldn’t be felt during intercourse, but I’ve heard cases where it could be. My strings fell off. Not really a big deal other than when removing the nurse was annoyed and brought in a pair of needle nose pliers to get it out. I would bleed sometimes after intercourse. Especially when I wasn’t aroused. The strings can be shortened. I would suggest plenty of foreplay to help raise your cervix, since the cervix can normally lay 3-4 inches from the vaginal opening when not aroused, but can lengthen to allow insertion. Lube could be needed. As I said there are hormones in the Mirena and that can mess with your body.

I’ve had 3. Tried the copper, turned out I was allergic to copper. That was an emergency removal and medication at the hospital to combat the reaction, I was having trouble breathing. Then I had 2 more, one was mirena, and both had to surgically removed because 1 floated into my abdominal wall and the other started to embed itself in my uterus. I now have the nexplannon that goes in your arm and it’s so much better. I’ve not had any side effects except for my period coming and going as it pleases without any regards to a cycle patter (buy I can live with that) no weight gain what so ever and no mood swings or depression.

Just about every woman I know who has had it all say at least 1x their partner feels the strings. It happens to my husband and I almost every time we have sex. They claim trimming the strings will help but not me or my sister so… And the strings poking him are the very least of my worries with this thing. I bled for over a year when I got it, I bleed irregularly and sporadically now still, I now in the last year have developed “cystic acne” on my back, neck, chest and face and 3drs say it’s this IUD as well. Every family is different but my husband just had his vasectomy about 3 weeks ago because I couldn’t live like this anymore. If I dealt with all the dude affects and mood swings all these years from bc and I birthed 2 babies it was his turn to take 1 for the team too lol